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Carmelo Anthony – good but not great

Carmelo Anthony in his time with the New York Knicks. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)
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23rd January, 2017

From 2002-2009 you could not have found a bigger Carmelo Anthony fan than me.

Anthony led Syracuse to a national title in 2003, and just a year later, restored the Denver Nuggets franchise.

He made the Western Conference finals in 2009 and won the NBA scoring title in 2012.

But through all of these accomplishments, Anthony has always been… the same.

The league has evolved from an inside-out game, to pick and roll, and now, to a run down and shoot a three style.

Despite these changes in the game, Anthony has remained the same player – a ball stopper on offence who does not make his teammates better, and who on defence, can be a liability at times.

We have expected so much more and put him on the same level as the top players in the league. Yet, he has never really been that.

Don’t get me wrong, he is a greatly talented player and a future hall of famer. However, in reality, he is better suited to being the second or third best player on a contending team.

Now he is stuck on a lowly New York Knicks team that is again going nowhere and should rebuild around 21-year-old, Kristaps Porzingis.


Unfortunately, Anthony’s prime years won’t match up with Porzingis’.

There are those who believe he deserves better but does he?

He forced the Knicks to give up players in a trade with Denver, and has been behind the eight ball ever since. He had the chance to leave in free agency to Chicago but decided a big contract was more important than winning.

It’s hard to say where Anthony should go from here, but it’s time we stop looking at him as a franchise player who is being wasted.

He would not transform the LA Clippers into a serious contender if he were traded there. Nor would he elevate the Boston Celtics either.

Maybe Carmelo Anthony is destined to be another one of those guys who was just really good but ultimately not great.