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Player ratings from the AFL grand final

3rd October, 2015
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Season 2015 is over, and Hawthorn have done what few thought possible – going back-to-back-to-back.


With the dust settled on the Grand Final, it’s time to dissect and find out who fired for your club and who flopped.

Hawthorn Hawks
Grant Birchall – Used the ball well off half back, finishing with 22 disposals at more than 80% efficiency and kicking a crucial goal in the first quarter. 7/10.

Luke Breust – Quiet by his standards. Picked up 18 touches, but his disposal efficiency of 61.1% was the second lowest on the team and he failed to hit the scoreboard. 5/10.

Shaun Burgoyne – Started really strongly, but his disposals decreased in impact over time. Finished with 26 touches and eight marks in a solid performance. 7/10.

Taylor Duryea – Superb off half back, picking up 26 touches, eight marks, three rebound 50s and three inside 50s. Was hard at the ball all day. 8/10.

James Frawley – Close to best on ground, collected 22 disposals, 11 marks and forced West Coast to file a missing persons report on Coleman medallist Josh Kennedy. 10/10.

Josh Gibson – Was able to wreak havoc down back with Frawley and Lake on the key forwards. Amassed 29 touches at more than 90% efficiency, nine marks and ten one-percenters. 10/10.


Jack Gunston – Looked to be down on match fitness following his leg injury, but managed to bob up with 10 marks and four goals. Stood up when it counted. 9/10.

David Hale – Not his best effort, managing just nine hit-outs and six touches before being subbed out in the third quarter. 4/10.

Bradley Hill – Played his role with 12 touches and a goal but didn’t call his name much. 6/10.

Luke Hodge – 30 touches, eight marks, four clearances, seven inside 50s and a goal. A true premiership captain’s effort. 10/10.

Brian Lake – Supported Frawley when he needed to, but also managed to keep Jack Darling quiet and collect 11 marks – five contested – and 10 one-percenters. 10/10.

Jordan Lewis – Gave away an early goal with a high tackle, but recovered strongly to finish with 26 disposals, five clearances and three inside 50s. 9/10.

Ben McEvoy – A workmanlike ruckman’s effort, collecting 20 hit-outs and nine possessions, while also kicking a goal. 7/10.

Sam Mitchell – Best on ground for mine. 34 disposals at more than 80% efficiency, six clearances and a goal. Finished off a superb year with a bang. 10/10.


Paul Puopolo – Pestered the West Coast defenders with pressure all afternoon, but didn’t have a huge impact. 6/10.

Cyril Rioli – On fire in the first quarter with two goals, but tapered off to finish with 18 touches, 12 marks and four score assists. Still managed to win the Norm Smith. 8/10.

Jarryd Roughead – Only took the one mark inside 50 and kicked a junk time goal from the goal line, but ventured up the ground to collect 26 disposals and generate three inside 50s. 8/10.

Ryan Schoenmakers – Did enough to justify his selection with 21 touches, nine marks, a goal and five inside 50s. 8/10.

Liam Shiels – Generated four clearances, six tackles and kicked a goal, but his 17 touches came at a team-low 52.9% efficiency. Did a job on the West Coast midfielders though in a tagging role. 8/10.

Isaac Smith – Picked up 23 touches, generated five inside 50s and kicked three goals. Super effort for a small half-forward. 9/10.

Ben Stratton – Was solid with 14 disposals at more than 90% efficiency, but his miserly defensive effort was what stood out. 8/10.

Matthew Suckling – Shed the green vest to collect eight disposals, five marks and a goal in just over a quarter’s work. Great effort. 7/10.


West Coast Eagles
Sam Butler – One of the few Eagles with Grand Final experience and it showed. 25 disposals, solid disposal efficiency and six rebound 50s. 8/10.

Jamie Cripps – Had 15 disposals, but missed a crucial tackle early in the game to set up a Hawthorn goal and short-circuited a fast break with a weak attack on the ball. Needed to be harder. 5/10.

Jack Darling – Well held by Brian Lake, misjudged the flight of the ball on a number of occasions and dropped a very easy mark with his team on the charge. Dirty day. 4/10.

Xavier Ellis – The ball was down back a lot, but Ellis only managed the nine possessions. Very, very quiet. 5/10.

Andrew Gaff – Was West Coast’s leading possession-getter with 34 disposals and also generated five inside 50s, but looked very indecisive at times too. 8/10.

Josh Hill – Cost his team a chance early with a silly kick out of mid-air and had very little impact otherwise. Looked disinterested. 3/10.

Shannon Hurn – Only 14 touches for the Eagles skipper at 64.3% efficiency and failed to register a tackle. Didn’t stand up when his team needed him. 5/10.

Mark Hutchings – Had 21 possessions and kicked a goal. Pretty solid effort with most of the midfield missing. 7/10.


Josh Kennedy – May as well have missed the flight from Perth. Nine possessions, and one scoring shot – a behind – that came in the dying stages. 1/10.

Mark LeCras – Collected 16 disposals, mostly up the ground, but failed to provide the spark his side needed with Kennedy and Darling well held. 3/10.

Chris Masten – Worked his tally up to 20 disposals with the sting well and truly out of the game, but as far as impact goes was unsighted. 3/10.

Jeremy McGovern – Kept Jarryd Roughead to one goal, kept his cool with the backline under siege and then casually moved forward to kick two late goals. Easily West Coast’s best. 9/10.

Nic Naitanui – Won the hit-out battle over McEvoy and Hale with 37, but just one of his paltry four disposals was effective and he failed to take a mark. 5/10.

Matt Priddis – Battled all day with 25 disposals, seven clearances and seven inside 50s, but like many of his teammates his best work came when the game was already lost. 6/10.

Matt Rosa – Finished with 11 touches at a team-high 90.9% efficiency in just over a quarter’s work. Can’t ask for much more from the sub in a losing team. 8/10.

Will Schofield – Contested well in the air but looked very shaky with the ball in hand. Let Gunston get away from him a bit. 4/10.


Dom Sheed – Only touched the ball 11 times and didn’t use it particularly well either. Shrunk in the spotlight. 3/10.

Brad Sheppard – Tried his heart out all day with a game-high 11 one-percenters, 15 disposals and four rebound 50s. Didn’t have a huge impact but he had a crack. 7/10.

Luke Shuey – Picked up 26 disposals, six clearances and a goal, but cost his team two certain goals with a silly dribble kick in the first quarter and an awful kick to full forward with teammates running alongside him in the third. 6/10.

Callum Sinclair – Only managed 10 hit-outs and four disposals before being subbed off in the third quarter. Finished with no marks to his name. 2/10.

Sharrod Wellingham – Had a highlight reel play in the first quarter, putting Luke Hodge and Isaac Smith to ground with a ferocious attack on the ball, but was virtually unsighted from that point onwards. 4/10.

Elliot Yeo – Kicked an important goal on half time but finished with a measly five disposals and gave away four free kicks. 1/10.