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TELL US: Who's to blame for the A-League Grand Final ground fiasco?

Besart Berisha celebrates a goal for Melbourne. (AAP Image/Joe Castro)
2nd May, 2017

It’s code wars! ADMINISTRATIVE and CONTRACTUAL code wars – which everyone agrees is the most exciting type.

This week in the world of sports, the hot-button topic has very little to do with players or tactics or strategy – it’s about the ground.

The A-League and Super Rugby have been caught in a slightly awkward ‘double-booking’ situation where the New South Wales Waratahs were asked to move their Saturday night game to save the rapidly deteriorating Allianz Stadium pitch.

The Waratahs, unsurprisingly, opted to stay put.

With Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory now likely to square off on a ground unfit-for-purpose, the blame game has kicked off.

We’ve got ‘Mr Soccer’, Andy Paschalidis, as our guest on Roar LIVE to talk about this fiasco and as always we want to hear your opinions as well.

So tell us:

Should the Waratahs have stepped aside? And if it was too unrealistic for them to move, who’s responsible for this farce?

Chuck your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll try to get to as many as we can throughout the show!


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