Update on the Cybergamer OCE circuit for Overwatch

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    It's going to be a massive 2018 for Australian eSports. (Image: Riot Games)

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    My previous article covered the standings after two weeks of play in the AOC Overwatch Cybergamer OCE Circuit.

    This was week six with next week being the last round of matches to playthrough before the semi-finals, and the highly anticipated grand final!

    A lot has happened since week two of this tournament, and not just in team standings. According to a reader reaching out to me on Twitter not long after my original article was published, Nemesis disbanded.

    This was confirmed in week 3’s games with 4Legs coming off the benches as the team to replace Nemesis. The tournament confirmed that 4Legs will be keeping the 0-2 score of Nemesis heading into this. 4Legs picked up a very capable player named wuvo to complete their team roster for their debut return into the competition.

    Monopoly Club had some very exciting news to announce. After another victory clinched in week four of the tournament, they unveiled that they had joined Athletico Esports.

    According to Athletico’s official announcement, Monopoly Club’s captain Matt ‘Grafix’ Hamdorf said: “As a group we’re very excited to be joining the Athletico team. We’re looking forward to working with Athletico to achieve our goal of being the best Overwatch team in the region. Thanks to their support, you’ll see us at ESL LAN on the 27th-28th of May and hopefully many more events in the future!”

    Now here’s some food for thought, if you read the previous article of the tournaments coverage I mentioned that Monopoly Club and 4Legs had a score to settle. 4Legs defeated Monopoly Club in the ESL AU andamp; New Zealand Championship Season 1 April Monthly Final, from the lower bracket might I add to make this more impressive.

    4Legs in this current week went on to defeat Athletico Esports (as Monopoly Club are referred to now) to finally put an end to Athletico Esport’s undefeated winstreak in this tournament.

    By clinching this win it does put 4Legs in a good standing stead after week 6’s games. Week 7 will result in a bye for 4Legs, due to Thinking disbanding as a team. Since 4Legs joined the fray they have only let one of their matches drop to the young upstarts in WillWEED.

    The competition is getting fierce now for the final two positions in the upcoming Cybergamer LAN Finals in Adelaide. The first two spots have been claimed by Athletico Esports andamp; Masterminds.

    For the final round of matches to be played next week, WillWEED need to win against Athletico Esports for a guaranteed spot in the finals.

    WillWEED have shown great form and I did have them tipped from the beginning to be the dark horse in this tournament. I’m glad thus far they have proven me right. As a young team I’m sure it’s not just a matter of luck, but fierce determination coming out from this team.

    I do not envy them for having to verse Athletico Esports on the back of a loss to end their winstreak however as Athletico Esports is the kind of team that are determined to learn from their losses.

    Even their Twitter shows how they feel about their recent defeat to 4Legs.

    Plot 1 need to win against Scylla Esports to give themselves the best possible chance of securing their spot to the finals. 4Legs have done all they can now and just need to wait to see how the matches for WillWEED and Plot 1 play out to see their fate.

    If you’re like me and already hungry to get a sneak peak of how these top teams will battle it out, I’ve got some good news! The ESL Season 1 LAN Finals will be on this weekend in Sydney. You can either catch it in person at the venue (by purchasing a ticket) or watch it online.

    Masterminds, Athletico Esports, Plot 1, 4Legs will be hotly competing this weekend to set the tone for the final week of play in the Cybergamer OCE Circuit and the upcoming Cybergamer LAN Finals taking place in Adelaide.

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