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Carlton Blues vs Collingwood Magpies: AFL Women's live scores, blog

3rd February, 2017


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Carlton Blues vs Collingwood Magpies

AFL Women's 2017, 3 February

Ikon Park
Carlton Blues Collingwood Magpies
46 SCORE 11
7 Goals 1
4 Behinds 5
Where: Ikon Park
When: 7:45pm AEDT
TV: Channel Seven, Foxtel
Betting: Carlton $2, Collingwood $1.81

Carlton Blues
B: Lauren Brazzale 12, Danielle Hardiman 31, Sarah Last 7
HB: Sarah Hosking 10, Katherine Gillespie-Jones 5, Darcy Vescio 3
C: Natalie Plane 32
HF: Laura Attard 14, Isabella Ayre 22, Lauren Arnell 13
F: Shae Audley 26, Brianna Davey 1, Katie Loynes 2
FOLL: Breann Moody 16, Allison Downie 30, Madeline Keryk 4
INT: Nat Exon 15, Tilly Lucas-Rodd 18, Jess Kennedy 23, Alison Brown 27, Bianca Jakobsson 35, Gabriella Pound 6
Emergencies: Kate Darby 8, Kate Shierlaw 25

Collingwood Magpies
B: Caitlyn Edwards 1, Meg Hutchins 25, Stacey Livingstone, 12
HB: Stephanie Chiocci 17, Nicola Stevens 21, Cecilia McIntosh 20
C: Lauren Tesoriero 7
HF: Alicia Eva 2, Jasmine Garner 43, Sarah D'Arcy 4
F: Emma Grant 5, Moana Hope 23, Jessica Cameron 27
FOLL: Emma King 60, Amelia Barden 38, Brittany Bonnici 8
INT: Bree White 33, Tara Morgan 26, Christian Bernardi 6, Sophie Casey 22, Ruby Schleicher 18, Helen Roden 11
Emergencies: Penny Cula-Reid 3, Melissa Kuys 9
Before AFL Women's even gets underway, Moana Hope is already one of the league's best personalities (Supplied).
3rd February, 2017
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Match result:

The history of the AFL Women’s competition began in no quiet fashion on Friday night with the Carlton Blues putting in a dominant performance over the Collingwood Magpies at Ikon Park.

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Final score
Carlton Blues 7.4.46
Collingwood Magpies 1.5.11

Match preview:

The Carlton Blues and Collingwood Magpies will make history tonight when they meet in the first match of the inaugural AFL Women’s competition. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 7:45pm AEDT.

It’s a brave new world tonight – we’re breaking new ground here and in many ways we’re going in a bit blind.

We’ve seen a lot of these players in action in exhibition games over the past few seasons, but we’ve not seen what they’ll be like in these combinations and under their new coaches.

That’s pretty exciting really – different teams have been tossed up as favourites here or there but the truth is, more than usual, anything could happen.


The player to watch tonight in my book is Moana Hope – going into this competition she’s regarded as the best forward in the mix, and it’s going to be great to watch her on the big stage.

With a knack for kicking team-lifting goals, and enough tattoos to qualify for Collingwood life membership, she’s a cult figure in the making.

On the other side of the divide, make sure to watch full forward Darcy Vescio for Carlton. She’s an experienced goalkicker who has won three premierships with the Darebin Falcons.

There’s two important rules to remember for those watching tonight – each team will play with 16 on field and six on the bench, and quarters will go for 15 minutes and time on.

Without having seen either team play at the top level just yet it’s hard to make anything more than an educated guess, but my reading is that Collingwood have just a little more star power in their side and that might get them across the line.

Collingwood Magpies by 12 points.

Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 7:45pm AEDT.