Essendon Bombers vs Adelaide Crows Highlights: AFL live scores, blog

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    Essendon vs. Adelaide Crows

    Etihad Stadium
    AFL Home and Away August 12, 2017
    Essendon 80, Adelaide Crows 123
    Essendon Adelaide Crows
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q12214   5333
    Q25434   10666
    Q39761   14993
    Q412880   1815123

    Match result:

    The Adelaide Crows have come away big winners against the Essendon Bombers at Etihad Stadium cruising to a 43-point win.

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    Final score
    Essendon Bombers 12.8.80
    Adelaide Crows 18.15.123

    Match preview:

    The Essendon Bombers face off against ladder leaders the Adelaide Crows in a big game at Etihad Stadium. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog from 7:25pm AEST.

    Essendon comes into the game sitting in eighth spot and clinging onto that final spot in the eight by percentage only.

    Adelaide sit on top with a one-and-a-half-game buffer on the fast-finishing Greater Western Sydney Giants.

    These two teams faced off against one another earlier in the season with the Crows running riot over the Bombers by 65 points at the Adelaide Oval.

    Both sides have been high scoring teams this season – the Crows topping the AFL table with most points, while the Bombers are 3rd.

    The Bombers had to overcome a spirited Carlton side at Etihad Stadium last weekend just getting over the line by eight points, Adelaide meanwhile punished their cross city rivals the Port Adelaide Power cruising with an 84-point smacking.

    With these two high powered offenses going against each other it should be an entertaining game from both teams forwards lines, with Coleman medal contender Joe Daniher down one end and the mercurial forward Eddie Betts looking to run amok, there will be no shortage of highlights in the game.

    The loss of Zach Merrett and Orazio Fantasia from the Bombers team will be hard to overcome and with the Crows going into the game unchanged the Bombers will need big games from their midfield stars.

    After Jobe Watson announced his retirement during the week the Bombers will have added motivation for the remainder of the season.

    Adelaide look to be far too good across the board for the Bombers to challenge, and with two of their shining lights from the season out injured or suspended it will make the game tougher for them.

    The Crows have not had it all their way over the Bombers in recent years and out of their last 5 games the only wins the Crows have managed have been at home.

    Adelaide Crows by 33

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    Quarter 1
    3' BEHIND - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    5' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    7' GOAL - Conor McKenna (Essendon)
    8' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    14' GOAL - Hugh Greenwood (Adelaide Crows)
    16' BEHIND - David Myers (Essendon)
    17' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    18' BEHIND - Charlie Cameron (Adelaide Crows)
    19' GOAL - James Stewart (Essendon)
    23' BEHIND - James Stewart (Essendon)
    26' GOAL - Brodie Smith (Adelaide Crows)
    29' GOAL - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    Quarter 2
    1' BEHIND - James Stewart (Essendon)
    2' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    5' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    7' BEHIND - James Stewart (Essendon)
    11' GOAL - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    12' GOAL - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    13' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    13' GOAL - Tom Lynch (Adelaide Crows)
    21' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    24' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    26' BEHIND - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    26' GOAL - Riley Knight (Adelaide Crows)
    28' BEHIND - Tom Lynch (Adelaide Crows)
    Quarter 3
    3' GOAL - Rory Atkins (Adelaide Crows)
    7' BEHIND - David Mackay (Adelaide Crows)
    10' BEHIND - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (Essendon)
    13' GOAL - David Mackay (Adelaide Crows)
    14' GOAL - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
    17' GOAL - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
    18' GOAL - Jobe Watson (Essendon)
    20' BEHIND - David Zaharakis (Essendon)
    21' BEHIND - Rushed (Essendon)
    23' BEHIND - Riley Knight (Adelaide Crows)
    24' GOAL - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
    27' BEHIND - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    29' GOAL - Brodie Smith (Adelaide Crows)
    31' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    Quarter 4
    2' BEHIND - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    4' BEHIND - Joe Daniher (Essendon)
    6' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    8' GOAL - Cale Hooker (Essendon)
    9' GOAL - James Stewart (Essendon)
    11' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    15' BEHIND - Hugh Greenwood (Adelaide Crows)
    17' BEHIND - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    19' GOAL - Travis Colyer (Essendon)
    21' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    23' BEHIND - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    24' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    27' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    28' GOAL - Brad Crouch (Adelaide Crows)

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    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 10:29pm | ! Report

      » Click here to read the full match report

      The Roar player of the year.
      Brodie Smith
      Matt Crouch
      Josh Jenkins


      Leading goal scorers.
      4 Cale Hooker (Essendon)
      3 Josh Jenkins (Adelaide)
      3 2 others

      Leading disposals
      35 Matt Crouch (Adelaide)
      34 Michael Hurley (Essendon)
      27 3 separate players

      Inside 50s
      Essendon 47
      Adelaide 62

      Free Kicks
      Essendon 14
      Adelaide 21

      Contested Possessions
      Essendon 127
      Adelaide 144

      Essendon 377
      Adelaide 387

      Final score.

      Adelaide Crows 18.15.123 defeats Essendon Bombers 12.8.80.

    • 9:58pm
      Birdman said | 9:58pm | ! Report

      Impressive win by Adelaide. Not sure they’re a great side but they’re as good as any other team going around this year.

      Thanks for your blog tonight, Sam.

      • Roar Guru

        Sam Walker said | 10:03pm | ! Report

        Cheers birdman, very good signs for the Crows, if they can get their accuracy up a bit more they will be nearly unstoppable come finals.

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 9:55pm | ! Report

      Game Over.

      Crows Big winners against the Bombers. Running away with a 43 point win Adelaide Crows 18.15.123 defeats Essendon Bombers 12.8.80.

      Match report and Stats to follow shortly.

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 9:54pm | ! Report

      Goal Crows.

      Brad Crouch with a great goal.

      Essendon Bombers 12.8.80 Adelaide Crows 18.15.123

      1:03 4th q

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 9:52pm | ! Report

      Mark to Mitch McGovern and he goes back and kicks the goal for the Crows.

      3 goals for the night to McGovern.

      Essendon Bombers 12.8.80 Adelaide Crows 17.15.117

      1:33 4th q

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 9:49pm | ! Report

      Behind Crows.


      Essendon Bombers 12.8.80 Adelaide Crows 16.15.111

      4:03 4th q

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 9:49pm | ! Report

      Behind Crows.

      Josh Jenkins misses.

      Essendon Bombers 12.8.80 Adelaide Crows 16.14.110

      4:20 4th q

    • Roar Guru

      Sam Walker said | 9:46pm | ! Report

      Goal Crows.

      Josh Jenkins with his 3rd goal of the game.

      Again the Crows reply instantly from a Bombers goal.

      Essendon Bombers 12.8.80 Adelaide Crows 16.13.109

      5:55 4th q

    • 9:45pm
      Basil said | 9:45pm | ! Report

      Crows goal kicking has been atrocious the last couple of weeks. Missed some real sitters.

      • Roar Guru

        Sam Walker said | 9:47pm | ! Report

        That one in the second quarter from Lynch was a horrible miss.

    , , , ,