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UPDATE: Former Olympic champ Hackett released after being arrested

Grant Hackett isn't the only swimmer to struggle after finishing his career. (Source: Wiki Commons)
15th February, 2017

Former Olympic swimming champion Grant Hackett has been arrested on the Gold Coast after a “disturbance” at his parents’ house on the Gold Coast.

Hackett’s father Nev has said his son has been arrested due to “mental health issues”, but did not make any further comment.

Channel Seven, which has filmed a handcuffed Hackett being driven away in a police car, tweeted that witnesses are claiming Hackett was “‘going off’ and stabbing a knife into a chopping block.”

No other details have been made available, and it is believed that Hackett has not been charged.

Hackett has had a troubled history since retiring from the pool in 2008 following a tremendously successful career.


The three-time Olympic gold medallist issued a public apology in April of last year after a fellow traveller alleged he had been groped on the chest by Hackett during a Melbourne-bound flight after his failed attempt at qualifying for Australia’s swimming squad for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Hackett also sought rehabilitation for a sleeping pill addiction in 2014, and in 2011 was in the headlines after trashing his Melbourne apartment during an argument which saw police called to the premises.

UPDATE: Hackett has been released from Southport police station. He has not been charged with any offence.

His brother, Craig, who himself was an outstanding junior swimmer, has told the media his family have reached the end of the line with Grant and done everything they can for him.

“He needs professional help,” said Craig. “This is not Grant Hackett. We have done everything we can for him.”

Readers seeking support and information about mental health issues and suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.