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Brisbane Roar or Brisbane City? It’s a conundrum!

The Brisbane Roar are out for revenge. (AAP Image/Dan Peled)
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14th May, 2017
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Recently I wrote my maiden article about how I have been following Chelsea through thick and thin for almost 40 years, but am I about to become a hypocrite?

The Queensland Lions approached me before they had even come up with a name to start a supporters club. I met with Lawrence Oudendyk, Andrew Doak, Gareth Ball and others and the process started.

After a meeting, I was elected the first president of the Official Queensland Roar Supporters Club and the next two years were a blast. We didn’t win anything but we set a good base and had a lot of fun!

I have been a member and season ticket holder for every season except one and I go to every game that I can due to my FIFO role at the moment.

So why is this a conundrum?

The Bakries are a part; I am not happy with how they have treated the club and the name was a huge disappointment for me. As the name was announced at the launch Doaky, was watching me to see my reaction and he saw what I thought.

When the Perth Glory first visited I met their president and had a few drink with them. I got up on a table in the middle of a sea of purple and led them in a song “We are the team with the stupid f####ing name!”

All in all, the management of the Roar has left a lot to be desired up until the last 12 months where there has been a marked improvement.

Another part is the Brisbane City bid. It looks extremely professional and they are planning to use Ballymore as their home ground.


Before the GFC there were plans to upgrade Ballymore which were approved but then QRU ran out of money. If it was upgraded we would have a boutique 24,000-seat stadium which is a perfect size for an A-League side and would be a lot cheaper to play out of than Suncorp.

The final part is probably the most important and it is purely tribal. Brisbane Roar was created by the Lions and is a south-side club. I am a north-side boy and always will be. If City’s bid gets approved, which I think and hope it will, we will have a north/south rivalry which will actually mean something (think Liverpool/Everton, Rangers/Celtic).

It’s going to be hard as the Roar is starting to turn into a real club and we have history, but you have to go with your gut and your heart.