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Forget Adelaide Oval Number 2, give us a ground in rural areas

Is there space for the Adelaide Oval to be further developed? (Adriano Rotolo/flickr)
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1st January, 2016
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The proposal by the Stadium Management Authority of Adelaide Oval to redevelop Adelaide Number 2 ground simply adds to the list of poor decisions made by the SACA.

SACA CEO Keith Bradshaw’s support of such a development, at the investment cost of $9 million, borders on the ludicrous.

This area, Adelaide Oval included, is part of the Parklands. Assuming the development goes ahead, the implication is that the playing area of the Number 2 ground needs to be considerably increased.

Could Bradshaw inform us as to the positioning of the grandstands, and has the SACA already received permission from the Adelaide City Council to build this type of structure in our Parklands?

Perhaps SACA has shown a little lateral thinking and received ACC permission to terrace Montefiore Hill so that we, as spectators, can view the action together with Colonel William Light!

If there is $9 million for SACA to invest in redevelopment, given that Glenelg Oval has already been elevated to Sheffield Shield standard, why not help develop the sport in the suburbs and country areas, and bring (say) Angaston Oval and Encounter Bay Oval up to first-class cricket standards?

How good would it be for first class or One-Day Cup cricket to be played in country areas to the north and south of the Adelaide metro area! And it would bring extra trade for the local communities.