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    Live Scores

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    West Coast Eagles vs. Carlton

    Domain Stadium
    AFL Home and Away August 12, 2017
    West Coast Eagles 100, Carlton 83
    West Coast Eagles Carlton
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q14024   3321
    Q29256   3725
    Q310464   91064
    Q41510100   121183

    Match result:

    West Coast have held off a valiant Carlton outfit by 17 points to keep their finals hopes alive at Domain Stadium on Saturday night.

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    Final score
    West Coast Eagles 15.10.100
    Carlton Blues 12.11.83

    Match preview:

    Its do or die for the West Coast Eagles as they host the Carlton Blues at Domain Stadium on Saturday evening. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 7:40pm (AEST).

    West Coast’s fate is placed within their hands this Saturday, as they play host to a determined Carlton outfit with nothing to lose.

    The Eagles have only themselves to blame after dropping winnable games against Melbourne, Collingwood and St Kilda, the latter of which was the week before.

    They sit at the precarious position of ninth, a game outside of the eight due to percentage, and face a tough run home against Adelaide and GWS, the top two ladder leaders.

    This means they have no choice but to defeat a defiant Blues team, who have proven themselves as tough competition all year, if the Eagles wish to make finals in September.

    Carlton themselves are out of contention for finals action, but have been impressive this year with a young but talented list.

    They got so close to knocking off Essendon last week, before some Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti magic broke Carlton hearts.

    Brendon Bolton and his men will want to finish the season strong, and showcase their potential for the next AFL season.

    The Blues will be bolstered too, as they welcome in Tom Williamson, who replaces the injured Caleb Marchbank.

    The Eagles have made three changes after last week’s loss, bringing back Matt Priddis, Lewis Jetta and Nathan Vardy, in place of Chris Masten, Malcolm Karpany and Will Schofield.

    Players to Watch
    West Coast Eagles: Josh Kennedy
    JJK has had a standout season for the Eagles. The big man has booted 54 goals this season, and only sits behind Joe Daniher in the Coleman. In what was a disappointing loss, the Eagles’ shining light was Kennedy, who kicked 5.1 to almost get West Coast over the line. If the Eagles are to win, Kennedy will be their key to doing so.

    Carlton: Matt Kreuzer
    Big Matty Kreuzer has been elite this year for Carlton. The Blues’ ruckman had a day out last week with 38 hitouts, 15 disposals, 7 tackles and a goal. He is coming up against West Coast’s Drew Petrie and Nat Vardy, who he could have a field day against. The Blues could dominate out of the center, which may lead to an unlikely victory.

    West Coast by 40 points

    With a finals series on the line, the Eagles will have a point to prove in front of their home crowd. They’ve lost too many close games this year, and while the Blues have been determined this year, West Coast should be just too strong, and come out big victors.

    Can the Eagles make a break for the finals, with it all on the line? Or will Carlton spoil the party with nothing to lose? Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 7:40pm (AEST).

    Live Score Updates

    Scores updated each minute. REFRESH NOW

    Quarter 1
    3' GOAL - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    6' GOAL - Jed Lamb (Carlton)
    9' GOAL - Jamie Cripps (West Coast Eagles)
    15' GOAL - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    18' BEHIND - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
    19' GOAL - Jamie Cripps (West Coast Eagles)
    21' BEHIND - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    23' GOAL - Bryce Gibbs (Carlton)
    27' GOAL - Jamie Cripps (West Coast Eagles)
    30' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    Quarter 2
    5' BEHIND - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    6' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    14' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    15' GOAL - Mark Hutchings (West Coast Eagles)
    16' BEHIND - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    18' GOAL - Jack Redden (West Coast Eagles)
    20' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    22' BEHIND - Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton)
    24' BEHIND - Jed Lamb (Carlton)
    25' BEHIND - Dale Thomas (Carlton)
    28' BEHIND - Bryce Gibbs (Carlton)
    Quarter 3
    1' BEHIND - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    4' GOAL - Zac Fisher (Carlton)
    10' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    11' GOAL - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    13' BEHIND - Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
    18' GOAL - Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
    19' BEHIND - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    20' GOAL - Jarrod Pickett (Carlton)
    22' GOAL - Jack Silvagni (Carlton)
    26' BEHIND - Jed Lamb (Carlton)
    27' GOAL - Blaine Boekhorst (Carlton)
    29' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    Quarter 4
    1' BEHIND - Rushed (West Coast Eagles)
    2' BEHIND - Sharrod Wellingham (West Coast Eagles)
    9' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    14' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    15' BEHIND - Luke Partington (West Coast Eagles)
    17' BEHIND - Jamie Cripps (West Coast Eagles)
    19' GOAL - Luke Partington (West Coast Eagles)
    20' GOAL - Jack Darling (West Coast Eagles)
    22' BEHIND - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    24' GOAL - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
    26' GOAL - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    27' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    30' BEHIND - Josh J. Kennedy (West Coast Eagles)
    30' BEHIND - Jeremy McGovern (West Coast Eagles)
    32' GOAL - Jack Redden (West Coast Eagles)

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    • 10:52pm
      J.Roger said | 10:52pm | ! Report

      what an exhausting game, frustrating a times as always with eagles..i think i might bill the eagles for a pacemaker? not sure if i can take much more of this!

      • 12:09am
        peter chrisp said | 12:09am | ! Report

        I don’t blame you i call that Close To The Edge Yes you got there in the end

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:21pm | ! Report

      West Coast 15.10.100 defeat Carlton 12.11.83 by 17 points.

      West Coast have kept their finals hopes alive tonight, though it would not have been as comfortable as they would have liked. After dropping so many close ones, the Eagles have pulled off a win from a tight game. They played well throughout, but nearly fell away in the third, before holding strong in the fourth.

      Josh J Kennedy was fantastic with 6 goals, he now leads the Coleman, and Marc Murphy led the disposal count with 29, as well as booting two goals.

      Predictive Brownlow:
      3 votes- Josh J Kennedy
      2 votes- Mitch McGovern
      1 vote- Marc Murphy

      Thanks for joining us tonight, been a blast! Match report will be out soon!

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:18pm | ! Report

      McGovern takes an intercept mark with 10 seconds left. What a night for him.

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:17pm | ! Report


      Out of bounds on the full from the Blues, it comes back in, and Redden grabs it in the chaos and snaps quickly, its a goal!!!

      Thats game, the Blues have fought so hard, but tonight is not their night

      West Coast 15.10.100
      Carlton 12.11.83
      Q4 0.46

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:15pm | ! Report

      Carlton have a minute left to score two goals, and they are sitting in the Eagles’ goal square

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:15pm | ! Report


      Another shot from the Eagles, and another miss.

      West Coast 14.10.94
      Carlton 12.11.83
      Q4 1.44

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:14pm | ! Report


      KENNEDY!!! Huge kick from Vardy, 70 out and JJK throws himself at this, clean run at it, and he will line up for number seven. He hooks this too far though, as he tries to snap it, and misses

      West Coast 14.9.93
      Carlton 12.11.83
      Q4 2.19

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:12pm | ! Report


      Petrovski-Seton, he’s going to be a star as well! He gets this out to the wing, where Daisy hits up Casboult! 45 out, tight angle in the right forward pocket, and Casboult has nailed it!! What a kick, what a goal, and the Blues will not stop fighting!

      West Coast 14.8.92
      Carlton 12.11.83
      Q4 3.32

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:10pm | ! Report


      Kennedy! He marks right in front, 45 out. Right out of the centre again, you feel as though this would be the killer. JJK is usually pretty good, and tonight is no different!! He has his 6th, and now is leading the Coleman Medal!

      West Coast 14.8.92
      Carlton 11.11.77
      Q4 4.30

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:08pm | ! Report


      Gibbs marks on 50, and centres this to Curnow on the lead, who just marks it!

      40 out, bit of an angle, but Charlie is able to slot this through! Blues are still breathing at Domain!

      West Coast 13.8.86
      Carlton 11.11.77
      Q4 5.24

    • Roar Guru

      Dylan Carmody said | 10:07pm | ! Report


      Murphy takes his time as he tries to snap in traffic, but he misses out to the left.

      West Coast 13.8.86
      Carlton 10.11.71
      Q4 6.35

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