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    Sydney is oversaturated with NRL teams and tough decisions need to be made for the NRL’s future.

    The fact that there are nine Sydney based teams in the 16-team ‘national’ competition is both unsustainable and ridiculous. Not only do they cannibalise each other’s support but they prevent new teams from emerging across Australia to help spread the code.

    As long as the current number of Sydney teams in the NRL continues the financial struggles of the Sydney based clubs will only worsen who only just last year had a combined loss of $36 million.

    With this in mind we need to look at each of the clubs individually to sort the wheat from the chaff and to figure out which ones should be either relocated or merged.

    Sydney Roosters
    First off the rank for examination are the Sydney Roosters.

    Despite their name being ‘Sydney’ they don’t actually represent the whole of the city, just a small area in the eastern suburbs. With few if any fans interested in attending and the size of their market being limited by being hemmed in by other clubs there’s no strong case for keeping them in the competition.

    Although they do have an impressive junior development program.

    This team often comes up as a candidate for relocation and it’s easy to see why. With only a small enclave in Sutherland to draw fans from their fan-base is always limited and hemmed in by the Dragons. If there’s no room for them to grow they won’t get any bigger.

    Manly Sea Eagles
    For some bizarre reason Manly don’t want to market themselves as a team for the whole of Northern Sydney but just the Northern Beaches part of it.

    With fans who don’t like to travel and a dislike of people from across the spit Manly is stuck with a limited market to work with.

    Penrith Panthers
    Penrith can do better financially by taking two games to Bathurst and Christchurch then what about ten games?

    If Penrith are selling home games to improve thier finances that’s not a good sign.

    What sort of attendances do they get anyway? Not much.

    Parramatta Eels
    Their last premiership was 30 years ago and they have missed the finals for seven straight years now.

    Their board has been a basket case until recently. While A-League and AFL teams in Western Sydney are run by captains of industry and former politicians the Parramatta Eels preferred to choose former players and used car salesmen.

    Luckily they now have a couple of bankers and a few other credible people on the new board so maybe they can turn things around.

    But they still can’t represent or appeal to the whole of Western Sydney like the Wanderers, Giants and Thunder.

    Wests Tigers
    This team is already the result of a merger and it can’t really sell itself as a team for any one place.

    But the biggest sign that they are a struggling club is that they play matches at ANZ. It costs the Tigers $70,000 to play a game at Leichhardt Oval compared to being paid more than $100,000 per game to play matches at ANZ Stadium.

    Canterbury Bulldogs
    Like the Tigers the fact that they take games to ANZ is a sign that the team is desperate for money.

    St George Illawarra
    Like the Tigers this team is also the result of a merger between two geographically separated clubs and also suffers from divided loyalties.

    Also like both the Tigers and Bulldogs the Dragons have to take games to ANZ because of their weak financial situation.

    South Sydney
    Last of all, there’s the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

    The Rabbitohs have tried to sell themselves not just as a club for eastern Sydney but are also now trying to market themselves to people further out west even as far away as Perth. They don’t know where to stop.

    But they still have to compete in the over saturated Sydney market and even when they are doing well their crowds are poor.

    The fact that they have made ANZ their home ground is also a bad sign.


    (AAP Image/David Moir)

    My bombshell conclusion
    When you look at things objectively you can only come to the conclusion that all of the Sydney teams are a complete mess.

    The solution to this must be drastic. Merge the lot!

    All the Sydney teams should be merged into just two. Eastern Sydney and Western Sydney.

    This formula has been proven to work in the A-League, AFL and BBL. It would make sense for the NRL to follow the same successful model.

    This would then mean they could put seven new teams (not second hand) into strategic markets to grow the game.

    It might sound radical but simply put, it’s like that and that’s the way it is.

    These would be the places where I would put the new teams.

    Over two million people and growing.

    You can’t ignore a market of a 1.2 million people either.

    Adelaide could do with a new stadium but they can be expensive. Maybe something like Empire Field in Vancouver could work.

    Empire Field had 27,528 seats and was built in 111 days for just $14.5 million in 2010.

    Melbourne will soon be the size of Sydney and one team isn’t enough for a city this size. Don’t be ridiculous.

    South East Melbourne has a population the size of Adelaide and is a manufacturing hub which provides 30 percent of Victoria’s gross state product.

    South Brisbane
    Ipswich would just be another Penrith Panthers. If you’re going to add a second team in Brisbane do it properly.

    The biggest rivalry in Brisbane is the north-south rivalry and this will generate the most interest.

    Sunshine Coast
    Currently the Sunshine Coast has a population over 300,000 which will increase to the size of the Gold Coast within 15 years.

    In addition to the Broncos, Titans and South Brisbane this brings four teams to South East Queensland.

    Easier to attract players to Noosa than Ipswich. Not hard to attract players to Noosa full stop.

    Hobart and Darwin
    Small markets and not completely necessary but it covers all the states and territories to make the NRL live up to their name.

    Also, in recent news Tasmania have threatened not to renew their contracts with North Melbourne and Hawthorn.

    Tasmanians are angry that they have had to pay $30 million over the last five years to see two Melbourne teams bring just seven games a year to the state, mostly against non-Victorian opposition, especially when non-AFL heartlands like Western Sydney and the Gold Coast have received hundreds of millions from the AFL and get to see all the teams and every round.

    This could be an ideal time for the NRL to move into an AFL heartland like Tasmania.

    Two-team model
    Merging all the Sydney teams into just two might be drastic but the two team model has been proven to work in the A-League, AFL and BBL.

    I don’t think this would cause the same problems as there have been with other mergers. East and West Sydney have a strong tribalism which fans of the old clubs can readily identify with so fans will follow the new teams and not turn away from the sport altogether.

    It’s for the good of the game.

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    The Crowd Says (149)

    • July 9th 2017 @ 7:16am
      Rob9 said | July 9th 2017 @ 7:16am | ! Report

      You almost lost me at Dandenong but I stuck in there cause I saw Brisbane 2 and Sunny Coast coming up. I started running at Hobart and Darwin though.

    • July 9th 2017 @ 7:24am
      Rob9 said | July 9th 2017 @ 7:24am | ! Report

      You almost lost me at Dandenong but I hung in there because I saw Brisbane 2 and the Sunny Coast coming up. I started running at Hobart and Darwin though.

      • July 9th 2017 @ 7:53am
        Rob9 said | July 9th 2017 @ 7:53am | ! Report

        In all seriousness though, there’s numerous ways to skin this cat (a cat that badly needs to be skinned), and although it might seem from left field, there’s a legitimate case for 2 metro Sydney teams representing the East and West respectively, while having a full time presence north and south of the city at Gosford and the Gong. As you’ve pointed out, the scenario in Sydney with 8 and a half teams living on top of one and other is far from efficient. A two metro team model is a more extreme fix but as mentioned, there’s a justifiable argument behind it.

        I think throughout the games history, there have been opportunities that have presented themselves where serious and meaningful change could have been made for the benefit of the game and tidying up the mess in Sydney. For example, in the scramble that followed the Super League wars some more strategic mergers could have been enforced to ensure all of the city is represented while distinct boundary lines are drawn giving decent sized and identifiable chunks (regions) to each club.

        Given this missed opportunity and the forces at play within the game currently, I’d do the following in and around Sydney:
        Bulldogs (ANZ)
        Rabbitohs (Allianz)
        Eels (new Parra stadium)
        Panthers (Peppers)
        Sea Eagles (Brookvale)
        Sharks (Southern Cross)
        Illawarra Dragons
        Central Coast Roosters
        The existing clubs outside Sydney:
        Broncos (Suncorp- representing north of the river)
        West Coast Tigers
        Brisbane 2 (new boutique rectangular stadium located south of the river)

        I think given the games reasonably strong position (billion $ TV deals etc.) a ‘baby out with the bathwater’ approach in Sydney isn’t realistic and is a huge gamble that would likely set the game back decades in its largest market. That said, decisions need to start being made with a view to 20, 30, 50 years down the track as opposed to getting by with the here and now. Fixing Sydney with something like what I’ve proposed maintains the longstanding traditions of Sydney clubs that have been a cornerstone of the game at the highest level, while still getting the desired result of fewer Sydney teams with those that are left representing larger areas.

        A time will come for places like the Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland and Adelaide (2 of these don’t yet have appropriate stadiums), but I wouldn’t be introducing these clubs with such upheaval. Wait for the some water to go under the bridge (10 or so years), continue to cultivate these areas and then look to expand again.

        I don’t believe Melbourne 2, Hobart and Darwin will even be on the radar for the foreseeable future.

        • July 9th 2017 @ 8:48am
          Oingo Boingo said | July 9th 2017 @ 8:48am | ! Report

          I’m reporting you to the RSPCA Rob , for your “skinning a cat ” reference , I’m most offended and will now go and change my bedsheets.

          • July 9th 2017 @ 9:28am
            Rob9 said | July 9th 2017 @ 9:28am | ! Report

            Sorry, im a dog guy… (cept when it comes to my footy team)

        • Roar Guru

          July 9th 2017 @ 8:50am
          BigJ said | July 9th 2017 @ 8:50am | ! Report

          Rob you can forget about Central Queensland straight up. Once again the economy in cq is going down the tubes, plus the Capras could win a rigged chook raffle so no point expanding where a team is doomed to fail. Sunshine Coast maybe but second in Brisbane definitely. Hobart not yet, Darwin would be better

          • July 9th 2017 @ 9:31am
            Rob9 said | July 9th 2017 @ 9:31am | ! Report

            Agree, CQ wouldnt be part on my expansion.

            But its on the radar for down the track- along with the Sunshine Coast and Adelaide. You could possibly chuck Cairns in there for a bit further down the track as well.

            Melbourne 2, Hobart and Darwin shouldnt even be uttered in the same story book of NRL expansion at this stage.

            • Roar Guru

              July 9th 2017 @ 10:08am
              BigJ said | July 9th 2017 @ 10:08am | ! Report

              Melbourne 2 would be the best one at the moment than Perth

              • July 9th 2017 @ 10:23am
                Rob9 said | July 9th 2017 @ 10:23am | ! Report

                When Melbourne 1 are selling out AAMI or at least consistently drawing crowds in the high 20’s, then lets talk Melbourne 2. They havent achieved anything like this with the most successful club over the last 15 years based there. Perth is far greater priority than a 2nd team in a non heartland market.

              • July 10th 2017 @ 11:00am
                clipper said | July 10th 2017 @ 11:00am | ! Report

                Rob9 – you could go even further and say when they are drawing crowds in the high 20’s when they are not doing so well. It’s hard to gauge their true level of support as they have always been in finals contention, but just look at the Brisbane Lions, crowd support has fallen after quite a few years near the bottom. Plus they include the ‘home’ game in Brisbane in their total, which inflates the figures.

              • July 11th 2017 @ 8:04am
                Crosscoder said | July 11th 2017 @ 8:04am | ! Report

                Difference is Clipper, Lions have only one NRL team to compete against in Brisbane,and they were triple premiers there.Plenty of marketing and promotional support by the AFL.
                And we were told by fans, they were going to take over etc etc.Plus they would still have former Fitzroy fans as members inflating their memberships.

                Give the Swans a few years struggling and you can lay money, their numbers would drop like a stone off a cliff.They got an Allan Bond once in a lifetime SL war gift, also to boost their base.Their numbers prior were tres ordinaire.

                The Storm despite their success on the table and premierships ,have to compete against 9 traditional Vic based club all pretty close geographically, in an obsessed AFL city.Throw in they were the “bast*rd ” child of the SL peace deal.had a salary cap scandal debacle, little development support for NRL admin,fiiancial underpinning by News and they were hardly went overboard on promotion.
                Despite all this they have now a record 20,000 plus members in a city where you have to send out a search party to find anything about them in the media.And got 13,500 last weekend with about half their star team out due to SOO duties.
                They are doing OK with current financial constraints,much as you typically and often try to put them down.

              • July 11th 2017 @ 10:24am
                clipper said | July 11th 2017 @ 10:24am | ! Report

                They were triple premiers a long time ago – and have been woeful for a number of years, I would imagine the Storms crowds would ‘like a stone off a cliff’ if they were in the same situation, but I take your point that it is far harder for the Storm in an AFL obsessed city than the Swans in an all code city.

              • July 11th 2017 @ 12:08pm
                Crosscoder said | July 11th 2017 @ 12:08pm | ! Report

                The facts are which I have always alluded, if teams are not performing in nth Northern states the crowds will drop.That includes your code Clip.

                You don’t take any point, you ignore the huge amounts of promotional, monies your code has poured into the Northern states, the media friendly assistance all far greater than the Storm’s situation.

                The Swans are part of Sydney’s sporting fabric now and their TV ratings are still ordinary ,just as the Storm are part of Melbourne’s sporting fabric and their Tv ratings ditto.
                As are their A league teams.Translation both are all code cities.They all have major football codes operating there.

                You can spin it in typical AFL fashion, but the facts are Melbourne 25 years ago had no A League teams, no NRL teams, no S18 teams.They do now.They are a multi code city, regardless of attendances .Just get used to the disconcerting idea ,and get on with life.

                That city as well as Sydney has a choice of all major football codes.The major difference Sydney gives a lot more media space to all codes, compared to the insular Melbourne media.Compare TV and print media any time .

              • July 11th 2017 @ 12:45pm
                clipper said | July 11th 2017 @ 12:45pm | ! Report

                We have different definitions, doesn’t matter how many codes play in the city, if one code is dominant, it is not an all code city – London has many codes playing (including league, which sometimes gets as many as 2,000 people to their games), but you couldn’t call it an all code city as Football is so dominant.
                This is not the case in Sydney. The most attended team, by far is the Swans, the most participation, again by far, is Football. No other team in Melbourne has overtaken any AFL team in attendance – every other team in Sydney has overtaken a NRL team. Quite a difference between the two cities.

              • July 11th 2017 @ 1:50pm
                Crosscoder said | July 11th 2017 @ 1:50pm | ! Report

                “Different definitions” LOL. All codes represented by their major comp in a city is as clear,
                as McGuire’s chins.
                A rectangular stadium specifically built for the 3 major rectangular codes in Melbourne, in order for them to play their top line competition,also shows it is accepting of and is an all code city.Regardless of crowds.Remembering of course one could count the Swan’s crowds by hand ,prior to the SL war.

                If that’s your interpretation,.then Los Angeles is not an all code city.

                And Brisbane is not an all code city’s Lions crowds are dwindling fast.

                BTW London does not have a ESL side for rugby league,so once again you are off the mark.Did I call London an all code city? Try again mate.They do have a number of junior clubs ,but ATM no ESL club.

                Anycase 2,000 in a lower division whatever, is 2,000 more than what your code would get there.

                Adelaide is not an all code city.that is obvious.Neither is Perth.

                The most attended sport in Sydney would more likely be the Big Bash in summer.The Tv ratings also push that point.
                Brisbane’s dominance is rugby league by a huge stretch,Yet it is an all code city.

                Hell the rugby league gets 90,000 at the MCG for origin.The bulk of them from Victoria.

                One team might well get the biggest crowd in Sydney once a fortnight,but stuff all bother to watch it on the box here.

                Geez you are perpetually insecure ,the mere thought that other codes have entered your precious domain, haunts you.The continual presence of you pushing your code’s barrow on rl threads,is further evidence .
                Which rl posters go on to your code’s thread ,for the d measuring debate? “it’s a sign of discomfort.

              • July 11th 2017 @ 2:00pm
                clipper said | July 11th 2017 @ 2:00pm | ! Report

                You change your parameters as often as you try to get the last word. The Broncos were in the ESL, was it an all code city then? Do they all have to be the top division – pretty sure many of the Football teams are not in the premier league. How many codes does a city need to fulfill your definition – Perth has a Rugby side. I’d say Brisbane is a league city, it’s still quite dominant there.

              • July 11th 2017 @ 2:27pm
                Crosscoder said | July 11th 2017 @ 2:27pm | ! Report

                I changed nothing.I have stated all along what constitutes an all code city.And you’re telling me about the last word.I’m posting in an rl thread as a rl fan.
                Your are doing nothing more here , than AFL promo work against a code you despise.

                I’ll continue to respond to your at times flawed comments ,and not act on whether you decide when I should stop or continue.This is not Melbourne.

                Soccer is no 1 by a country mile in London,and we are talking the now.London at least had the Challenge Cup final at Wembley even when the Broncos were in the ESL:,and they still do.I’ve attended one.

                You can’t handle the fact,in any case the Storm have a far bigger profile in Melbourne than the Broncos ever did in London.Msny times the crowd numbers.So your comparison is flawed as usual.
                The city of London is twice the size of Melbourne point 2.

                You finish off with making your usual assumptions, which surprise no one..

                It’s pretty obvious what all codes means.If there are 4 football codes here with major comps ,then a city with 4 codes can be classified as an all code city.One code will just about always dominate.
                Perth has a S18 side ,but not an NRL side.The maths is pretty obvious.

                You should could get an award from the AFL paymasters, for services to evangelising.

              • July 12th 2017 @ 2:18pm
                Mantra said | July 12th 2017 @ 2:18pm | ! Report

                Crosscoder is always talking about the future and how all these mistakes will be fixed. The Storm had plenty of promotion with the Herald Sun trying to lift Pay Tv subs in Victoria which are poor due to 4 AFL games FTA TV with a strong RL team which is often on Fox and not FTA in the early days. Also Nine were on board using Storm personalties in their cross promotional shows. You don’t live in Melbourne so you have no idea of their promotion history and just because you allegedly talk to Melb friends doesn’t make it insightful analysis. The NRL is not a national code and News Ltd still pay the Storm owners annually to run the side (look at News Ltd accounts). There was plenty of marketing money for the Storm which of course somehow ended up in players pockets. It seems all codes have lots of members which are freebies to sponsors, etc but rarely do they turn up. Imagine if the Storm were stone motherless last like the Lions and really uncompetitive. I assume the NRL might sell the Knights and Titans and whatever other clubs they are helping out just like the Suns and Giants are subsidized but growing the AFL game in new territories..

              • July 12th 2017 @ 3:15pm
                clipper said | July 12th 2017 @ 3:15pm | ! Report

                Agree, Mantra – that’s why I focus on the reality and not whats gonna be. Both the Swans (although not for over the first decade) and the Storm have had the great luxury of doing well and continuously making the finals, with the Swans going from the least attended to most attended team in the city. Meanwhile the Storm have not passed one AFL side down there – quite a difference.

              • July 12th 2017 @ 3:32pm
                Crosscoder said | July 12th 2017 @ 3:32pm | ! Report

                Oh Mantra.the old I don’t live in an area to understand argument.Wears thin mate.

                I don’t have to live in Mosul to know what’s going on.I don”t have to live on the Gold Coast to know the area and the media.Although I have visited the latter regularly.

                I’ve visited the place Melbourne ,I am capable of digesting media via the web.Friends don;t have to waffle in my ear.

                I know the Storm arrived uninvited and unwanted ,and the Age gave them barely lip service.The Herald Sun under News gave them coverage ,but nowhere near the coverage the Swans got in Sydney.
                Barry Round prancing around the Opera House on the front page of the Herald.
                Swans win a G/F a street parade.The Tigers win a G/F out to the suburbs.The Storm win a G/F a meeting in the park of Fed square.That’s fine .but I don’t have to live there to know the situation.

                Whatever money News is paying the new owners, it has a time restriction.Hence the push to get more members now over 20,000.
                The media down there is inundated with AFL stories, and the Storm really cracks it when they’ re in the G/F or finals.
                Funny, some AFL fans are first to note,no one cares about the NRL ,as you only have to check the lack of media stories.

                You would have to live on another planet to not know the huge sums outlaid by the AFL by comparison to the sums outlaid by the NRL for the Storm.It does not bear a comparison.

                The NRL (yes due to hopeless management IMO)simply does not have the money the AFL does for promos and current expansion .For you to suggest it does ,shows you have not a clue as to what is going on.

                “Talk about the future” So LOL what am I supposed to cheer the past? The bleeding SL war
                that no code should have had to put up with.
                The NRL has to flog off two clubs which are costing them money restricting their ability to do other things.They have stadiums to be reconfigured or rebuilt.They have grassroots badly neglected, to sort out.And a RLPA to satisfy.

                Seriously what a silly comment.It’s in fact all about the future.No future no game.

                I’ve got to laugh you bag me because I don’t live in Melbourne,thus don’t have a clue.
                You must live in both places at once,being an authority on both areas.

              • July 12th 2017 @ 4:06pm
                Mantra said | July 12th 2017 @ 4:06pm | ! Report

                There are some things you can only ascertain by living in a city. I don’t live In Sydney so make no comment on the coverage. When the Storm and Kangaroos won their respective premierships in 1999, there was a street parade. Have you forgotten or were you out of town. The City of Melbourne may have been sucking up to a media giant but name me another State Govt who went into bat for a salary cap cheat as the Vic Govt did for the Storm in 2010. Its good business to subsidise new team in greenfield areas to get new supporters GWS and Suns and an extra game a week just as its good business for the NRL to stop teams going broke so there are 8 games a week. You remind me of the revisionist Paul kent who unbelievably today wrote that the AFL SOO concept broke down because of lack of player buy in ( he may have also mentioned there were 3 viable teams not 2 which means SOO NRL is hardly going to expand) where the AFL tried to copy the NRL SOO success. He is being disingenuous at best by implying by deceit that the NRL SOO came first rather than the other way round.

              • July 13th 2017 @ 8:27am
                Crosscoder said | July 13th 2017 @ 8:27am | ! Report

                Clip says he focuses on the reality LOL.Yet is happy to evangelise the future of teen GWS/Sunsand Lions.
                Plenty of hypotheticals from him on plenty of his posts.
                The funniest was his comment on one post ,about him never meeting a touch footballer in the eastern Suburbs who played NRL.
                Then of course the famous pub BS.

              • July 13th 2017 @ 8:47am
                Crosscoder said | July 13th 2017 @ 8:47am | ! Report


                I have a decent knowledge of the SL war and that clubs promotion,.Storms introduction where they got their players from,their management, salary cap scandals,money lost year on year, the News Ltd ownership and their promotional input, the sale of the Storm to the Private consortium.

                The money News agreed to pay the consortium $26.5m over 6 yrs on June 13 expiring June 2019.lack of funding by the NRL when Gallop was in charge for development and promotion,the length of time the Storm have been in Melbourne,the lack of funding fro development work, the complaints from the Storm about lack or difficulty in securing of media coverage,Sydney media people like Rothfield and the late Bec Wilson bagging the NRL management on radio Sen for one.

                I am more than capable of reading Melbourne newspapers when I have visited that city,and to suggest the web and the various news sites doesn’t give further insight is bollocks.Storm fans who live there also acknowledge the fact coverage is fairly limited ,and in some case not there, and is a daily battle against the most dominant code(which is understandable).

                Paul Kent LOL he’s a Telecrap journo who at times praises the forward professional AFL heirachy.Has no hesitation in bagging regularly on NRL 360 the NRL Admin and the ARLC.
                Based on your comments on the contrary he is a goose.Bad example melad.

                No I’m more a Sheedy type.We only need 1% of China or 1% of California..
                You don’t remind me of anyone of these, except another Clip type evangelist on a rl thread

              • July 13th 2017 @ 4:07pm
                Minnesota said | July 13th 2017 @ 4:07pm | ! Report

                Are there 2 crosscoders. previously you denied that News was paying the Storm consortium any money but at least you could acknowledge your error. The Swans make money and both codes subsidise some struggling clubs though the Knights for one are in RL heartland. So what is your point of subsidies. Every code does it even Super 15 and apparently all A league teams lose money.

              • July 14th 2017 @ 8:20am
                Crosscoder said | July 14th 2017 @ 8:20am | ! Report

                Wrong Minnesota never have changed my moniker like a few I could name,and BTW js that a new moniker?
                News when they owned the show naturally paid the Storm to underpin them.Owners do that FHS.
                I am fully aware the new consortium under Bart Campbell did a deal with News so they could offload the club ,for $26.5m over 6 years.Chicken feed by comparison to the GWS and Suns extra subsidies.
                The fact I was trying to get through to the same old fan boy who comes here ,the Storm gets little from the NRL other than the annual grant.Compared to the other nthn AFL clubs who get 10s of mills extra each year.News is not paying the monies to the club anywhere near what ,they were outlaying before.
                The money differential to support the NRL clubs that includes the knights and Titans is smaller by comparison to the AFL extras.
                The NRL simply does not have the money to throw around as AFL does.
                In addition the Storm have been around for 20 years the Swans 36,.You do the maths.

                See melad you come on board when the train has left half a dozen stations.

                I have responded earlier to the predictable flag waver from your side, Clip,who comes here with his usual “bigger than” by his continual bagging of the Storm and their impact or lack thereof.And he hates rugby league with a passion.
                I spelt out the history and drew comparisons,something he likes to do all the time.I responded he doesn’t like it, and apparently it upsets you.
                If I spent as much time on AFL threads as he does here,I’d be a laughing stock.I simply don’t waste my energy.Some people never grow up.

              • July 14th 2017 @ 4:35pm
                Minnesota said | July 14th 2017 @ 4:35pm | ! Report

                CC Some new facts please. The AFL subsidises 2 clubs in greenfields areas (and the money quoted incl junior development which goes to juniors unlike the Storm marketing and junior money which went to players outside the cap) to get $200m more in TV rights. BTW the number of NRL ads on Fox suggest a fair whack of the TV rights money was contra). You bagged the RU They, the RU, will close one franchise and boost the other just like the Storm except they closed 3. Imagine if GWS or GCS won in their second year with a loaded team and referee who err demurred. The WSW was built along the same lines by the player transfer market boosted by the closure of Townsville and Gold Coast.

              • July 14th 2017 @ 5:01pm
                Justin Kearney said | July 14th 2017 @ 5:01pm | ! Report

                Interesting post mini. Full of bs, inaccuracies and even the odd conspiracy theory. But continue on. Its fun to read.

              • July 14th 2017 @ 7:12pm
                Crosscoder said | July 14th 2017 @ 7:12pm | ! Report

                Minnesota or whatever you last alias was,You are still missing the train.

                They are not new facts regarding so called greenfield clubs.It was well publicised in the media the monies both the Nrhn clubs received from your admin, runs into the hundreds of mills over 10 years.
                Throw in the special COLA arrangements,special draft picks for GWS,the Ablett factor for the Suns.They were hardly handicapped.They even got the Blacktown council offside through false promises.
                The Storm got players from 3 axed clubs hardly news ,as did other NRL clubs receive some of these defunct club players.
                None of the players were stars in the sense of the word.The Crushers/Reds/Rams were hardly loaded with stars ,but in the main tradesmen.
                High profile player like Lazarus was no Ablett,Locket,Franklin or a Hall.

                Just like the Storm of today they made the stars like Smith,Slater and Cronk and Inglis from Old and NTHN NSW given a chance not established stars .
                I call BS the money for the Storm now goes outside the cap to pay players, they lost 2 G/F and millions in fines and lost sponsorship.Of course the CEO involved was a former AFL man Wally W.

                You picked the wrong person to debate SL ,I got involved in the debacle the day my team joined the farce.

                Contra is part of just about every TV deal, seriously mate telling me the sky is blue.
                If it is part of the News print media deal, they are doing a lousy job there and in Melbourne.

                The only time I bag ru (of which I played that code for 5 years)which is rare, unlike you and your mate here do rl,is to respond to their shots at the game by a couple of individuals.
                If you have an ounce of an idea of the history, you may have a clue as to why.So again you are off the mark.The Force look like going, because the code went overboard and expanded too far, simples.

                The day I have to resort to going on AFL threads or even ru threads to get an ego trip,I’ll give the game away.

                Your comments about the Storm are full of assumptions,guesswork and just plain BS.
                Their salary cap debacle is well known.
                Your comments smack of desperation, but good for comedic value.

          • July 9th 2017 @ 10:15am
            Philip Sinclair said | July 9th 2017 @ 10:15am | ! Report

            The Broncos will never allow another Brisbane team in the comp as it will dilute their stranglehold. They run QLD league and have a very powerful say in the running of League in Australia.

            • July 9th 2017 @ 12:14pm
              Marto said | July 9th 2017 @ 12:14pm | ! Report

              Spot on Phillip. Setting aside the giggles of tampering with entrenched/establishment clubs down south, Broncos will continue to crush any attempts to establish a second team in Brisbane. They have more recently “warmed” to the suggestion of an Ipswich team but that is only because their distance, like the Titans, doesn’t pose a threat and they would also likely struggle for survival – the same as the Titans. A Sunshine Cast venture would also flop. There is certainly a mood in SEQ/Brisbane for a second team and the ‘Bombers” bid is till very much alive and the notion has support.

              • July 12th 2017 @ 4:08pm
                Mantra said | July 12th 2017 @ 4:08pm | ! Report

                Remember how the broncos were backing a PNG team some years back and the Brisbane Bombers? consortium was led by a ex News Ltd employee.. Whatever happened to them??

    • July 9th 2017 @ 7:41am
      Pickett said | July 9th 2017 @ 7:41am | ! Report

      The most ridiculous article I’ve read on this site.

    • July 9th 2017 @ 7:56am
      Agent11 said | July 9th 2017 @ 7:56am | ! Report

      *tumbleweed rolls past*

    • July 9th 2017 @ 8:11am
      Jimmmy said | July 9th 2017 @ 8:11am | ! Report

      I reckon merge all teams into just one NRL team. Every fan gets a premiership every year . Who wouldn’t want that.!

    • July 9th 2017 @ 8:14am
      Agent11 said | July 9th 2017 @ 8:14am | ! Report

      The NRL will probably eventually rationalise Sydney but they are not just going to kill off brands that have been around for 50, 70, 90, 110 years and create 2 new plastic ones in their place.

      League does amazingly well to keep afloat 9 teams in the countries most competitive sporting market. While crowds are sometimes incredibly poor all 9 teams still pull more TV viewers than any other code in the harbour city.

      • Roar Guru

        July 9th 2017 @ 8:40am
        Rellum said | July 9th 2017 @ 8:40am | ! Report

        Why not, that is basically what happened to the Brisbane comp in 1988. The only difference the Broncs had a reason to exist, beating Sydney. In hindsight it would have been better to combine the two comps in some way.

        • July 9th 2017 @ 10:11am
          Agent11 said | July 9th 2017 @ 10:11am | ! Report

          I think that was a mistake to do that in Brisbane but whats done is done.