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The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions: Finals Week 1

Gold Coast enforcer Ryan James. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)
8th September, 2016
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When you think back to some classic movie sequels through history you immediately take yourself to Speed 2: Cruise Control, Blues Brothers 2000 and Weekend at Bernie’s II – or is that just me?

No seriously, just kidding. I really did just google ‘worst sequels ever’. But I digress as you’re probably wondering why The Roar’s NRL Expert tipsters have returned one week after saying au revoir in Round 26.

For you see, The Roar‘s Wizard of Oz, Sir Patrick Effeney has issued the orders that the show must go on and into the 2016 finals we go!

There is, however, a casualty and amid the joyous fanfare of our mighty return, we bid farewell to Mary Konstantopoulos who was forced to walk the plank at The Roar‘s head office in Surry Hills (either that or she’s on holiday in New York).

Alas, enough with the suspense. Why keep The Roar’s loyal readers away from their tips any longer?

Eight teams will become six by Sunday afternoon and the clouds will part ever so slightly.

The true sky awaits.

Which team will fly highest?

Congratulations to the indestructible, irresistible force that is Tim Gore – 2016 Roar tipping leviathan!

Lachlan Bickley
Broncos (Powerplay), Raiders, Storm, Panthers.


“The Titans have exceeded all expectations for this season but it’s hard to see their tremendous season going any further than Friday night. The Broncos will have the home crowd and are enjoying a form surge at just the right time, they should win

“While this game has been overshadowed by the Jack Wighton affair the Raiders remain the stronger team one through 17 and with a sell-out achieved in a little over 24 hours should be able to use a raucous home crowd to propel themselves to the clubs first preliminary final since the clubs heyday.

“The defending premiers v the minor premiers: what a wonderful game this should be. While the road to the Cowboys maiden premiership in 2015 ran through Melbourne the Storm should be too strong on this occasion.

“ Bulldogs have looked awful in recent weeks but get Dogzilla back in this one. However it won’t be enough as the team comes up against a Panthers team riding a wave of enthusiasm.”

Titans rugby league player Ashley Taylor running with ball

Tim Gore
Broncos (Powerplay), Raiders, Storm, Bulldogs.

“Broncos should beat the Titans but, gee, there could be an upset here. I’m just too gutless to call it!

“Raiders and Sharks should be an absorbing battle. I’m going with the Raiders purely because of the home ground advantage.


“No Matt Scott is a big out for the Cowboys. Even if he’s in I hear his back is dodgy. I’m going Storm but without much confidence.

“You know what? The Doggies are going to get it all together on Sunday and beat the Panthers.”

Pat Effeney
Tips: Broncos (Powerplay), Raiders, Storm, Panthers.

“It’s great to be able to take the famous Mary Kaye’s spot for the finals!

“The Broncos will be too good for the Titans, even with a couple of players out of action. It’ll be a do it for ‘Corey, do it for Jack’ type feeling at Suncorp for two stalwarts’ farewells at their home ground.

“Canberra are too hot not to tip. The Sharks are not. End of.

“With stories of eggings abounding this morning, it’s easy to lock in a distraction-free Storm.

“And the Panthers are too young, too fast and too good for a struggling Canterbury, even if Sam Kasiano is back.”

Curtis Woodward
Broncos, Raiders, Storm, Panthers (Powerplay).


“It has been said by a million different people but finals footy is a new competition and a fresh start but you absolutely need momentum. Remember, if Wests Tigers won last week, Gold Coast were gone. I’m taking Brisbane.

“Speaking of momentum, Canberra has more of it than Donald Trump has redneck political supporters. Cronulla isn’t done in the race to grand final day yet but the Raiders will be too good this weekend.

“There is a question mark that looms over Melbourne every year we see them in the playoffs. If it was week three I’d tip North Queensland but because it’s only week one, I’ll back them by the narrowest of margins.

“Stick a fork in Canterbury – they are done. If Penrith complete their sets and trust their instincts, they’ll light Allianz Stadium ablaze, baby!”

WEEK ONE Tim Lachlan Pat Curtis The Crowd
BROvTIT Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
RAIvSHA Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders
STOvCOW Storm Storm Storm Storm Storm
PANvBUL Bulldogs Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
POWERPLAY Broncos Broncos Broncos Panthers Broncos

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