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It is time for Origin-like passion in the international game

The world's best will be on display at the RLWC in 2017. Can England improve their international chances? (AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRK)
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20th April, 2016

The last ten years of Origin have been somewhat one sided. Queensland have absolutely dominated, winning a total of nine of the ten series played.

Flip the script to international play, the Kangaroos have somewhat dominated that stage of play, also.

This brings in an intriguing idea, for mine.

Has Origin lost its competitiveness? And is the international game more competitive than the hallowed rivalry of Origin?

In the last ten years, NSW have won one series. Not only that, but the depth within the Queensland ranks has deepened, with key positions such as hooker, halves, fullback – all strong enough to potentially cover three teams.

I can’t see the dominance of Queensland diminishing anytime soon. You take away Cam Smith, you have the likes of Jake Granville or Jake Friend to replace him.

Take away Johnathan Thurston and Cooper Cronk – enter in Ben Hunt and Michael Morgan.

Furthermore to the point, we will see this year, take away the likes of Slater, and you have GI just waiting to take his fullback spot.

The depth for Queensland, is much too superior for NSW to counteract, even with youth on their side.


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Within the last ten years of international play, Australia has possibly fielded their greatest side ever. Rightly so, they have won on the plus side, of 80 per cent of Tests against New Zealand.

To argue the point for New Zealand, they have won a World Cup, numerous Four Nations titles, and currently, are ranked No.1 in the world.

These figures lead me to my ultimate point.

If international play got the respect it deserves, would a three-Test series between Australia and New Zealand be more entertaining than the current Origin series?

You finally have a competitive New Zealand team, with surprising depth, and the Australian warheads are more than over the hill. With that, international play has become more popular recently.

State of Origin on the other hand is suffering under Queensland dominance.

For so long, all the players put so much emphasis on their state jerseys.


Why not put the same pride into an international jersey and create a stage of Tests between the two countries?

For New Zealanders, the black jersey is the only jersey they can aspire too. Therefore, players push the boundaries to represent New Zealand.

In rugby union the international game is so highly accredited, it is seen as the ultimate achievement. Making the All Blacks or the Wallabies, even the Springboks, is a dream for many young rugby players.

Make rugby league internationals a spectacle and enjoyable to watch and it will be every bit as good as rugby union.