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    Port Adelaide vs. Brisbane Lions

    Adelaide Oval
    AFL Home and Away June 17, 2017
    Port Adelaide 121, Brisbane Lions 81
    Port Adelaide Brisbane Lions
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q15636   3321
    Q28957   6642
    Q3141094   10666
    Q41813121   12981

    The Port Adelaide Power host the Brisbane Lions this afternoon, and they will be hoping to get their season back on track. Join The Roar for live scores from the match and a live blog of the game at Adelaide Oval, starting from 4:35pm AEST.

    By many measures Port Adelaide have been one of the better teams in the game this year – they have a great percentage, plenty of quarters won, and have delivered some of the biggest winning margins we’ve seen in 2017.

    However, the one measure where they aren’t quite up there with the best of them is the win-loss, and sadly for this team, at the end of the day that is the most important one.

    Last week against Essendon they were shown up pretty badly – the Bombers beat them in the midfield and Port just didn’t apply enough defensive pressure when they were without the ball.

    In the end they went down by a whopping 70 points, a poor effort no matter which way you look at it, and probably their first truly bad performance for the year.

    Brisbane, on the other hand, played their best game of the season by a significant margin last week, not just defeating but smashing Fremantle.

    It was just their second win of the year and, to make it a great week, came only short after they had a win off the field, re-signing Josh Schache.

    Although the Lions will take some confidence from their win, they’re a long way from being able to upset the Power, one of the best teams in the league.

    So long as Port are able to win in the midfield, they should tear the game apart, and given the relative maturity of both sides’ engine rooms, that should be no problem.

    Expect a big win from the Power to put them back into the top four mix.

    Port Adelaide by 48 points.

    Join The Roar for live scores from the match and a live blog of the game at Adelaide Oval, starting from 4:35pm AEST.

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    Quarter 1
    2' BEHIND - Dayne Zorko (Brisbane Lions)
    4' BEHIND - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    5' BEHIND - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    6' GOAL - Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide)
    9' BEHIND - Ryan Lester (Brisbane Lions)
    9' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    11' GOAL - Travis Boak (Port Adelaide)
    12' BEHIND - Jake Barrett (Brisbane Lions)
    13' GOAL - Ryan Bastinac (Brisbane Lions)
    15' BEHIND - Jackson Trengove (Port Adelaide)
    16' BEHIND - Travis Boak (Port Adelaide)
    18' GOAL - Tom Rockliff (Brisbane Lions)
    20' GOAL - Ryan Bastinac (Brisbane Lions)
    21' BEHIND - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    22' BEHIND - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    24' GOAL - Charlie Dixon (Port Adelaide)
    30' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    Quarter 2
    2' BEHIND - Dayne Zorko (Brisbane Lions)
    5' GOAL - Lewis Taylor (Brisbane Lions)
    8' GOAL - Hamish Hartlett (Port Adelaide)
    10' BEHIND - Eric Hipwood (Brisbane Lions)
    11' GOAL - Ryan Lester (Brisbane Lions)
    14' BEHIND - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    16' BEHIND - Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide)
    17' BEHIND - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    19' BEHIND - Rushed (Brisbane Lions)
    20' GOAL - Dayne Zorko (Brisbane Lions)
    24' GOAL - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    26' GOAL - Aaron Young (Port Adelaide)
    Quarter 3
    1' GOAL - Aaron Young (Port Adelaide)
    3' GOAL - Jake Barrett (Brisbane Lions)
    4' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    6' GOAL - Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide)
    11' GOAL - Harris Andrews (Brisbane Lions)
    15' GOAL - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    21' GOAL - Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide)
    24' BEHIND - Ollie Wines (Port Adelaide)
    25' GOAL - Eric Hipwood (Brisbane Lions)
    27' GOAL - Sam Powell-Pepper (Port Adelaide)
    29' GOAL - Ryan Bastinac (Brisbane Lions)
    Quarter 4
    1' GOAL - Eric Hipwood (Brisbane Lions)
    3' GOAL - Paddy Ryder (Port Adelaide)
    5' BEHIND - Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)
    6' BEHIND - Rushed (Brisbane Lions)
    8' GOAL - Dayne Zorko (Brisbane Lions)
    11' GOAL - Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide)
    17' BEHIND - Eric Hipwood (Brisbane Lions)
    19' BEHIND - Rushed (Brisbane Lions)
    22' GOAL - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    26' GOAL - Jake Neade (Port Adelaide)
    28' BEHIND - Sam Gray (Port Adelaide)
    28' BEHIND - Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide)
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    The Crowd Says (82)

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    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:38pm | ! Report

      Thanks for joining me tonight. Stirling Coates is covering the Blues v Suns game if you want to tune in and keep a close eye on what looks to be a good game.

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:34pm | ! Report

      GAME OVER.

      Port Adelaide cruise to a 40 point win over the Lions.

      Adelaide oval.

      Port Adelaide Power 18.13.121 Brisbane Lions 12.9.81

      The Port Adelaide Power put behind a poor 1st half to cruise to a 40 point win over the Brisbane Lions. The scoreline doesn’t do justice to the Lion’s who were solid throughout the game.

      The first quarter saw both clubs struggle in front of the goals, both teams missed some easy shots as the Power took a 15 point lead into the quarter break. A couple of late goals through Charlie Dixon and Robbie Gray saw the Power take the momentum in to that 2nd quarter.

      The second term was much the same as the first with both teams struggling to take advantage on the scoreboard, Brisbane were far from pushovers throughout the quarter and got the margin back to 3 points, but again the defense broke down in the dying stages of the quarter and the Power were able to take the same lead with them into the 2nd half. Ryan Lester and Ollie Wines were the standouts for each team in that first half. Ryan Bastinac for the Lions was the only multiple goal scorer for the half.

      The 3rd quarter started with a bang with both clubs trading goals early. A six goal to 4 quarter from the Power saw them extend their lead and they never looked back from there, Paddy Ryder stood tall for the Power throughout the game and his time down forward led to him kicking 2 for the game. Despite the Power kicking away in that term the Lions still looked a chance at an upset after a goal late in the 3rd quarter.

      The final term started perfectly for the Lions with them kicking the opening goal thanks to a special piece of one man magic from Eric Hipwood. The fight back would be short lived however with Port going goal for goal with the Lions throughout the final term. A goal to Sam Gray put the sealer on the Lions and then Jake Neade added the final nail in the coffin.

      Port now moves into the top 4 while Brisbane stay anchored to the bottom of the ladder. Brisbane can leave the game with their head held high after performing above expectation, while the Power will have to question how they can put lower teams away earlier.

      Next week Port faces Collingwood Magpies, Brisbane takes on the Greater Western Giants.

      Roar Player of the game.
      Dayne Zorko 3
      Paddy Ryder 2
      Ollie Wines 1

      Leading goalkickers
      Chad Wingard 3 (PA)
      Ryan Bastinac 3 (BRI)
      7 other players with 2.

      Leading disposals
      Dayne Zorko 32 (BRI)
      Ollie Wines 29 (PA)
      2 others with 25.

      Inside 50s
      Port Adelaide 65
      Brisbane 43

      Free kicks
      Port Adelaide 19
      Brisbane 19

      Port Adelaide 383
      Brisbane 380

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:10pm | ! Report

      Behind Power.

      Sam Gray’s shot at goal is off target.

      Power are again wide of the goal for another behind.

      :36 4th q

      Port Adelaide Power 18.13.121 Brisbane Lions 12.9.81

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:07pm | ! Report


      Jake Neade with the goal late in the 4th for the Power.

      2:36 4th q

      Port Adelaide Power 18.11.119 Brisbane Lions 12.9.81

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:04pm | ! Report


      Sam Gray with the goal as he is tackled.

      4:57 4th q

      Port Adelaide Power 17.11.113 Brisbane Lions 12.9.81

    • Roar Guru

      Joel Erickson said | 7:01pm | ! Report

      I didn’t realise the Lions had a Selwood on their list.

      • Roar Guru

        Sam Walker said | 7:05pm | ! Report

        He is doing a pretty good impersonation of one.

        • Roar Guru

          Joel Erickson said | 7:12pm | ! Report

          I thought the AFL were meant to be cracking down on that kind of stuff, but you’ve still got the Selwood’s and McLean’s of the world getting away with it at least two times a game.

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 7:00pm | ! Report

      Behind Lions.

      7:47 4th q

      Port Adelaide Power 16.11.107 Brisbane Lions 12.9.81

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 6:59pm | ! Report

      Behind Lions, Hipwood just off the mark on his kick at goal.

      8:42 4th q

      Port Adelaide Power 16.11.107 Brisbane Lions 12.8.80

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