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Advertising in AFL is ruining spectacle

The Suns were a disappointment, but Tom Lynch was a shining light for the Gold Coast club. (AAP Image/Matt Roberts)
Roar Guru
12th April, 2016

As minor and seemingly insignificant as it may appear to be, I noticed something in both the 2015 AFL season and now the 2016 season, which is three rounds underway.

Does anybody else find the constantly moving advertising disruptive and distracting at matches?

While you are the game, but more particularly, when you are watching on TV, this unnecessary advertising ploy becomes quite frustrating.

Your mind is constantly wandering with the ridiculous adverts moving in the background, which move at quite a speed.

What it further led me to wonder is, what do the guys that are actually on the ground think of it? Does it bother them? Is there any real need for it to be constantly moving?

More to the point – imagine trying to take an important set shot at goal with all the bright lights and advertising going on in the background that typifies a modern day AFL game. Perhaps Travis Cloke can be partially excused for regularly spraying shots on goal all over the place.

I appreciate this is more or less a non-issue in most cases, however as a concerned and especially distracted football observer, I wonder how many others have thought or felt the same way.