Thomas Broich: A Roar legend

David McDaniel Roar Pro

By David McDaniel, David McDaniel is a Roar Pro

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    Always look on the left side for Broich‘ – a delightful refrain created by The Den.

    We will be looking at the left in the future with a slight pang as the great man will not be there.

    There have been many articles and comments written about Thomas Broich, laying blame etc but this is one about the man and what he has done for Brisbane Roar and why he should never be forgotten.

    When I heard we were signing him I undertook some research and was immediately excited by what I discovered. For those that know me, that should not surprise them as I get excited by everything but I digress.

    I heard a documentary was made about him called Tom meets Zizou, so I bought it and watched it, becoming even more excited. If you haven’t seen the film then you should buy it as should go straight to the pool room.

    He is an artistic, intelligent, talented player who was spoken in the same breath as Bastian Schweinsteiger when he was younger but deemed a luxury player by the hard-nosed German coaches who favoured strength and effort over flair.

    He was not picked often and fell out of love with the game as it was then in Germany. Ange Postecoglou’s visit intrigued and excited him, he fell back in love with the game and the rest is history.

    Thomas Broich celebrates a goal for the Roar

    (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)

    His skill on the ball, trickery, football intelligence and vision were a joy to watch and he mesmerised us so many times over the years. He is often mentioned as the greatest marquee to play in the A-League and I concur with that sentiment, but I may be slightly biased. His corner in the last minute of our first grand final win in 2011 that Eric Paartalu scored from was just as memorable as his myriad goals from free kicks or general play.

    In the last couple of seasons you could see that, at times, he did not have the legs he used to but he still put everything into the game that he had and truly, who could ask for more? He was willing to take a cut in wages so the young players, such as Joe Caletti, could be signed and that showed he was willing to sacrifice money for the sake for the club. Is it possible to love the guy anymore?

    Unfortunately what happened this year happened and no one can, or should, be blamed. He had decided to retire, the Roar management factored that in to their budget and their negotiations and then he changed his mind but it was too late.

    He wants to keep playing so he will play for another club but Brisbane Roar is in his heart, he loves us almost as much as we love him so I expect him to be back one day in some capacity.

    Thomas has spoken about going back to Germany to get his coaching badges so it is not inconceivable that he will come back and assist John Aloisi or maybe one day become our Manager if Aloisi leaves.

    He and his family love the Brisbane lifestyle, he loves the club and there will always be a place for him in Brisbane.

    Maybe one day he will have a statue in front of Lang Park…

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    The Crowd Says (47)

    • May 16th 2017 @ 2:51am
      RBBAnonymous said | May 16th 2017 @ 2:51am | ! Report

      The salary cap isnt the reason Broich wasn’t signed. They just don’t want him at the club because they want to rebuild, at least come out and say it. Don’t use the salary cap as a veiled attempt to discard a club legend to the kerb.

      The salary cap myth for not signing Broich is just that, a myth. Think about it, Petratos gone, MaClaren gone, Holman and Oar both Marquee players OUTSIDE the cap. That alone would count for a large chunk of the salary cap, then Broich more than likely to take a further paycut, after all he was a Marquee player. He understood the situation and read between the lines. That’s why he basically stood aside so the club could sign and re-sign players. I would say Thomas would be a little miffed he wasnt offered a new contract but he is too much of a gentleman to say anything against the club. That’s ok Brisbane has made the decision and that’s the end of it, just don’t make it sound like the club was trying their best to keep him, they weren’t. Yes he is one year older but he was still one of their better players this season and good enough for one more year.

      • Roar Pro

        May 16th 2017 @ 6:17am
        David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 6:17am | ! Report

        From memory Aloisi stated he wanted him to stay but Broich wanted more minutes as he felt he had a couple more seasons under his belt. Broich did decide to retire then changed his mind as I mentioned in the article. I put forward my theory on the basis that Aloisi loves him as a man and big game player and Broich loves the club.

        I did hold out the hope we would sign him for another season after Borello retired but I guess we needed to find 90 minute replacements for our front line and Thomas isn’t a week in week out 90 minutes player any more.

        I can’t help but find parallels with the Chelsea / John Terry situation. A player who is loved by the club and fans and loves them back is getting older and can’t play regularly, so he decides to keep playing and has to leave the club, at least for a short time, knowing there is a position for him there when he decides to retire.

      • May 16th 2017 @ 7:53am
        Waz said | May 16th 2017 @ 7:53am | ! Report

        I agree with RBB that the cap is not to blame here, at 37 with a serious ankle operation coming up that will rule him out of pre-season for 3 months or more the coaching team would have been faced with a difficult choice even without the cap. The one thing you can say about Aloisi is he’s not a sentimentalist, he seems able to make the tough calls on players careers and none would have been tougher than this one. He’s not a player that can be “replaced” and it will probably take the reinvention of Roars front three to compensate.

        It was a pleasure having the bloke in the competition and the balls now in his court – there’s a coaching job at Roar starting tomorrow if he wants it, what you waiting for Tommy, what you waiting for?

        • Roar Pro

          May 16th 2017 @ 8:27am
          David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 8:27am | ! Report

          The problem is he still wants to play.

          • May 16th 2017 @ 9:02am
            Waz said | May 16th 2017 @ 9:02am | ! Report

            He does, and if I were in his shoes I’d play on as well – you’re a long time retired. As he said on Fox last week, the specialist may tell him on Friday that it’s game over; now Fridays come and gone we might get some indication of what he’s going to do.

            • Roar Pro

              May 16th 2017 @ 12:48pm
              David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 12:48pm | ! Report

              I didnt see that on Fox, thanks for the update. Hopefully if the specialist says no he will take the coaching role!

          • May 16th 2017 @ 6:19pm
            RBBAnonymous said | May 16th 2017 @ 6:19pm | ! Report

            Why is that a problem?

            • Roar Pro

              May 20th 2017 @ 2:59pm
              David McDaniel said | May 20th 2017 @ 2:59pm | ! Report

              We couldn’t guarantee the minutes he wanted, I believe.

    • Roar Guru

      May 16th 2017 @ 7:24am
      Magnus M. Østergaard said | May 16th 2017 @ 7:24am | ! Report

      Love Broich, if theres a player that 99% of people in Brisbane, no matter their sport, can name from the Roar, its Broich. He’s been an absolute legend for the club and its going to take a lot to replace him. In saying that, he’s really irreplaceable, he’s been part of the fabric for that long.

    • May 16th 2017 @ 7:46am
      Waz said | May 16th 2017 @ 7:46am | ! Report

      It’s very rare that you can say a club and an entire competition are better off for the signing of one player but that is Thomas Broich. Season after season of consistent and excellent performances make him the best ever player (not just import) and too many (normally southern) journalists rush to bestow the “best ever” tag on a player after one or two seasons – try 5 or 6 great seasons and then maybe we’ll talk. Broich has set the bar incredibly high and there’s only one player in the Comp that bears comparison and that’s his best mate Berisha.

      • Roar Pro

        May 16th 2017 @ 11:34am
        David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 11:34am | ! Report

        I agree Waz, he is/was a phenomenal player and person and I doubt that many, if any players will match his consistent levels over such a long period.

    • May 16th 2017 @ 8:45am
      Johnny J-Dog said | May 16th 2017 @ 8:45am | ! Report

      To me, seeing so many players moving on is a vote of no-confidence in their coach. I think that what we have seen so far from JA and his brother is about as good as it is going to get, which for fans and players means no silverware.

      • May 16th 2017 @ 9:08am
        Ian said | May 16th 2017 @ 9:08am | ! Report

        Like who? Petratos got an offer for Ulsan……Maclaren and Borello are going to Europe.

        That’s a sign they were playing well and have potential for greater things.

        • May 16th 2017 @ 9:09am
          Waz said | May 16th 2017 @ 9:09am | ! Report

          Beat me to it by 17 seconds lol

      • May 16th 2017 @ 9:08am
        Waz said | May 16th 2017 @ 9:08am | ! Report

        So that’s a vote of no-confidence in Kevin Muscat as well then is it, Victory have more players moving on than Roar???

        And what about the players that have already signed on – Mackay, Kristensen, DeVere all of whom were in demand but signed on with Aloisi.

        And of the players that have left; Dimi went on to get a $1m contract in Korea, Borrello is getting a dream move to Germany at a very young age, and Maclaren has 80+ clubs to choose from and a phenomenal reputation. Which player wouldn’t want to work with JA given that track record??

        • May 16th 2017 @ 3:39pm
          Johnny J-Dog said | May 16th 2017 @ 3:39pm | ! Report

          So Waz, you can question on this site Aloisi’s coaching potential (including the Maclaren one-man-up-front game plan) but players leaving can’t in anyway be interpreted as concurring with you? If they’re all playing so well and JA is such a good coach, why did we play and do so badly?

          • May 16th 2017 @ 10:50pm
            Waz said | May 16th 2017 @ 10:50pm | ! Report

            Your logic makes no sense though. Maclaren left a better player, Borrello same (although I’m not a fan), and Dimi certainly was better. If you want to look for reasons why JA is deficient the players leaving just aren’t it.

            Roar finished 3rd two seasons running, made the semi-finals both seasons – that’s better than most. Only Adelaide and Sydney bettered it so again the actual performances and results aren’t bad (just not great).

            Of course JA makes mistakes and needs to improve; Maclaren as a sole striker didn’t work for the team, the defence while better this season could still make some comical errors so he needs help there.

            • May 17th 2017 @ 8:50am
              Johnny J-Dog said | May 17th 2017 @ 8:50am | ! Report

              If I was wanting to go to Russia next year, I’d stick with Roar another season rather than falling off Ange’s radar sitting on a bench in Europe/Asia. Unless of course I thought the coach wasn’t enhancing my game and that seriously competing for trophies was an unrealistic expectation. I think these players have decided that Aloisi has no more to offer them. From what I have seen so far (including Heart), I’d agree. We have been a DISTANT third. Give JA one more year then bring in Coach Broich.

              • May 17th 2017 @ 10:19am
                Ian said | May 17th 2017 @ 10:19am | ! Report

                Yes, we were a distant third this year, Victory were a distant 2nd. Sydney had a marvellous season.
                Last season we were one mis-timed kick from Matt McKay in the first 5 minutes against Victory away from being Premiers and hosting a 2nd week home final.

                I know I’m happy where we are at whilst always looking to improve.

                It’s up to JA to recruit wisely for next season with the money available and the opportunity of playing for our great team.

      • Roar Pro

        May 16th 2017 @ 11:40am
        David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 11:40am | ! Report

        As a club with a salary cap you are always going to get young, highly skilled players wanting to move to new countries to try to improve themselves and to get a pay cheque while their bodies are still at their peak.

        The fact that they have reached this level is testament to John Aloisi’s management abilities.

        As for getting as good as we are going to get, last season we were 3-0 up in a semi and this season we went out by 1 goal. We are knocking on the door and maybe next season we will break that door down.

        With all the financial discord in the last few seasons the team has been punching well above their weight and should be commended.

    • May 16th 2017 @ 9:13am
      Ian said | May 16th 2017 @ 9:13am | ! Report

      Agree with Waz on the talking up by southern journalists of players being the best ever after one or two seasons.

      Broich has done it since 2011.

      I watched the majority of the Tom meets Zizou documentary again last night (it’s 135 minutes) as I was feeling sentimental.
      It’s well worth watching for a football type documentary for those that are interested – filmed from 2003 to 2011. They didn’t plan for filming to last that long but all the twists and turns Broich’s career took kept them going.
      One of my favourite parts is sometime circa 2008 or so when he says maybe I’ll go abroad and play in Australia one day.

      • May 16th 2017 @ 1:00pm
        Lionheart said | May 16th 2017 @ 1:00pm | ! Report

        is it on line?

        • May 16th 2017 @ 1:32pm
          Lionheart said | May 16th 2017 @ 1:32pm | ! Report

          yep, now on Itunes

        • May 16th 2017 @ 1:46pm
          Ian said | May 16th 2017 @ 1:46pm | ! Report

          I can’t see you tube links for the whole movie just trailers. I can’t recall if I bought it at JB Hi Fi or at Suncorp Stadium years ago….but you can buy it via ebay. It has English subtitles with some English commentary as well.

          Just saw your reply when I posted.
          so on iTunes also 😉

          • May 16th 2017 @ 3:24pm
            Lionheart said | May 16th 2017 @ 3:24pm | ! Report

            thanks Ian, ITunes rent it for $5 or buy it for $16.
            There’s the Matt Smith short video too, free on You tube (or at least it used to be).

            • May 16th 2017 @ 5:03pm
              Ian said | May 16th 2017 @ 5:03pm | ! Report

              Thanks, on ebay saw one dvd of Tom Meets Zizou from Germany for $16… others were more expensive.

    • May 16th 2017 @ 9:20am
      Chris said | May 16th 2017 @ 9:20am | ! Report

      A statue of Broich at Lang Park…I doubt that will happen but its a nice thought

      • Roar Pro

        May 16th 2017 @ 11:34am
        David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 11:34am | ! Report

        We can but dream…….

      • May 16th 2017 @ 3:48pm
        pauly said | May 16th 2017 @ 3:48pm | ! Report

        Make the Milton Road end the football end.

        • Roar Pro

          May 16th 2017 @ 5:10pm
          David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 5:10pm | ! Report

          Now that’s not a bad idea, but unfortunately the home end is the Milton end.

        • Roar Pro

          May 16th 2017 @ 5:13pm
          David McDaniel said | May 16th 2017 @ 5:13pm | ! Report

          Damn, I meant to say Caxton St end in the home end but it won’t let me edit.

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