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Crown Casino in Melbourne hosts CoD World League Challenge Division

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8th April, 2016

eSports in Australia has taken another boost with this weekend’s Call of Duty World League Challenge Division being held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Teams will compete for a share in the $70,000 prize pool over the weekend.

The competition will feature the biggest names in Call of Duty eSports, with American champions OpTic Gaming and European champions Millenium coming down to compete.

This is the second time the Crown Casino in Melbourne has hosted a huge event in collaboration with ESL Australia. The Crown CSGO Invitational also had two top international teams compete with Oceania’s best, with Europe’s Virtus.Pro and Cloud 9 from the US coming down to play. Virtus.Pro walked away with the $55,000 prize.

While OpTic and Millenium are the favourites to win, the Australian teams have always taken the world on, with huge success in the Call of Duty World Championships.

Much like the Crown 55k CSGO Invitational, the competition will be sponsored by FOX Sports, and will be broadcast on Foxtel.

The schedule can be found here, and tickets and further info are available here.

US: OpTic Gaming
EU: Millenium
ANZ: PLT.Mindfreak, PLT.Tainted Minds, Orbit.GG, Chiefs Esports Club, Plantronics.NV, Apotheon Esports