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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: The time has come

Floyd and Manny will go head to head in the 'Fight of the Century'. (AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECK)
Roar Guru
1st May, 2015

The time has come, it’s been a long road but we are finally about to witness the two best fighters of this generation.

The fight of the century is here and The Roar will be in attendance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday May 3, covering the fight live.

Everything that can be said, has been said.

Assessing Mayweather’s ‘philly shell’ defence, his shoulder roll and his once coveted right hand against Pacquiao’s angles, foot work and work-rate is now common knowledge for the public.

The fighter’s teams including the PED controversy surrounding the strength and conditioning coaches, the tension between Freddie Roach and Floyd Mayweather Sr. have been mentioned almost weekly.

There wouldn’t be a person alive right now that isn’t aware of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s criminal record and Manny Pacquiao’s gambling, womanising and reckless lifestyle.

We’ve discussed their five common opponents – De La Hoya, Hatton, Cotto, Marquez, and Mosley – how they all performed and what, if anything we can draw from them.

The movement in camps including sparring partners, public and media black-outs, and training styles including Floyd’s return to the basics has been well documented.

The lead up has been great, people everywhere are talking about boxing again for the first time in 20 years.


There is nothing left to analyse and no more controversies to dig up. It’s time to let the gloves do the talking and enjoy the long awaited ‘fight of the century’!

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