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Dust-up Dusty headed for the dustbin

Dustin Martin was a stand-out during Richmond's mediocre season - is it any wonder he wants to test the waters? (AAP Image/Julian Smith).
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9th December, 2015
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Dustin Martin’s career is about to be dealt a serious blow in regards to one of the worst off-season incidents in recent years.

Martin has been accused of threatening to stab a woman in the eye with a chopstick at a Melbourne restaurant.

The woman alleges that Martin, who had spent the day at the Stereosonic festival, became agitated, aggressive and stood over her threatening to stab her in the face. When she told the midfielder she was going to contact the club in regards to his behaviour, he responded by slamming his hand against the wall next to her head.

Martin admitted he had spent the day drinking and was extremely intoxicated when the incident occurred, which was described by the woman as terrifying. The restaurant had also asked Martin to leave. Martin later admitted to calling the woman to apologise.

Quite frankly, it’s not good enough. Nowhere near. The industry is calling for a lengthy ban and fine. Tiger legend Kevin Bartlett says the AFL and Richmond should suspend him for a year and fine him $50,000 to be donated to a relevant charity.

Let’s get serious. This supposed superstar should be sacked and a criminal investigation undertaken. Just because he is a footballer it should not mean he is above the law. What he did was beyond reprehensible. It was downright disgusting. He should be jailed for his actions.

This poster boy for football should now be a poster boy for violence against women and its consequences.

The ball is in the AFL and Richmond’s court. Both have a chance to send out the strongest of messages that violence against women is not acceptable.

So far they have talked the talk. Let’s see if they have the guts to walk the walk.