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Five of the best: Punters getting messy at the races

A racegoer celebrates at Moonee Valley
Roar Guru
20th July, 2017

With the spring racing carnival drawing ever closer, it’s an opportune time to look back at some of the finest instances of people making a fool of themselves at the races.

There’s no doubt we’ll see some more additions to this illustrious list later this year, but for now, let’s take an amusing journey down memory lane…

Found: Wallet, three dollars
Look, drunkenly bothering a stranger isn’t something that’s uncommon at the races, it’s an experience that probably a large number of people will go through in their lives.

When that stranger happens to be a Channel Nine reporter doing a live bit on the air though, that’s really just unfortunate.

Fingers crossed that the owner of this found wallet got their three dollars back. It was important.

Drunk woman pushes policeman
If there is one thing history has taught us it’s that revolutions take many different forms, and rising up against the powerful figures in society is only a natural human behaviour.

As discussed above, so is getting pissed and bothering strangers at the races.


Sometimes these two things just happen to come together in new and unexpected ways, like they did at the Melbourne Cup in 2015. Although it’s probably best if the stranger you’re bothering isn’t a police officer.

Probably the best part is her yelling “should I push you” and then not actually waiting for an answer.

Grandma dances in the rain
Is there anything worse than a rainy day at the races? I bet the first thing that came to mind when I asked that was “well, probably seeing your grandma dance in her undies”.

Well, one inclement Oaks Day the punters were treated to both at the same time. Lucky them. And good on her – if having grandchildren doesn’t earn you the right to dance in your undies in public, then what on earth are they good for?

Lady in blue has the day of her life
Getting wasted at the races isn’t just an average day in your life, it’s an experience, sometimes even an epic journey, and if you’re (un)lucky enough, sometimes it’s caught on camera.

At the 2016 Melbourne Cup, an infamous (and to this day unnamed) ‘lady in blue’ just seemed to be everywhere in pictures of the day – whether it was attempting unsuccessfully to powerlift her friend, or gracefully using a green wheelie bin as a pretend horse.

Ah, youth.


The 13th race at Durban
Is there any decision more logical at the end of a nice day of racing than for a large crowd of blokes to strip naked and have a footrace of their own?

Yes, there’s probably a lot of better ideas really, and plenty of more well thought-out ones, but that hasn’t stopped this becoming an annual tradition in Durban, South Africa.

Don’t expect it to come to Flemington anytime soon.