Fremantle Dockers vs West Coast Eagles Highlights: AFL live scores, blog

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    Live Scores

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    Fremantle vs. West Coast Eagles

    Domain Stadium
    AFL Home and Away July 16, 2017
    Fremantle 44, West Coast Eagles 74
    Fremantle West Coast Eagles
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q1033   4125
    Q22820   5434
    Q331331   9660
    Q451444   11874

    Match result:

    West Coast have recorded a scrappy win in the Western Derby over the Fremantle Dockers, to sneak back into the top eight at the end of the round.

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    Final score
    Fremantle Dockers 5.14.44
    West Coast Eagles 11.8.74

    Match preview:

    A high stakes Derby in the wild west to close the round, as the Fremantle Dockers face the West Coast Eagles at Subiaco. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog from 4:40pm AEST (2:40pm AWST).

    There’s always plenty to play for whenever the two WA sides face off, but this afternoon’s contest will have even more tension than usual.

    With just six games to play after this one, both teams sit just outside the top eight.

    The Eagles look the more likely to play finals, with only percentage separating them from eighth spot at the start of the round.

    The Dockers have a bit more work to do, sitting in twelfth with a 7-8 record.

    They did however manage to break a four game losing streak with a narrow win over North Melbourne last week, thanks to the heroics of debutant Ryan Nyhuis.

    Although there’s still a fair amount of time left in the season, and it’s maybe a little early to say that this afternoon’s loser is out of the finals race, it certainly will make things a lot harder.

    Both teams have some big ins for this game.

    The Dockers welcome back David Mundy and Lee Spurr from injury, with Tom Sheridan and Brady Grey out of the side.

    For the Eagles, Will Schofield, Chris Masten and Jackson Nelson are inclusions, but the most exciting selection decision is the return of the reigning Coleman medallist in Josh J Kennedy. Scott Lycett, Malcom Karpany and Eric Mackenzie miss through injury, while Sharrod Wellingham was omitted.

    I really had to think about this one. While the Eagles’ recent form is certainly stronger, they haven’t been all that convincing over the season.

    West Coast’s midfield, although it has plenty of quality, has looked slow at times this season, and the Dockers will certainly have a pace advantage. The potency of Michael Walters and the Hill brothers for Fremantle would be a real worry for Adam Simpson.

    But in pretty much every other part of the ground the Eagles look a bit stronger, and altogether more experienced. Even if the Dockers get on top at times I’d expect the more mature team to run out the game better.

    West Coast by 10 points.

    Live Score Updates

    Scores updated each minute. REFRESH NOW

    Quarter 1
    5' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    8' GOAL - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    10' BEHIND - Rushed (West Coast Eagles)
    14' BEHIND - Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
    15' GOAL - Drew Petrie (West Coast Eagles)
    19' BEHIND - Stephen Hill (Fremantle)
    21' BEHIND - Stephen Hill (Fremantle)
    23' GOAL - Matt Priddis (West Coast Eagles)
    Quarter 2
    5' BEHIND - Matt Priddis (West Coast Eagles)
    6' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    8' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    13' BEHIND - Bradley Hill (Fremantle)
    14' BEHIND - Hayden Crozier (Fremantle)
    15' GOAL - Shane Kersten (Fremantle)
    17' BEHIND - Dom Sheed (West Coast Eagles)
    18' BEHIND - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    20' BEHIND - Drew Petrie (West Coast Eagles)
    26' GOAL - Nick Suban (Fremantle)
    28' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    Quarter 3
    3' BEHIND - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    4' GOAL - Jeremy McGovern (West Coast Eagles)
    5' GOAL - Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles)
    7' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    9' BEHIND - David Mundy (Fremantle)
    11' BEHIND - Bradley Hill (Fremantle)
    12' BEHIND - Bradley Hill (Fremantle)
    17' BEHIND - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    18' BEHIND - Connor Blakely (Fremantle)
    23' GOAL - Mark LeCras (West Coast Eagles)
    27' GOAL - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    29' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    Quarter 4
    6' GOAL - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    9' BEHIND - Lachie Weller (Fremantle)
    10' GOAL - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    18' BEHIND - Rushed (West Coast Eagles)
    21' GOAL - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    24' GOAL - Dom Sheed (West Coast Eagles)
    27' BEHIND - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)

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    • Roar Rookie

      WCE said | 4:25pm | ! Report

      brilliant display from Hurn and Duggan in this game with bunga taking home the medal . I was also impressed with Brad sheppard who rarely gets a mention and one of a better game from Jack darling. Scrappy game but there were some highlights like so many freo supporters streaming out the gates 5 minutes into the last quarter . I don’t get that, the game was still in the balance but they were prepared to flood out the door. How is that being loyal?

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 8:51pm | ! Report

      Ugh. Pretty disappointed – but I have said that a lot this year. This club frustrates the hell out of me.

      Thanks for the commentary Tom, I just got home and it’s great to know there’s some great calling for me to read through.

    • Roar Rookie

      FreoFan said | 7:52pm | ! Report

      We couldn’t do anything right today. Well done to the Eagles who took full advantage and punished us. Multiple 50m penalties against us hurt us on top of our horrific forward 50 entries and general ball use.

      We should have been very close for the last 3/4 of the game but continued to be wasteful and never gave ourselves an opportunity to win.

      I think the Eagles would be very happy to take the 4 points but realistically they weren’t much better – just more efficient. In general play I thought it was probably fairly even.

      A lot to work on but I’m still optimistic going forward. Hawks at home next week won’t be a walkover.

      • 1:41am
        Don Freo said | 1:41am | ! Report

        If Stevic awarded 50 metres against Puopolo in our GF the way he did today for wafting vaguely into the area, Freo would have one flag in its new clubrooms.

      • 10:13am
        Jolly Roger said | 10:13am | ! Report

        Well, being a Weagles fan, is equally frustrating, never knowing which team will turn up? I must agree with your comments, if Freo were more accurate, almost bizarre misses at times, like the footy gods were conspiring above? It was an ugly scrappy game, as though the ball was soaked in oil at times. Eagles still arent convincing for mine, the midfield needs some grunt and pace – other fans disagree with me-but i maintain that if theyre aiming for a GF let alone a flag, then compare the midfield of Judd, Cuzz, Kerr, Fletcher, Braun, Stenglein, Cox…to this midfield!? Priddis to me is like a blackhole, just sucks the life out of the team with his handball happiness and helicopter kicks..ok he kicked a goal, for a change. Lycett may be gone again..but good to have JK back. Eagles still not consistent or convincing or settled at round 17, so rationally its hard to imagine them somehow going deep into finals from here at 8th position…have stranger things happened?

        • 2:13pm
          Mattician6x6 said | 2:13pm | ! Report

          That midfield was something else but that era west coast was strong in back line and midfield with a fairly avg fwd line (lynch, Hansen etc), this eagles team is strong both ends and weaker through the centre, most teams achieve 2 of fwd,mid & back being strong with the other left over being average. Agree we are inconsistent ATM hopefully with this next run of games we can consolidate and play more like we did vs Geelong a few rounds back.

          • 4:37pm
            Jolly Roger said | 4:37pm | ! Report

            For sure M6x6, I’d feel much better with the midfield if Priddis was absent..the positive is those next 4 games ahead-if they can take advantage of the run- to get some consistency. JK will be a settling factor and Darling has found good form and confidence at the right time. Yeo back. Duggan really standing up now, getting regular games into Jetta. Redden improving. Then 2 big games against top 4 sides at seasons end, if we can beat one of those teams, very pleasing going into finals.

    • 7:21pm
      Aaron said | 7:21pm | ! Report

      Well done to West Coast and Shannon Hurn.
      I nearly smashed the telly with our forward entries today

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 7:15pm | ! Report

      Hurn needs two goes to make his acceptance speech, having forgotten to thank the fans and, more importantly, the sponsor.

      As a public speaker he makes a very good footballer.

      • 7:18pm
        Mattician6x6 said | 7:18pm | ! Report

        Cheers for marking this event with some classy calling tom

        • Roar Guru

          TomC said | 7:27pm | ! Report

          Thanks for your company and your insights, Matt.

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 7:13pm | ! Report

      Hurn sweeps the voting for the Ross Glendinning medal, and the West Coast captain is a more than worthy winner.

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 7:09pm | ! Report

      That’s full time.
      West Coast have won their fifth straight Western Derby.

      Fremantle 5.14.44
      West Coast 11.8.74

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 7:08pm | ! Report

      Some late argy bargy as Crozier collects Schofield high, and the bearded West Coast defender takes umbrage.

      It won’t come to anything though as the final seconds tick away.

    • 7:06pm
      Mattician6x6 said | 7:06pm | ! Report

      Great way to end the rivalry at subi though it wasn’t the prettiest game I’ve ever seen. Heading into a nice run of winnable matches so must capitalise.
      Hurn and Duggan outstanding today and jetta did a fantastic job curtailing Stephen hill, a lot to like but definite room for improvement.
      Hurn for the medal IMO fantastic performance by the captain.

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 7:06pm | ! Report

      Another 50m penalty to West Coast, and LeCras can drive the Eagles forward once again.

      Sheed marks at half forward, and then casually spots up Kennedy who’d slipped his opponent.

      Kennedy shoots from 50m about 5m in from the boundary line. It’s off to the left for a behind.

      West Coast by 30 points inside the last 2 minutes of play.

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