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    Force vs Waratahs

    Super Rugby, 15 July, 2017

    nib Stadium
    Fulltime - Force 40, Waratahs 11
    Force   Waratahs
    40 FINAL SCORE 11
    5 TRIES 1
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Nic Berry
    Touch judges: Will Houston & Graham Cooper
    TMO: Ian Smith

    Match result:

    The Western Force have finished their season – and possibly their existence as a club – on a high, knocking off the Waratahs by 29 points.

    Final score
    Force 40
    Waratahs 11

    Match preview:

    Could this be the final time we see the Western Force play? Will the Waratahs end their woeful season on a high? Who wants it more!? There is so much on the line when the men from the West tackle a Waratahs outfit who can’t seem to buy a win. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog from 7:30pm AEST.

    Please god, don’t say it’s true! The men from the West have stood up this season. They’re more than a good chance to finish second in the Australian conference, they have had increased crowd numbers this season, and most importantly, they’ve looked like they actually care about the game.

    However, the incompetence of the ARU, and their amazing ability to sit on their heels and keep no one in the loop means no one is certain of the Force’s future beyond these next 80 minutes.

    If you’re privy to the rapidly spinning rumour mill, then you’d not be alone in thinking that this likely will be the last game in their history, and for that reason alone, expect this game to be an absolute belter.

    The Waratahs have been woeful this season. They haven’t beaten an overseas side, and only have four wins from 15 starts. They look directionless, lazy and ready for the season to be finished.

    Reports have emerged this week that some of the players have lost faith in their embattled coach, Daryl Gibson – but outgoing veteran Dean Mumm assures us that: “that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

    So the real question is, which Waratahs side will turn upon Perth tonight? Will it be the expansive, fast and up tempo side full of Wallabies that won the tournament a mere three years ago? Or will it be the listless, slow and generally lacklustre outfit that have failed to impress throughout this year?

    If it’s the former, they will win this game. I still think on paper the Tahs have a better side, but don’t tell that to the Force. Gordon and Foley’s partnership is maturing, and Hooper is courageous every week.

    It may click tonight, mainly because it can’t get any worse. They will definitely be out to spoil the Force’s party.

    For the men from Perth – It’s likely their final ever game. Matt Hodgson returns to captain his side, and that will be a huge boost for them.

    Richard Hardwick is more than a handy replacement off the bench. Their centres and outside backs have been their best this season, along with Hardwick and Ross Haylett-Petty.

    Meakes and Curtis Rona will look to expose some of the holes that continue to open up in the Waratahs midfield. They have useful finishers outside them in Dane Haylett-Petty and Marcel Brache.

    Likely last game ever for the Force. It will be fast, there will be niggle, there will be points.

    The Waratahs will spoil their party though, on the back of a Foley masterclass.

    Waratahs by 7

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 7:30pm AEST.

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    • 9:59am
      reggie said | 9:59am | ! Report

      no flash but as tough as nails. a true servant. will miss you Hodgo!

    • 7:51am
      Schuey said | 7:51am | ! Report

      Sick of the horrortahs. Its obscene chieka lets so many near his wallabies team.

    • Roar Pro

      robel said | 5:05am | ! Report

      How the ARU can even contemplate ditching any of theAust sides and still think they are improving the arunions playing stock is mind boggling.
      Fewer teams for fewer players means greater strength in the national side.
      What a bunch of MORONS.
      Only NSW could think up this strategy.

    • 4:19am
      taylorman said | 4:19am | ! Report

      What did the Tahs player say to the Blues player?

      “Wherever you go, we will follow”?

    • Roar Pro

      robel said | 2:47am | ! Report


      Well done lads, a magnificent result for real passion.
      The Thas (sorry, the ARU i mean) are a bunch of useless muppets.

      Nobody has become nameable. along with everyone else on the board of the ARU.
      Resign you useless bunch of parasites.


    • 12:24am
      Hannes said | 12:24am | ! Report

      The Force spoke hard and loud tonight. They deserve to aurvive and play another season.

    • 10:38pm
      Cleveland said | 10:38pm | ! Report

      Very interesting comments by Twiggy Forrest after the game…the Force may be around for a while yet….

      • 10:52pm
        Wally said | 10:52pm | ! Report

        Its the battle of the millionaire vs billionaire. I did enjoy Hodgo’s sledge to Cooper “we don’t need the extra $2million”nearing the end of the game when a brawl broke out!

        • 11:58pm
          Rugby101 said | 11:58pm | ! Report

          I take it you mean Hooper? When did he say that?

          • 2:29pm
            wally said | 2:29pm | ! Report

            Last 10-12 minutes in game there was a bit of push and shove after a scrum collapsed twice (I could be wrong). Hodgo said it and then walked back towards his teammates with his chest puffed out and they were all back slapping him. It was quite funny to watch!

        • 7:47am
          MA said | 7:47am | ! Report

          I heard that too. Laughed out loud!

        • Roar Guru

          Timbo (L) said | 9:38am | ! Report

          I heard that sledge too.

          Anyone know what it was in reference to?

          Was it player topups?

          • 10:47am
            ForceFan said | 10:47am | ! Report

            It was clearly a reference to the differences in player renumeration due to the Wallaby top-ups.

            Wallaby top-up to the Tahs about $2.5 Million/yr versus <$0.3 Million to the Force.

            Could just have easily been a refence to the the 10 Wallabies in the Waratahs team.

            It was a sweet win but the black cloud of the poor handling of the team cull still hung over the celebrations. A lot of very mixed emotions from players and partners who have no idea what the future holds.

            At the ARU EGM Clyne et al could/would provide no details about the evaluation criteria for selecting the team to go. All talk about the meeting was only about the $$s. A process without any level of transparency.

            Nor has the rugby public been told that the vote was 8:6 to cut to 4 teams with VicRU voting for 5 and Cox voting for 4. The current ARU Board does not deserve to survive their poor handllng of this debacle.

            • 9:33am
              In brief said | 9:33am | ! Report

              when developing effective policy you need to consider the purpose of your decision, and the outputs you are seeking. Outputs for rugby would be increased participation, performance and revenue growth. Only when you have understood these metrics do you consider cost. Unfortunately the ARU has done it the other way around, hence all the pain. We saw the same thing occur in NSW with the poorly thought out greyhound ban. Poor policy, poor strategic planning – poor outcomes.

      • 6:04am
        Dan in Devon said | 6:04am | ! Report

        The Problem, as I understand it, is that the ARU own the IP for the Force. This gives them a strong position for determining the fate of the Force and will mitigate against any legal challenge for damages arising from breach of contract etc

        • Roar Rookie

          piru said | 10:45am | ! Report

          I believe there’s an option in the contract for WARugby to buy back the IP – I suspect this is part of the legal headache

    • 10:31pm
      Rugby101 said | 10:31pm | ! Report

      TWAS is conspicuous by his absence!

      • 10:46pm
        Jock Cornet said | 10:46pm | ! Report

        He’s in tears, twiggy is the new ARU CEO and rebels have been turfed

      • 10:58pm
        Ben said | 10:58pm | ! Report

        Not much room to worm through his agenda when the ARU’S favoured sons get humiliated like that.

        Hodgo, the team, the staff, the fans, the ARU and their bickering preppy boys all got the game we deserve tonight.

        Shame on you, ARU.

        Long live the Force.

      • 12:49am
        sittingbison said | 12:49am | ! Report

        Nah, polluting the other articles. ARU paid schill doesn’t dare show face in this thread

        Utter embarassment for the ARU and their apologists

    • 10:27pm
      Brawlsinmauls said | 10:27pm | ! Report

      Really great game, not too many handling errors either considering the weather. I’m happy for Hodgo, he received a great send off by his team and fans. And a memorable one if that is our last match too. When I see him in the street I must ask him for some kicking tips.

      • 10:34pm
        David Phillips said | 10:34pm | ! Report

        All interesting comments. I live in WA and like many others am a passionate Rugby Supporter. Can someone explain why the Force are even on the short list for relegation given the dismal performances of the Eastern States franchises?

        • 12:06am
          Brawlsinmauls said | 12:06am | ! Report

          I think SANZAAR agreed to change Superugby to a 15 team competition, which meant that one Aus team has to be axed. Originally when it was announced they included the Brumbies among the Force and Rebels to be one of the teams to go.

          Reasons being? Well, NSW and QLD are traditional rugby states so they were never in question. I feel like they then included ACT as being a rugby state, leaving Force and Rebels. And I guess its whichever team costs the ARU the less? I dont have an idea on all the financials of it all but I guess they take into account attendance and tv ratings? Although Force’s crowd figures are close to being equal 3rd.

        • 1:45am
          Jameswm said | 1:45am | ! Report

          How often do the Force finish ahead of the Tahs? Where do TPN, Coleman etc come from?

          • Roar Guru

            Joey Johns said | 6:42am | ! Report


          • 8:37am
            sittingbison said | 8:37am | ! Report

            Coleman comes from Tassie

            Getting tired of these types of comments. Get over being Sydney Uni/Randwick centric the game is meant to be NATIONAL FFS

          • 8:49am
            mzilikazi said | 8:49am | ! Report

            And they also developed Pocock post school rugby in Brisbane…..wish he had stayed with the Force !! He only started to get injured when he went to cold and bleak Canberra !!

    • 10:14pm
      Demak said | 10:14pm | ! Report

      Must be hard being a tabs fan so much money yet so little passion, I honestly feel for the supporter base the so called heartland of oz rugby

    • Roar Guru

      DaniE said | 10:11pm | ! Report

      To think Hodgson could have been a Waratahs legend. But instead he’s a hero of the Force, and is respected around Australia, which can’t really be said of the Tahs players! Perfect and deserving farewell.

      • 11:50pm
        Pete said | 11:50pm | ! Report

        That is exactly the point, Hodgo most likely would not have got the game time he has and therefore the development if it wasn’t for the Force.

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