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Ranking the best point guards in the NBA

Russell Westbrook, the former MVP. (Wikipedia Commons)
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28th July, 2016

Who is the best point guard in the NBA right now?

When asking this question you need to consider factors such as passing ability, shooting ability, health, performance in the clutch, competitiveness/work ethic and how greatly his play leads to winning.

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5. Kyrie Irving
Kyrie is not a traditional point guard by any means, but he has a tremendous shooting touch and the ability to find open teammates – despite only averaging 4.7 assists per game (APG) this season.

His low total of 19.6 points per game (PPG) is a direct result of taking a back seat to LeBron and the inability to find consistency of health, appearing in just 53 regular season games.

Despite this, the dude is just clutch, nailing the biggest shot of the season in game seven of the NBA Finals to give Cleveland the lead with the clock ticking down.

This came just two games after notching 40 points in game five. When ‘Uncle Drew’ is firing there is no player in the game who can guard him – just ask Steph Curry.

4. Damian Lillard
Damian is more of a traditional point guard than Irving, but not by much. He does a great job at both scoring (25.1 PPG in 2016) and facilitating (6.8 APG).


Damian is one of the healthiest point guards in the NBA, having missed just seven games in his career.

Performance in the clutch is no issue for Lillard, nailing a fall away three in game six of Portland’s 2013 first round series against Houston.

Damian is also probably the second best leader among point guards, behind only Chris Paul.

Having seen four of Portland’s starters leave in the off-season, Lillard took what most people considered a 25-win team to the second round.

3. Chris Paul
‘CP3’ is one of the most competitive players in the league. With an early season injury to Blake Griffin, Paul put the Clippers on his back for much of the season, leading them to 53 wins.

Paul’s dynamic passing ability and un-guardable mid-range jumper have him in MVP contention each year.

Performance in the clutch is what CP does, nailing a fade-away jump shot at the buzzer and carrying L.A on his back on just one leg in game seven against San Antonio last season. Health is where things get a little sketchy.

Often injured in the playoffs – in both L.A and New Orleans – Paul has rarely been able to have a genuine crack at a championship.


2. Steph Curry
Two-time MVP. Unanimous MVP. NBA champ. Scoring leader. But not the best player at his position.

Curry broke tireless records in 2016, including leading his Golden State Warriors to 73 wins.

Steph is undoubtedly the best shooter in the game, and arguably the greatest shooter of all time. He possesses great handles, leading to open shots for his teammates out of double teams.

Health wise, Curry seems to be removed from his constant ankle injuries, despite obtaining many small niggles throughout the postseason.

His performance in the clutch is great – in the regular season. Steph again went missing in the NBA Finals, despite scoring 38 points in a game four win.

Also, he was exposed when defended tightly by Oklahoma City and Cleveland, often forcing up bad shots.

1. Russell Westbrook
This guy is unbelievable. The best competitor in the league, Westbrook is a nightmare to defend, possessing extraordinary foot speed, great vision and a more than respectable jump shot.

He made Curry look like a bench warmer for the majority of their seven-game series, breaking down the defence seemingly on every possession. The human highlight reel led the league in scoring last year and almost led it in assists this year, and easily led the league in triple doubles.


He makes the players around him great – trademark of a great point guard – dishing out numerous assists to offensively limited players such as Steven Adams and Andre Roberson.

Health wise he is unparalleled, having not missed a game at college level or NBA until his sixth season. He was easily in contention for MVP, and in my opinion is the favourite for the award next season.

Honourable mentions: Rajon Rondo, Kyle Lowry, John Wall, Kemba Walker.