Geelong Cats vs Hawthorn Hawks highlights: AFL live scores, blog

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    Live Scores

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    Geelong Cats vs. Hawthorn

    AFL Home and Away July 15, 2017
    Geelong Cats 88, Hawthorn 85
    Geelong Cats Hawthorn
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q13321   3220
    Q26743   7648
    Q311975   91064
    Q4131088   121385

    Match result:

    A Patrick Dangerfield-led Geelong has defeated Hawthorn by three points in an absolute thriller at the MCG on Saturday afternoon.

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    Final score
    Geelong Cats 13.10.88
    Hawthorn Hawks 12.13.85

    Match preview:

    This Saturday afternoon, the greatest rivals of the modern era go to battle once more as the Geelong Cats take on the Hawthorn Hawks at the MCG. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 1:45pm (AEST).

    Hawthorn return home to the MCG this Saturday, following their stunning draw against second-placed GWS in Tasmania. They were able to take it to the Giants, only a week after the Cats themselves drew with GWS.

    Geelong, however, are riding high after they demolished the Brisbane Lions to the tune of 85 points up at the Gabba. They now sit at third, and a game and a half above the fourth placed Port Adelaide.

    This is an important game for both clubs. The Cats will be desperate to make a run for the top spot, considering GWS’ two draws, and Adelaide’s inconsistent form.

    Hawthorn need to continue to keep winning to stay in touch with the top eight, and while a finals series is unlikely for the three-time premiers, the Hawks need to start racking on victories to remain a chance.

    The Hawks are also coming off the huge news this week that club champion Luke Hodge will be officially retiring from AFL football at the end of the season. Compounded with that, this match will also be Hodge’s 300th career game.

    Only Geelong has made changes, with the Cats deciding to bring in stars in Daniel Menzel and Scott Selwood, with Zac Guthrie and newly found cult hero Wylie Buzza to miss. The Hawks are going in with the same lineup as they had against the Giants.

    Players to Watch
    Geelong: Patrick Dangerfield
    Who else but Danger? The Cats’ superstar is a major reason to why Geelong are sitting in the top four. He can do it all, contested possessions, goals, tackling. Expect Danger to go big, especially in a game between such fierce rivals.

    Hawthorn: Luke Hodge
    The man of the hour, and a Hawthorn legend, Hodge will be hoping to have a big game for not only his 300th, but also to let the league know that he plans to go out with a bang. He will want to have a huge game, especially against the old foes of Geelong.

    Hawthorn by 3 points

    Maybe it’s just the optimist in me, but I can see this game being very close. Geelong got out of jail against both Fremantle and GWS, so they are probably due for a close loss, and I feel the Hawks may have that extra fire power due to Hodge’s 300th. I’m taking a risk with my prediction, but with this AFL season, who knows?

    Will Geelong continue their push to the top spot on the ladder? Or will Hawthorn keep making a break for the finals and celebrate Luke Hodge’s 300th in style? Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 1:45pm (AEST).

    Live Score Updates

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    Quarter 1
    1' GOAL - Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
    4' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    11' BEHIND - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    14' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong Cats)
    15' GOAL - Rhys Stanley (Geelong Cats)
    17' GOAL - Brandan Parfitt (Geelong Cats)
    19' GOAL - Sam Simpson (Geelong Cats)
    22' GOAL - Liam Shiels (Hawthorn)
    23' BEHIND - Liam Shiels (Hawthorn)
    26' BEHIND - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    30' GOAL - Tim O'Brien (Hawthorn)
    Quarter 2
    2' GOAL - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    5' BEHIND - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    6' GOAL - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    8' GOAL - Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
    12' GOAL - Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)
    14' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    16' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    20' BEHIND - Rhys Stanley (Geelong Cats)
    22' GOAL - Shaun Burgoyne (Hawthorn)
    24' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    26' BEHIND - Daniel Howe (Hawthorn)
    27' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong Cats)
    28' BEHIND - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    29' BEHIND - Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn)
    31' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    Quarter 3
    2' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    4' BEHIND - Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)
    6' GOAL - Zach Tuohy (Geelong Cats)
    11' GOAL - Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)
    14' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    16' BEHIND - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    18' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    19' GOAL - Ryan Schoenmakers (Hawthorn)
    21' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    22' BEHIND - Ryan Burton (Hawthorn)
    23' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    27' BEHIND - Taylor Duryea (Hawthorn)
    27' GOAL - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    Quarter 4
    1' GOAL - Daniel Menzel (Geelong Cats)
    7' GOAL - Will Langford (Hawthorn)
    9' BEHIND - Taylor Duryea (Hawthorn)
    11' BEHIND - Will Langford (Hawthorn)
    16' GOAL - Joel Selwood (Geelong Cats)
    21' GOAL - Ryan Schoenmakers (Hawthorn)
    26' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    28' GOAL - Luke Hodge (Hawthorn)
    29' BEHIND - Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)

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    The Crowd Says (151)

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    • 9:20pm
      Jok said | 9:20pm | ! Report

      We do now and will forever
      love ya Hodgey!!!

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 5:41pm | ! Report

      Ugh, why’d I have to miss this. Stup!d work.

      Seems like it was a sensational game!

      Well done Geelong, I’ve really liked their last few weeks.

      • 6:08pm
        Birdman said | 6:08pm | ! Report

        Missed a classic, AD.

        Strangely feel that Hawks fans should take more out of that game than Cats fans given the available talent who took the field.

        • Roar Guru

          Cat said | 7:09pm | ! Report

          My first time holding the Geelong banner up on the ground, Zac Smiths 100th, Luke Hodges 300th and a Ripper of a game with the Cats getting the four points. A day I won’t forget. Loved every minute of it.

          • Roar Guru

            AdelaideDocker said | 8:15pm | ! Report

            Dude, that’s an amazing experience!

            I’m so annoyed I missed watching it. Might be a stay in bed and watch the replay type of Sunday morning tomorrow!

            • Roar Guru

              Cat said | 8:17pm | ! Report

              I’ll be watching replay tomorrow too. I always rewatch on to after being at the game, like getting two perspectives

    • 5:10pm
      Birdman said | 5:10pm | ! Report

      Gutted by another opportunity missed but deeply proud of a young Hawk outfit who would have learnt plenty out of that game.

      Dangerwood made the difference again even with Paddy on one leg – without wishing to take anything away from the GFC I wouldn’t be happy if I was a Cats supporter based on their reliance on 2 players.

      Hodgey again enhanced his reputation as a big moment player with the Hawks’ last goal – enormous effort by the General,

      • 5:23pm
        Joe said | 5:23pm | ! Report

        My perspective is that in a season this even, having a superstar player (or two) will often make the difference. Is there a side this year that would confidently win even if their best players aren’t firing? If no, we’re all in the same boat.

      • 6:45pm
        Bruce said | 6:45pm | ! Report

        I agree birdman, cats will be happy with the win, but far too reliant on danger.

        • Roar Guru

          Cat said | 7:02pm | ! Report

          As a counterpoint where would Hawthorn be with Tom Mitchell? Every team that is lucky enough to have superstars rides them for all they’re worth. That’s why they get the big bucks and accolades.

          Were the Cats lucky? In a way yes, but they also put themselves to a position to benefit from the luck. As the saying goes, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. I don’t want to have to rely on luck but I’d rather have it fall my way than not. Every flag winner in the history of the game has been lucky at some point. Lucky to win a game or two, lucky with injuries, lucky with the draw, lucky when they play a side (ie those who played Sydney in the first six weeks of the season were lucky compared to those who have to play them now that they are hot.)

          • 8:05pm
            Birdman said | 8:05pm | ! Report

            Sure Cat, our win over Sydney was just lucky timing – just like we were lucky to beat the Crows and take a share of the points against the Giants or go from 86 points to 3 point losers against the Cats in half a season? Pure luck that.

            In the meantime, enjoy your luck Cat – feels like you’ll need lots more of it in the finals….

            • Roar Guru

              Cat said | 8:10pm | ! Report

              Didn’t say that at all. You didn’t play Sydney in the first six weeks when they went 0-6 did you? I quite clearly said first six weeks of the season, last I checked that didn’t include round 10.

              • 8:12pm
                Birdman said | 8:12pm | ! Report

                fair enough Cat – may have misread your narrative.

              • Roar Guru

                Cat said | 8:20pm | ! Report

                Wasn’t trying to single out any specific teams was just trying to make the point that sometimes there’s a bit of luck when a team meets a side. Sometimes it’s a side has a bunch of injuries, sometimes a team in in a form slump. Sometimes sides get unlucky and have to play a side in red hot form.

              • 8:25pm
                Birdman said | 8:25pm | ! Report

                agreed – would have loved a fit Rioli out there today

              • Roar Guru

                Cat said | 8:28pm | ! Report

                I’d have loved Scooter Selwood to play to tag Tichell

              • Roar Guru

                Peppsy said | 11:22pm | ! Report

                Personally I would’ve liked birch over anyone else

                Cat how would you rate Hawks after this?

    • 4:44pm
      Norm Howard said | 4:44pm | ! Report

      Great effort by a truly remarkable player, pleased Patrick joined the cats

    • Roar Guru

      Peppsy said | 4:29pm | ! Report

      So who wants to write the article on Hawthorn being the best side to miss finals in years?

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 4:22pm | ! Report

      END OF GAME:
      Geelong 13.10.88 defeat Hawthorn 12.13.85 by three points.

      Oh my god, McGuire said it best, who writes the script? Patrick Dangerfield is a star, on a busted leg, he kicked 5.6, and pretty much won the game for the Cats. Hawthorn were phenomenal, Hodge was quiet and then when they needed him most, he delivered. Tom Mitchell finished with 42 disposal and two goals, outstanding player.

      Isaac Smith could’ve been the hero, second time he’s missed the matchwinner against the Cats, the second time coming in last years qualifying final.

      Both teams are in a guard of honour for Luke Hodge. What a legend. One of the best to play the game. Great respect, and one of the greats.

      What a game of footy between these two. I said it before, they’re the greatest rivals of the modern era. Another classic in the record books.

      Thanks for joining me, the match report will be out soonish. While you’re waiting, make sure to check out the end of Tim Miller’s blog between Port and North Melbourne, they’re into the fourth quarter:

      What a game, and what a sport. How good’s footy?

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Disnick said | 4:22pm | ! Report

      Congratulations Hodge.

      One of the greats.

    • 4:19pm
      Mattician6x6 said | 4:19pm | ! Report

      Well done cats the 3 close wins and the draw are definitely shaping your season.

      • 5:03pm
        Birdman said | 5:03pm | ! Report

        yep but each down to luck (in the hands of the opposition) which tells me they are vulnerable come finals time.

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