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CLUB ROAR WEEKLY: Magical plays from the kickoff

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    This week, it’s all about the kickoff for Club Roar. For most, the kickoff is a process of the game that happens a few times throughout the contest without too much fanfare. Not for these clubs though.

    It’s often just a case of kick deep and wait for the opposition to bring it up, but there’s so much more opportunity than that on the receiving and kicking end of the spectrum.

    From long-range solo efforts to stealing your own kickoff, these guys put a different twist on the traditional restart.

    Toowoomba Grammar School

    Talk about doing it all yourself. This crafty second-rower goes solo from the kickoff to score just 16 seconds after the whistle sounded.

    Going up for the lift to bring down the short kickoff, he bats it back down in search of a teammate, only to realise he’s found empty grass and has to come back down and scoop it up himself.

    That’s when he puts the foot down, slicing straight through two defenders who barely get a hand on him as he finds himself streaming away in the backfield.

    He shows off a little fancy footwork as well just to drive it home, catching the fullback flat footed as he steps off the left foot and around the last man who is stuck with concrete boots.

    This is entirely a one-man show that the opposition simply had no answer for.

    St Christophers

    From one solo effort to another, this young rugby prodigy goes the distance with a mix of pace, pure strength and some handy footwork.

    He makes it look like he’s in an age group above the rest, effortlessly beating defenders on the return before putting on the afterburners to race away for the meat pie.

    The right-foot step to break past the initial tackle is an absolute ripper, leaving his man reaching for thin air.

    This is one to watch for the future.

    Toowoomba Rugby League

    From solo efforts to a try built on team play and support as well as a change from returning kickoffs to actually receiving your own, this try is sensational.

    The short kickoff is far from a regular occurrence in rugby league, which is why so many teams are vulnerable to the rare trick play, simply because they are unaware and unsuspecting.

    This is one of those times when you’ve really been caught out.

    The runner times it perfectly, flying through just over the 40-metre line after a pin-point kick from the tee finds the mark. The defence has barely moved when he takes it in the arms and heads off downfield.

    Despite the defence swarming in, they bring their support in on the action, making the offload before drawing and passing across two more defenders as they close in on the line.

    The cherry on top is the mesmerising right-foot step at the end to send the last man stumbling away across field while the ball crosses the paint.

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