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Tell us: Who should play the first Test and how the hell do we beat India?

Is Mitch Marsh worth a gamble? (AAP Image/David Mariuz)
21st February, 2017
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Roar LIVE is back with a special ‘Just how screwed are we?’ edition as the Australian cricket team stares down the barrel of inevitable humiliation.

Or not?

Who knows?

(We do, we’re going to get pumped.)

But while defeat might seem inescapable, we do have some control over just how badly we get beaten.

So the two questions we’re asking you are (get your answers in the comments):

1. Who are the players you really don’t want to see put on the whites for Thursday’s Test? And which players would you save from the chopping block?

2. Pretend you’re tasked with the unenviable job of coaching Australia, what’s your grand strategy to pull off an upset win (or you know, make us lose by less)?

We’ll get to your answers, as well as the panel’s, Wednesday morning at 8:15am (AEDT).


We’re also going to be playing our chat about the upcoming series with veteran broadcaster and Roar Expert Glenn Mitchell, but if you can’t wait until tomorrow, you can check out a snippet of it in the player above.

Roar Live will be streamed Wednesday morning on The Roar’s Facebook page. It will also be available as a podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.