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By , 15 Jul 2017

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    Sunwolves vs Blues

    Super Rugby, 15 July, 2017

    Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium
    Fulltime - Sunwolves 48, Blues 21
    Sunwolves   Blues
    48 FINAL SCORE 21
    8 TRIES 3
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge
    Touch judges: Akihisa Aso & Tasuku Kawahara
    TMO: Minoru Fuji

    Match result:

    The Blues have melted in the Tokyo heat, going down 48-21 to an unfancied Sunwolves outfit in their Super Rugby dead rubber in Japan.

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    Final score
    Sunwolves 48
    Blues 21

    Match preview:

    The Sunwolves face extremely unlikely odds if they’re going to claim a second win for the season in their last match of the year, against the Blues. Join The Roar for live scores from the match at Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium on Saturday afternoon, starting from 1:05pm AEST.

    The Sunwolves in their second year in the competition have struggled once again, boasting only a single win for the season and a -383 points differential, the worst in the league by some margin.

    The simple fact is that they are a long distance off being competitive with the rest of the league – for now, at least.

    The Blues, on the other hand, have a fair bone to pick with the conference system that will keep them out of the finals this year.

    They have the eighth-best record in the league but will miss out on a finals spot because of the complications are the conference system.

    Although the Brumbies have a worse record, they will get automatic qualification into finals as the top Australian side, pushing the Blues down to ninth on the table.

    A win here by the Blues will be another reminder to the powers that be in Super Rugby that they really ought to be playing in the post-season.

    15 Riaan Viljoen, 14 Kotaro Matsushima, 13 Willy Tupou, 12 Timothy Lafaele, 11 Kenki Fukuoka, 10 Tu Tamura, 9 Keisuke Uchida, 8 Willie Britz (c), 7 Shuhei Matsuhashi, 6 Malgene Ilaua, 5 Uwe Helu, 4 Kotaro Yatabe, 3 Koo Jiwon, 2 Takeshi Hino, 1 Koki Yamamoto.

    Replacements: 16 Yusuke Niwai, 17 Keita Inagaki, 18 Yasuo Yamaji, 19 Yuya Odo, 20 Yoshitaka Tokunaga, 21 Kaito Shigeno, 22 Jumpei Ogura, 23 Ryohei Yamanaka.

    15 Michael Collins, 14 Matt Duffie, 13 George Moala, 12 TJ Faiane, 11 Melani Nanai, 10 Ihaia West, 9 Augustine Pulu, 8 Steven Luatua, 7 Blake Gibson, 6 Akira Ioane, 5 Scott Scrafton, 4 Gerard Cowley-Tuioti, 3 Charlie Faumuina, 2 James Parsons (c), 1 Ofa Tu’ungafasi.

    Replacements: 16 Hame Faiva, 17 Pauliasi Manu, 18 Sione Mafileo, 19 Josh Goodhue, 20 Jerome Kaino, 21 Sam Nock, 22 Stephen Perofeta, 23 Rene Ranger.

    Join The Roar for live scores from the match between the Sunwolves and the Blues at Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium on Saturday afternoon, starting from 1:05pm AEST.

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    • 5:10pm
      Ronaldo said | 5:10pm | ! Report

      Well there you go. A (should I say “the”) Japanese team has recorded a win against a NZ outfit this SR season. That says a lot about where Australian Rugby now sits. No wins at all this SR season for any of the 5 Australian teams.

      Who says Rugby is not near death in Australia? It’s an indictment of the ARU. Well done … when do you collectively stand down??

      • 5:34pm
        FYI said | 5:34pm | ! Report

        Aren’t South African teams on 1 win against nz teams too!?

        • 5:38pm
          Pinetree said | 5:38pm | ! Report

          No, 2 wins. The Stormers beat the Blues and Chiefs. 3 wins all up for the SA1 conference.

          • 8:44pm
            FYI said | 8:44pm | ! Report

            Gee that is so much better than oz! 1 SA team from conference 1 can beat nz teams.
            If conference 2 was playing nz teams then probably only lions would have won a game.

            It has tacken 20 years for the lions to be any good.
            In saying that it has taken highlanders, chiefs and hurricanes 20 years to be any good.
            Will rebels and force be given that chance?
            Cheetahs and kings weren’t given that chance but they have taken the money and gone somewhere else.
            Maybe the force should take the money and join up with the sunwolves to stay in the comp??games in Perth instead of Singapore? Same Timezone.
            Will still be part of oz conference. Will Still be a well travelled team!
            The ‘rebel force’ sounds better than the ‘sunwolves force’ though.

    • Roar Rookie

      atlas said | 3:20pm | ! Report

      For the record :
      Sunwolves 48 (Tim Lafaele 3, Keisuke Uchida, Ryohei Yamanaka, Kaito Shigeno, Yoshita Tokunaga tries penalty try, Yu Tumura 2 con, Jumpei Ogura con )
      Blues 21 (James Parsons, Gerard Cowley-Tuioti, Michael Collins, Ihaia West 3 con). Halftime: 14-21.

      Great result for the Sunwolves, what a farewell for Charlie Faumuina (Toulouse) and Steven Luatua (Bristol), what a game to remember…

    • 3:09pm
      taylorman said | 3:09pm | ! Report

      Shocking result but not as if thecBlues have had much to play for for a while.

      • 7:14pm
        Daveski said | 7:14pm | ! Report

        Pride not motivation enough hey tman?

      • 8:09pm
        Lostintokyo said | 8:09pm | ! Report

        Shocking? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Don’t crow when victorious and make excuses with losses. It reeks of the NZ mentality that the kiwis have the right to win every game as ordained! Just slow down.

    • Roar Guru

      The Neutral View From Sweden said | 3:02pm | ! Report

      This must be one of the biggest surprises in SR history?

      Before the game, the betting companies gave the Blues a 29 point handicap.

      Even weirder, Sunwolves could/should have scored almost 70 points today.

      • 3:04pm
        Pinetree said | 3:04pm | ! Report

        Yeah, I noticed that the Sunwolves were paying $15 for a win. Not a bad return at all TNVFS!

    • 2:54pm
      Blue Horned Mike said | 2:54pm | ! Report

      Wow! Only one team pitched up today for the match. Well done Sunwolves!

    • 2:54pm
      Pinetree said | 2:54pm | ! Report

      Ouch! 8 tries to 3…

    • Roar Guru

      DaniE said | 2:52pm | ! Report

      This season is doing my head in

    • Roar Guru

      The Neutral View From Sweden said | 2:49pm | ! Report

      Wow, Sunwolves are destroying the Blues in the second half.

      Interesting that the Sunwolves beats a Kiwi team before the Jaguares.

      • 2:59pm
        Canetragic said | 2:59pm | ! Report

        And achieved something no Aussie team could this season!

    • Roar Guru

      Charging Rhino said | 2:44pm | ! Report

      Sunwolves are jol’ing boy!!
      Playing incredibly well!!!

      • 2:46pm
        Pinetree said | 2:46pm | ! Report

        Could be a bonus point for the Sunwolves too Rhino!

        Edit: will be a BP for sure!

        • Roar Guru

          Charging Rhino said | 2:55pm | ! Report

          Amazing! Why couldn’t they play like that earlier!?

          • 3:00pm
            Pinetree said | 3:00pm | ! Report

            The heat probably didn’t help the Blues, but the Wolves were certainly hungry for tries tonight mate! Good luck with the Sharks playing the Lions later on. That would be a huge home game for he boys to pull through on and win!

            • Roar Guru

              Charging Rhino said | 5:28pm | ! Report

              Thanks mate, as you’re a Crusaders fan I’m sure you’ll be supporting the Sharks if the Canes beat the Saders!
              Either way, we end up “8th” due to the conference winners getting a home QF.

    • 2:40pm
      Pinetree said | 2:40pm | ! Report

      Go Sunwolves for their second victory this year! Oh dear Blues…

    • 2:29pm
      Katipo said | 2:29pm | ! Report

      Sunwolves nudge in front 26-21 with 20 to play.

      This would be a massive win for the ‘wolves, proving they deserve a place in the tournament in 2018.

    • 2:22pm
      Katipo said | 2:22pm | ! Report

      A cracking game so far. Colourful spectacle played in daylight. Some great tries… great skills.

      Makes me wonder why more pro rugby games aren’t played in daylight? The ‘product’ is improved by adding colour and sunshine that’s for sure.

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