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    Adelaide vs Brisbane

    A-League Round 23

    Hindmarsh Stadium
    Adelaide Brisbane
    2 SCORE 1

    Match result:

    After a fairly tame first half, it was one of the craziest finishes to an A-League fixture ever seen as Adelaide snatched their fourth victory of the season amidst absolute carnage.

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    Final score
    Adelaide United 2
    Brisbane Roar 1

    Match preview:

    With just four rounds remaining after this one in the A-League season, defending premiers Adelaide United welcome Brisbane Roar to Coopers Stadium with the aim of aiding their quest to avoid the wooden spoon.

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    These two sides head towards the pointy end of the A-League season with completely different trajectories.

    Home side Adelaide United have had what will go down as quite possibly the worst title defence in A-League history and sit alone at the foot of the table – they really need to win this if they’re to have a chance of avoiding the wooden spoon.

    Contrastingly, the Brisbane Roar have had a fairly consistent season and find themselves in fourth position on the ladder.

    The boys from Queensland will be looking to gather some momentum as we move ever closer to the start of the finals series.

    Adelaide bring little to no form into this one, having registered just a single victory in their last six league matches.

    Brisbane have stuttered in recent weeks, leaving three of their last six outings with a draw.

    The previous round saw Adelaide hold the Wanderers to a 0-0 draw in Sydney, while Brisbane ousted the Jets in Newcastle – emerging 3-1 victors.

    History suggests Adelaide have the wood over the visitors. The Roar have won just one of the last four meetings between the two sides. However, the past could count for very little on this occasion considering the horror season the home side have had.

    Adelaide welcome back goalkeeper Eugene Galekovic following a considerable injury layoff while George Mells, Marc Marino, Ben Warland and Nikola Mileusnic have all been promoted to the extended squad for this clash.

    Marcelo Carrusca is a big out for the Reds, while Michael Marrone and ‘keeper John Hall also miss out.

    Tommy Oar (hamstring) and Thomas Broich (ankle) are both massive misses for the Roar. While ins for the match include Thomas Kristensen, Shannon Brady, Kye Rowles and prized striker Brandon Borrello.

    I just can’t go past Brisbane for this one, despite the absences of Oar and Broich. Adelaide have been seriously poor this season and I don’t see them coming up with the quality to beat a side with the consistency of the Roar.

    Adelaide United 1-3 Brisbane Roar

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    • 9:03pm
      Bfc said | 9:03pm | ! Report

      Bloody ‘ordinary’ officiating at best…
      Never heard of a circumstance where an outfielder was allowed to wrestle a GK who was in the act of restarting play…
      Oz footy now infected with ‘simulation’…we are as bad as any other league…

    • 8:25pm
      Swanny said | 8:25pm | ! Report

      Karma for Brisbane after the favourable decisions they got against the jets last week

      • 8:44pm
        Lionheart said | 8:44pm | ! Report

        you’re kidding right? look at the Newc penalty, which was their only shot on goal, v ten shots on goal by Roar. This one – phew!.

    • 8:22pm
      Swanny said | 8:22pm | ! Report

      Brisbane fans remember the cheating involved in getting Hoffman sent off against the jets last week .
      This is your karma . Suck it up

      • 9:30pm
        Lionheart said | 9:30pm | ! Report

        what? losin’ here son.

        • 9:51pm
          Swanny said | 9:51pm | ! Report


          Your comebacks are softer then a Theo elbow mate . ??

          • 10:23pm
            Lionheart said | 10:23pm | ! Report

            I’m a nice nice guy, but yes, it was a soft elbow, hardly an assault but wait for 4 weeks,
            notice that Gui Amor did not celebrate the goal, like his bench
            Now apparently Ross Aloisi alleged assault on AU assistant,
            and Matt McKay out for maybe 6 weeks
            the wheels have fallen off this season for Roar – but still way better than your rabble Swanny

            • 10:36pm
              Swanny said | 10:36pm | ! Report

              Brisbane getting the karma they deserve lionheart .

              Salty salty

              • 11:01pm
                Lionheart said | 11:01pm | ! Report

                you’re a bad loser mate
                Newcastle sitting in bottom three isn’t it, can hardly see you down there
                Roar in fourth, doing well

              • 11:13pm
                Swanny said | 11:13pm | ! Report

                I support my jets and they are terrible ,

                im just enjoying the karma that Brisbane suffered today from the diving that got Hoffman sent off .
                It’s made my day Brisbane getting robbed .
                As for Bad sports , check out your ross aloisi.

            • 11:07pm
              steve said | 11:07pm | ! Report

              Clear elbow to the face. Red Card. Plain and simple. Don’t know why us Roar fans are sooking over it. If It was the Adelaide GK who swung his elbow, we would all be screaming for a red card. We Roar supporters need to suck it up. It was a red card, every day of the week.

              • 11:14pm
                Lionheart said | 11:14pm | ! Report

                agree, but what about the foul by ADL? a clear foul, free kick Roar. That’s my complaint.
                it was barely an elbow to the face, more a wiggle by Theo to free himself from a defender who was wrapped around him, but can’t deny Theo’s action,

              • 11:22pm
                j binnie said | 11:22pm | ! Report

                Steve – the first foul was committed when Mc Gowan wrapped his arms around Theo.
                What occurred after that was indeed a red card offence but the question remains,who committed the first foul, and therefore should have had a free kick.awarded against his team.
                There is only one answer to that question for to the best of my knowledge there is no necessity for a referee to act as judge and jury and give his verdict based on on what he may consider the greatest ,or worst ,act in an offence.
                The first offender should have had a free kick awarded against his team and any resultant offence should only be punished against the individual,certainly not his team.
                In this case their (the team’s) punishment would have been the loss of a player for some weeks,thus he is punished for his offence.Cheers jb.

              • 11:53pm
                steve said | 11:53pm | ! Report

                You guys are arguing something that didn’t happen. The match official didn’t rule a foul by McGowan, therefore it didn’t happen. The one foul he ruled on was 100% correct. Swinging elbow hitting face = straight red card. Sure, we can all see McGowan was all over Theo but the referee didn’t make a ruling on that, and being that both incidents were pretty much simultaneous, the red card was awarded, and rightly so, for Theo’s elbow. I would suggest that had Theo not thrown his elbow a free kick would have been awarded for McGowan ‘s foul.

                I remember a long time ago a wise old soccer head, in his thick Scottish accent, told me that if two incidents occur together the more serious one is generally the one ruled on, which it appears to be the case here, rightly or wrongly. I certainly don’t think Theo intended to elbow him in the face, but as a consequence of trying to shrug him off, contact was clearly made with McGowan’s face. As a Roar supporter, I have no issue whatsoever with the red card.

                I can only assume that as the ” Violent conduct ” of Theo, which I think will be the correct term lodged for the offence, occurred in the penalty area, that is the reason the penalty kick was awarded to Adelaide.

    • 8:06pm
      Chopper said | 8:06pm | ! Report

      Extra Extra read all about it Riley MaGree selected for Australian Diving Team. He is now torn between the Socceroos and the Flying Walrus’s.

    • 7:31pm
      Lionheart said | 7:31pm | ! Report

      What an absolute joke. If that is the standard of refereeing we accept in the A League, forget it.
      He must surely take all points in any MOTM counts for ADL for that game.
      Even before that pathetic GK decision, he rewarded our young Socceroo for simulation.
      A new low for the A League.

    • 7:21pm
      Nemesis said | 7:21pm | ! Report

      Must remember to by popcorn tomorrow. Brisbane fans will go into meltdown over this.

      • 8:02pm
        Chopper said | 8:02pm | ! Report

        I would think any educated fan of football would go into meltdown over such a poor piece of refereeing unless of course you saw nothing wrong with McGowan’s wrestling?

        • 8:10pm
          Nemesis said | 8:10pm | ! Report

          Brisbane fans should also question the poor Goalkeeping by Theo at such a critical time & when he was under no pressure.

          Goalkeeper makes mistake
          Ref makes mistake.

          Let’s all blame the ref.

          • 9:32pm
            Lionheart said | 9:32pm | ! Report

            well yes, but ADL defender makes mistake first, and nothing happens.

          • 8:56am
            hogdriller said | 8:56am | ! Report

            Well there’s no chance of you and your lot of ever blaming the ref is there……MVFC just ham it up with the MRP and get their players convictions quashed.

      • 11:32pm
        j binnie said | 11:32pm | ! Report

        Nemesis – For someone who is continually spruiking about how good our league is you show your true colours here,This was probably the worst refereeing decision you are likely to see and like me ,I suspect you know it will all be brushed under the carpet giving the impression that our men in the middle can do no wrong.
        I watched this whole game and saw three cases of simulation ( an offence we would all like to see wiped out of the game) in which the referees decisions to award a foul were diametrically opposed to the simulation the cameras showed as being the real culprit..
        You think this is good for the game’s image???? If so you are way off beam. Cheers jb.

        • 12:05am
          Nemesis said | 12:05am | ! Report

          jb. Simulation had been happening in football since I’ve been watching for 30yrs. It’s happening right now in Premier League with Middlesbrough’s player Negredo theatrics getting Phil Jones booked.

          So, it’s not an Aleague only problem.

          When i watched the news i saw cricket players trying to con the umpire.

          So it’s not a Football only problem.

          People try to con officials in their lives to gain advantage or avoid punishment.

          So it is not only a sport problem.

          Trying to cheat… It’s part of human behavior. You’ll never eradicate it.

          • 1:47pm
            j binnie said | 1:47pm | ! Report

            Nemesis – agree ,agree,agree, but surely that is the referees job,sorting out the wheat from the chaff
            Now everyone knows it is a hard job not made easy by today’s society,but this instance beggars description,the centre- back wrapped his arms around the goalkeeper, no doubt it was a foul.
            The referee, only yards away, apparently did not see those arms, covered in red, against the keepers yellow sweater, but he did see Theo ‘s attempts at “brushing him away”,if you like or “elbowing him in the face” if you prefer that explanation.It matters not , The centreback committed a foul and his team should have been punished by a free kick being awarded. Instead we saw a red card issued for “retaliation ” and wonder of wonders the referee noticed it was inside the penalty area. The outcome,the Adelaide player walked away apparently uninjured, the Goalkeeper ,rightly, was “red carded” for his folly,and then surprise,the referee awarded a penalty kick which was obviously for the second offence, the first being ignored completely.
            We have an Adelaide supporter on the site who admits his player offended but because the referee didn’t blow for a foul , it wasn’t a foul.?????
            I said it in an article a few weeks ago,until FIFA issues an edict to referees to punish the goings on the penalty area we will continue to see this sort of poor decision making going on.
            Let the referees enter dressing rooms pre-match and issue a warning he is going to penalise offenders in the box at every set piece,and award seven or eight penalties in a game, and then it will stop ok, for if the players don’t get the message ,the coaches will. Cheers jb.

    • Roar Guru

      Ben of Phnom Penh said | 7:10pm | ! Report

      Very odd. Certainly not a tame way for the game to finish.

      Amor not happy with the way the game was won?

      • 11:37pm
        j binnie said | 11:37pm | ! Report

        Ben – Yes, I too noticed, and being a football purist by reputation, I think he was too embarrased to face his opposition coach, which is now the norm after each game. Cheers jb..

    • Roar Guru

      Jake Rosengarten said | 7:09pm | ! Report

      Thanks for joining me for this A-League clash, hope you enjoyed my coverage and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

      Hope any Brisbane Roar fans out there aren’t too irate about the carnage to end this one!

      • 7:30pm
        hogdriller said | 7:30pm | ! Report

        Not irate Jake, as of late decisions made by our officials here in the A League are becoming more questionable as the season has progressed…….may be that the dust needs to be cleaned off the 457 visa forms.
        Can only hope our present bunch of refs are not the ones monitoring the screens as the VAR comes into effect.

    • Roar Guru

      Jake Rosengarten said | 7:08pm | ! Report

      FULL TIME: Adelaide United 2-1 Brisbane Roar

      Well, after a fairly tame first half, one of the craziest finishes to an A-League fixture ever has seen Adelaide snatch their fourth victory of the season amidst absolute carnage!!

      A first half headed goal off a Marcelo Carrusca corner from Baba Diawara saw the Reds go into the break in the lead before things kicked off in the second 45.

      Galekovic could only parry a powerful long range Thomas Kristensen strike into the path of Corey Brown who cut it back for Jamie Maclaren to equalise for the Roar.

      Things really heated up from there as Carrusca was shown a second yellow for an absolute brain fade of a challenge.

      The Roar looked to kick on and secure a victory with their extra man advantage but it wasn’t to be as Michael Theo saw red for an elbow on Dylan McGowan in what was to be almost the last kick of the game.

      With no changes remaining, the Roar had no choice but to throw Thomas Kristensen in goal and he was powerless to stop Sergio Cirio’s resulting spot kick.

      And so Adelaide registered one of the crazier victories the A-League has seen but will be very grateful for the three points.

      Adelaide United 2-1 Brisbane Roar

    • Roar Guru

      Jake Rosengarten said | 7:04pm | ! Report


      As we enter the 100th minute of this match, it looks as though the match is over.

      Kristensen remains between the sticks and the WHISTLE NOW GOES!!

      Gui Amor marches down the tunnel as his side celebrate a famously controversial victory.

      FULL TIME:

      Adelaide United 2-1 Brisbane Roar

    • Roar Guru

      Jake Rosengarten said | 7:03pm | ! Report


      Sergio Cirio steps up to the spot.

      AND SCORES!!

      Cirio snatches three points for Adelaide in as dramatic a finish as has ever been seen in the A-League!

      It looks as though there are tears welling up in the eyes of John Aloisi as Adelaide celebrate a sure victory.


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