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Was Sir Alex taken for granted?

Can United win without Fergie? (AFP PHOTO/ANDREW YATES)
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16th May, 2016

Knighted by the Queen, Sir Alex Ferguson was Manchester United’s most successful manager in the club’s history.

His management record speaks for itself with 810 matches, 528 wins, 168 draws and just 114 losses with the Red Devils. A grand total of 38 trophies.

But since he retired in 2013, nothing has been the same for the Red half of Manchester.

The club had the same manager since 1986 so obviously change is not something they were familiar with.

After a manager that connected to a club on so many levels departs, things weren’t going to improve. David Moyes got the call up to run the show at the Theatre of Dreams, however after a season that Manchester United fans weren’t ready for, he was sacked.

He had only ten months in charge.

Enter Netherlands-born Louis Van Gaal, who currently is still in charge with one game to play in the 15-16 season against AFC Bournemouth. Likely to finish fifth if victorious in their final game, Manchester United fans were originally hoping for a top-four finish.

Now it now seems impossible for them to play Champions League football once again.

When change occurs at a club, especially one like the departure of Fergy, nothing could be how it was.


The winning ways of Ferguson are some that will go down in the history book of football’s greatest. I’m not saying that all United fans took him for granted, absolutely not. Theres nothing you can do if the greats want to retire, you have to make the best of what you’ve got.

However, I think everyone can agree with me in saying there are a minority of fans whom have absolutely no time for new managers or managers that try to fill the void that Sir Alex left.

Moyes and LVG have attempted and LVG is still having a go. Different football to the old United? Maybe. It seems that way.

They might not be able to have the same success, but if they get it together fans can expect a Manchester side that will remain a team of top quality, compete for the top four and challenge major European sides year in year out.

All good things must come to an end, and for the club of Manchester United they’re still recovering from the hole Ferguson left.

There is no doubt that the biggest club in Manchester can become title contenders each season again. Time is key and fans, although frustrated in some poor managerial decisions that I agree with, must think of the size of the shoes they’re trying to fill – those of the great, Sir Alex Ferguson.