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Gold Coast Bears rebrand good for everyone

Could the North Sydney Bears be revived?
Roar Guru
28th February, 2016
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News has surfaced of late that the North Sydney Bears are planning a takeover of the struggling Gold Coast Titans franchise.

I believe that this a fantastic idea. They would rebrand the Titans as the Bears. This would bring back many of the Norths fans back to the game they abandoned all those years ago in the aftermath of the Super League War.

At the current time, Titans away games get very low attendances. With the Bears name, people in Sydney would be more inclined to come out and watch them play. Games against teams like the Roosters, Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles and Tigers would have much more nostalgia if the games are against the Bears instead of the Titans.

This does of course mean that there won’t be a team based on the Central Coast but there is a very small likelihood of that happening anyway.

However, the Titans fans say they will stop following the club if they are taken over by the Bears. The thing that they have obviously not realised is that it is still the same club, just with a different mascot, logo and colours.

They would still keep the original Titans records and home. They won’t adopt all North Sydney’s records and won’t move to the Central Coast. They would probably play a couple of games at Central Coast Stadium each season but would primarily still be based on the Gold Coast.

The other minor issue that they face is the Burleigh Bears Queensland Cup team. They don’t want this to happen to protect their identity. This is the team whose logo is an almost exact replica of North Sydney’s logo of the late 90s.

They shouldn’t really be an issue based on that. The other thing worth noting is that Burleigh is one of the Titans’ feeder clubs.


One other point to be made is the fact that Gold Coast rugby league teams have undergone a plethora of name changes: Gold Coast-Tweed Giants, Gold Coast Seagulls, Gold Coast Gladiators (1996 World Sevens), Gold Coast Chargers, Gold Coast Dolphins (successful bid logo 2005) and now Gold Coast Titans. So based on that then they really are due for a name change.

The Gold Coast Bears will be a godsend for the NRL. It can bring popularity of the game back up to levels not seen in many years.