Western Force axed: ARU press conference live blog, updates

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    It’s official, the Western Force has been cut from Super Rugby effective immediately after the ARU dropped the bombshell. Join The Roar for all the live updates and info coming in from the ARU’s press conference.

    The news has left many rugby fans in a state of disbelief out west.

    The Force finished second in the Australian Conference this season but performance hasn’t been enough to keep their future alive.

    The Rebels have been saved from the axe in a move slated to be purely financial as the ARU continue their way around a tricky legal battle.

    Their hand was forced earlier this year when they agreed to drop a team under the eye of SANZAAR and the fight has been on ever since.

    It’s been an ugly battle between the Force, Rebels and ARU as they all wrestle for the upper hand in a murky situation.

    Bill Pulver and Cameron Clyne have called the press conference following the breaking news as developments continue to flow.

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    • 11:45pm
      BeastieBoy said | 11:45pm | ! Report

      The ARU Board must immediately resign for the good of Australian Rugby. Forget the sacrificial lamb BS of Pulver. We need people with a winning attitude and new ideas. We don’t want media types. They have well and truely stuffed it up. Shame.

    • 11:23pm
      ex kiwi rich said | 11:23pm | ! Report

      What you’re kidding me…and the rugby community! As a Kiwi rugby supporter (40 years WA)
      What a retrograde step! How damaging for Australian rugby development. For rugby to develop across the nation it needs local fan and player development on BOTH seaboards. Concentrating all the effort on the eastern seaboard where the power base will not be an effective strategy to win back audiences or challenge the dominanceof the All Blacks. Follow the successful model of the Kiwis. National ground up Not top down development is the key to win hearts and minds and develop talent. There is a large following of Kiwi/SA/Brit in WA that must be heard…..thank god for a passionate Twiggy Forrest

    • 8:17pm
      crater said | 8:17pm | ! Report

      Piru has raised a fair point.

      Exactly how does one gain a place on the ARU Board? I’d put my hand up as I now have the time. I am happy to fly economy and I don’t need a 5 star Hotel. I suspect though that as I went to NSW Country High School I won’t stand a chance.

      So the next question is whose old North Shore School mate will get the Pulver gig?

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 6:57pm | ! Report

      So, to recap a hectic evening of rugby news in Australia…

      – The Western Force have been axed from Super Rugby effective immediately.
      – Bill Pulver has stood down as CEO of the ARU
      – The Force have announced that they will fight the decision, taking an injunction to the ARU with legal proceedings to come.

      • Roar Guru

        Machooka said | 7:08pm | ! Report

        Thanks Connor… and as I live, and effen breathe, this is the darkest day in 50 odd years of Aussie rugby I’ve had the displeasure of witnessing!

        Appreciate your on the spot account of the pressies… well done 🙂

        Geez, with the benefit of hindsight, for me it was a bad day to give-up the smokes, the booze… and those little pep me ups eh!?! 😉

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 6:50pm | ! Report

      “It is an idiotic decision, at it’s kindest.”

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 6:49pm | ! Report

      “This ridiculous decision was made 100 days ago,” said Forrest.

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 6:46pm | ! Report

      Twiggy Forrest making his statements…

      “I will be studying an injunction option… if it’s possible, I’ll be following up on that injunction.”

      “Supporting the Western Force is the only possible, logical option.

      “This could be a try against us, but it’s not the end of the game.

      “I assured the Western Force I would do everything in my power that they would not only survive, but thrive, and I intend to do that.

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