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Eddie McGuire's apology - what they said

Eddie McGuire is on edge. (AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy)
20th June, 2016
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Eddie McGuire has apologised for his comments made on Triple M where he said he would pay to see Fairfax’s Walkey-winning football journalist Caroline Wilson drowned.

“[I’m] really disappointed that these comments have led to these feelings from people,” the Collingwood president said.

“I apologise and retract them in the spirit of what we’re trying to achieve, which is to look after women and children in our community.”

However the apology came after an initial response from McGuire when he said he “didn’t see it as being in any way shape or form sexist,” and that the comments were “clearly banter.”

Unsurprisingly, there has been plenty of reaction from around the AFL and, indeed, the rest of Australia.

Caroline Wilson
The subject of the disgraceful remarks, Wilson has said she didn’t accept the remarks were “banter.”

“The people listening at the time thought it was okay. I mean, this is… it’s like casual racism,” she said.

“Casual violent language might be meant as a joke but… I wonder how many times we have to draw this line in the sand between this sort of language and what is a joke and what is obviously completely unacceptable.”

Wilson has since penned a powerful article in response to McGuire’s comments.


Gillon McLachlan
The AFL’s CEO issued a statement on Sunday night about McGuire’s comments, saying “Although seeking to be light-hearted, the language and tenor of the wording could be seen to be seen to be supporting violent attitudes or actions against women.”

After being condemned by plenty on social media for having an inadequate response, McLachlan made another announcement in a press conference, saying, “In the past we might have just ignored the comments as part of the culture of footy. Well, it’s not good enough.”

“Words and jokes have incredible power… that we can still argue they were done in jest shows a lack of understanding.”

However, McLachlan didn’t announce any extra sanction on McGuire, saying he thought his apology was “legitimate and acceptable.”

Danny Frawley
Frawley was on-air with McGuire and said he would “make sure she doesn’t [come up]” after being held under water.

The former St Kilda star and Richmond coach and current All Australian selector has since apologised, saying, “A lot of people have been affected by it and none more than Caroline Wilson.”

“I do take it back. It was in jest but when you read it in isolation it doesn’t look good.”

Frawley said he has also contacted Wilson and left “a very apologetic message.”


James Brayshaw
Like Frawley, Bradshaw was a part of the Triple M team, suggesting that money would be “piling up everywhere” if Wilson was to be dragged under water. Brayshaw, the chairman of North Melbourne, is yet to issue a statement.

Social media
Unsurprisingly, social media was awash with condemnation for the comments made by McGuire, Brayshaw and Frawley, and plenty were unhappy with McLaughlan’s press conference.