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OPL Grand Finals interview: Chief Swiffer and Chief Spookz on another El Classico

The Chiefs celebrate winning the 2016 Oceanic Pro League final. (Chiefs eSports)
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11th August, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, the OPL grand finals. This time, we’re in Brisbane at the Courier Mail Piazza.

We spoke to Swiffer and Spookz, the Chiefs’ mid laner and jungler about their thoughts on their clash with rivals Legacy this weekend.

Q: Again, Oceania’s El Classico, how are you guys feeling and how was the preparation leading up to this event?

Swiffer: So basically our preparation leading up to this event, this season hasn’t been too good for us, so we’ve kinda taken each step at a time, so usually we’ve been prepared for the finals a couple of weeks leading to it.

This time, we were very focused on the semi-finals, so we really had a week of preparation leading up to this event. I guess what we’ve done differently for this week is we’ve had a lot of review sessions that we’ve been doing, more because, at this point, a lot of the other teams have stopped scrimming or practising at this point because they’ve been eliminated from this season.

A lot of the preparation we’ve been doing is really theory based and that’s really the main difference.

Spookz: In terms of preparation, this is the first split we’ve had at the house, it’s been a lot easier to get together, especially with patch 6.15 coming out, which was a huge change to the meta in which we’ve had to adapt and we’ve reviewed some Korean games together and kind of understand the patch.

Q: Legacy finished first in the split again, and they’re starting to take games off you guys in the best of fives, after winning one last year and two games in split one, how do you see this series playing out?

Swiffer: Well… I’d be concerned if this trend continues. I actually think it will be a 3-1 our way this final, just because Legacy have really shown a tendency to play one kind of specific play-style and I think the strategy that we’ve built to counter that will be successful. And then if they don’t have anything else prepared then it’s going to be a 3-0, but they’ll probably be able to take a game off us with a different strategy they’ve prepared and then we’ll either adapt then they’ll just revert back to something they’re comfortable with we’ll probably be [prepared for]. So yeah, 3-1.


Spookz: Also, Legacy have built their style entirely around lane-swapping this split and that’s kind of gone out the window this patch and we were pretty typically focused on just standard lanes, so we’re really confident this patch, which is almost every game is going to be standard lane.

Q: How’s the synergy between the team and Raes (New Chiefs AD Carry) given it’s only been a couple of weeks since he joined the team?

Spookz: I think, so when we got Raes, there was always kind of a bit of a hole in the bot lane.

Swiffer: Kind of like a hole in communications.

Spookz: EGym (Chiefs support) was always an aggressive player and his ideologies behind the game were a lot different than Raydere’s (former Chiefs AD Carry, now on Dire Wolves). So when we picked up Raes, and we started playing with him, they kind of clicked really fast and I think that obviously showed in the Dire Wolves (semi-finals) series. Obviously there’s kinks…

Swiffer: … that need to be smoothed out I guess, but, for the most part, I think that this [new lane] is going to work out better than Raydere and EGym did. So that’s why we looked to make the change.

Q: How much of a benefit has the gaming house been?

Spookz: I think, the gaming house, I think it took a little while to adjust, and that probably showed in the regular season. But I feel once we really started to nail down, we got a schedule going, we made sure everything was a lot more professional, the house has really started to pay off. Just having everyone in a close vicinity, everyone’s more focused. Having the ability to review together, it’s a lot more efficient I guess.


Swiffer: Yeah, like, once we got together, everything started becoming a lot more efficient.