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WATCH: Hilarious bombed try costs rugby team victory

Roar Guru
11th January, 2016

Playing on a muddy pitch in the National League 3 competition, Brixham’s Tom McLean dived over the line for what he thought was a potential match-winning try.

There was only one problem. He wasn’t over the try line at all and had been confused by the five-metre line.

McLean’s celebration quickly turned to shock as the Barnstaple defenders raced back and dived on top of him before he had a chance to make up for his unfortunate misjudgment.

Barnstaple won the scrappy match 6-0, so McLean’s try could have changed the outcome with a conversion.

McLean will never know if his try would have made the difference but at least he’s got a story and the video to show his grandchildren.

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