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Thanks for all the memories, Spiro

Spiro Zavos has retired from the Herald.
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10th December, 2016
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I read in today’s Sydney Morning Herald that one of the doyens of rugby writing, Spiro Zavos has “hung up his keyboard” and has written his last rugby column for the Herald.

As we all know Spiro is a prolific rugby writer and is a regular here on The Roar. In fact, Spiro was one of the driving forces behind getting The Roar off the ground in the first place.

His columns were always thought-provoking and always found a new wriggle or twist on a story. Impeccably written and researched, he delivered news and explanations rather than opinion dressed up as facts.

For more than 30 years Spiro has delivered. His final Herald column describes some of the trials and tribulations faced in those 30 years.

I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Spiro once. It was a few years ago at a gathering of The Roar experts and gurus in a pub at Ultimo. Funnily enough, my wife who was a somewhat unwilling participant, spent most of the evening talking with Spiro and David Lord.

I’ll let her words sum up my feelings after meeting Spiro.

“Gee Spiro is a really nice guy”.

Despite what the increasing number of angry trolls who are infecting The Roar might say, Spiro has been at the forefront of rugby journalism for more than three decades and has taught us all a few things about rugby and about being a nice guy.

Spiro, I hope your move away from the Herald doesn’t mean you will stop writing for The Roar.


Thanks for all the insight over the years – not a bad effort for a Kiwi!!