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Sydney man doesn't remember his friend being such a big fan of the GWS Giants

Steve Johns and Tim Greene, Alastair's favourite players. (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)
5th May, 2017
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Luther Bradbury is worried his mental health might be rapidly deteriorating.

The Sydney graphic designer says he could have sworn that his close friend, Alastair Barrett-Lennard, was a dedicated Swans fan.

“I’m 90 per cent sure I remember him turning up to a sesh at the Beresford with a scarf tossed around his neck, a grin on his face, screaming ‘Gooooo Buddddyyy!’ when the Swans made it into last year’s Grand Final.”

But Luther’s beginning to question his vivid recollection of the past.

“It’s so weird though,” he explains, scratching his head.

“Now he keeps talking about how much he loves Toby Greene and Jeremy Cameron. It just doesn’t add up. The only explanation I can think of is that he’s jumped ship – but I can’t ever imagine a Swans fan doing that – they’re real die-hards.”

The Roar approached Alastair to try and solve the mystery.

“Nah mate, I’ve been a Giants fan since day dot,” he assures us.

“I was there when we were the laughing stock of the comp – we were losing every game by 200 and even bloody Karmichael Hunt was getting a run.”


Luther’s worried that his poor recollection of Alastair’s allegiances might be symptomatic of a bigger cognitive issue.

“Maybe I should go easy on the grog because this has been happening a lot lately,” he said, concerned.

Alastair informs me that he can’t wait for next week’s game against Collingwood. He pulls out a GWS supporter’s hat that’s in suspiciously immaculate condition for a foundation member and puts it on his head.

“That’s what makes it all the more special that the boys are really starting to hit their straps now. Can’t wait to get down to the SCG…”

“Spotless Stadium, in Homebush,” I correct him.

“Ugh out WEST?!” he replies.