Essendon Bombers vs Geelong Cats highlights: AFL live scores, blog

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    Live Scores

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    Essendon vs. Geelong Cats

    AFL Home and Away May 13, 2017
    Essendon 110, Geelong Cats 93
    Essendon Geelong Cats
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q16238   1511
    Q29458   3826
    Q314791   7951
    Q4178110   131593

    Match result:

    The Essendon Bombers are back in business, with a fast start leading them to a 17-point win over the Geelong Cats on Saturday night.

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    Final score
    Essendon Bombers 17.8.110
    Geelong Cats 13.15.93

    Match preview:

    It’s an important match this week for the Geelong Cats as they take on the Essendon Bombers at Etihad Stadium. Join The Roar for live scores from the match and a blog of the game from the MCG, starting from 7:25pm (AEST).

    Both the Cats and the Bombers are desperate to get their seasons back on track, having both lost their last two matches. The Bombers were impressive in the early rounds of the season, as they rebuild after the doping saga bans.

    Inaccurate kicking from key forwards such as Joe Daniher which has led to lacklustre performance leaving many Essendon fans disgruntled with the state of their forward line.

    With that said, the Bombers should be bolstered by the return of Jobe Watson into the side, providing much-needed leadership as always.

    Geelong were atrocious against the Gold Coast last week, reflected by four omissions from Chris Scott coming into this match.

    Their defence needs a major lift to stop leaking easy goals forward.

    The killer Selwood-Dangerfield is always strong, but at least one of these two greats getting tagged is inevitable so Geelong’s younger players really need to lift across the ground.

    Player to watch
    James Kelly is celebrating his 300th AFL game tonight. A huge accomplishment no matter where your side is on the ladder and the perfect reason to have a huge night out – and it’s great that he gets to bring up the milestone playing against the club he won three premierships with.

    Chris Scott won’t tolerate mediocrity from his side and I’m fully expecting them to bounce back tonight.

    Geelong by 30 points.

    Join The Roar for live scores from the match and a blog of the game from the MCG, starting from 7:25pm (AEST)

    Live Score Updates

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    Quarter 1
    1' GOAL - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
    3' BEHIND - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    4' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
    5' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    7' BEHIND - Rhys Stanley (Geelong Cats)
    8' BEHIND - Mark Blicavs (Geelong Cats)
    12' GOAL - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    19' BEHIND - James Parsons (Geelong Cats)
    21' GOAL - Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
    24' GOAL - Steven Motlop (Geelong Cats)
    27' BEHIND - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    28' BEHIND - Cameron Guthrie (Geelong Cats)
    28' GOAL - James Stewart (Essendon)
    32' GOAL - James Stewart (Essendon)
    Quarter 2
    1' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    7' BEHIND - Darcy Parish (Essendon)
    8' BEHIND - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    12' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    13' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    18' GOAL - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    20' GOAL - James Stewart (Essendon)
    22' BEHIND - Mitch Duncan (Geelong Cats)
    24' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    26' GOAL - Josh Green (Essendon)
    Quarter 3
    1' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    3' GOAL - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    4' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    8' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    10' BEHIND - Darcy Parish (Essendon)
    12' BEHIND - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    16' GOAL - Tom Stewart (Geelong Cats)
    17' BEHIND - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    20' GOAL - Josh Green (Essendon)
    24' BEHIND - Andrew McGrath (Essendon)
    25' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    26' GOAL - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    31' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    Quarter 4
    5' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    7' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    9' GOAL - George Horlin-Smith (Geelong Cats)
    12' GOAL - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    14' GOAL - Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
    17' GOAL - James Parsons (Geelong Cats)
    20' GOAL - Zac Smith (Geelong Cats)
    21' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    24' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    25' BEHIND - George Horlin-Smith (Geelong Cats)
    26' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong Cats)
    28' BEHIND - Nakia Cockatoo (Geelong Cats)
    28' BEHIND - Steven Motlop (Geelong Cats)
    30' GOAL - Orazio Fantasia (Essendon)
    32' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    33' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)

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    • Roar Rookie

      FreoFan said | 12:50am | ! Report

      Cats are in a bit of a hole right now. Not sure where they fit in anymore. Although I don’t think anyone knows where anyone sits anymore after some of the recent results.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:10pm | ! Report

      Well, well well, Geelong have just lost 3 games in a row for the first time in a very long time and learnt absolutely nothing from last week.

      They won the contested ball, but allowed the Bombers to gather uncontested possessions with ease and score easily from turnovers on the half back flank, again, bringing up the same issues with their defence that came up last week against the Suns. Critically, they were unable to score consecutive goals up until the exciting last quarter. At that point the Bombers had a 7 goal head start and it was too little to late.

      Additionally, Selwood and Dangerfield were quiet again – leading questions as to whether the Cats can cope if their leading two men get taken out of the game. It’s back to the drawing board again for Chris Scott and his men.

      On the other side of the coin, Essendon were absolutely incredible – particularly in the first half. They dominated the game in the first and second quarters with their speed and ease of ball movement through the ground. They left the Cats for dead. Early in the match, games Kelly enjoyed an excellent 300th game, while Tippinwotti, Fantasia and Daniher were integral parts of an exciting, fast paced game.

      The Bombers are now 4 and 4 after 8 rounds and knocking on the door of the 8. Tonight proved they are good enough to be playing finals footy. Ensuring they realise they need to play 4 quarters (as evidenced by Geelong’s voracious comeback in the final quarter), it’s best not to right the Bombers off in 2017 just yet.

      • Roar Guru

        Rick Disnick said | 10:13pm | ! Report

        They have a good spine Essendon — a lot they can build around. They’ll be formidable in the coming years and most dangerous should they make the finals.

        Don’t think they will, but they certainly played well tonight on the counter. Signs of a positive aggressive team in the making.

    • 10:09pm
      michael treacy said | 10:09pm | ! Report

      How did young irish fella play for Geelong

      • 11:07pm
        Barb said | 11:07pm | ! Report

        Way out of his depth along with about 15 of his teammates.

    • Roar Guru

      XI said | 10:08pm | ! Report

      Nice calling, Caitlin. It was sweet to see Selwood and Heppel carry James Kelly off.

    • 10:07pm
      Barb said | 10:07pm | ! Report

      And The Cats resigned their Coach. Cheers to that!

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Disnick said | 10:04pm | ! Report

      Better second half from the Cats, even in the 3rd quarter.

      Poor kicking is @#$% football, but that’s not the reason they lost tonight.

      Bombers played very well tonight with the Cats’ zonal structures failing to hold the ball in their forward half allowing for rebound football.

      Scott needs to address if it’s speed or positional play that is breaking down. I suspect a bit of both.

      Thanks for the call Caitlin.

    • Roar Guru

      Caitlin Doyle said | 10:02pm | ! Report


      It’s the Bombers in an upset by 17 points.

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