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    This week, Club Roar takes a look back at two very different sides of the sporting spectrum, from the big hits and beastmode to the hilarious bloopers and blunders of sporting action. This is the best, and worst, of Club Roar over the past week.

    Hamish Crafter

    Colossal hit is insane in slo-mo
    Take a seat ladies and gentlemen, this is one bone-crunching hit!

    Playing for Shore first XV against rivals Riverview, young flyhalf and Dan Williams is the poor bloke on the receiving end of this mammoth ball and all tackle, copping a bit of a hospital pass. Combine that with a perfectly timed run and it was never going to pan out too well for the young man.

    Of all the people he could have looked up to see charging at him, an Australian Schoolboy captain is not an ideal option.

    Destructive flanker Charlie Rorke skippers Riverview firsts as well as the Aussie Schoolboy side and he showed exactly why with this big bump.

    The slo-mo certainly makes it look a lot worse, or better, depending on which side you’re on.

    Thirroul Thunder FC

    Certain goal goes begging thanks to players rear end
    From a huge hit to a funny fail, Thirroul Thunder just doesn’t want to see each other score.

    Of all the ways to be denied a goal, your team mates rear end has to go down as one of the most hilarious and frustrating of all time.

    With the ball popping up inside the penalty area and the keeper out of place, the back of the net was open for the taking. However, when your header towards goal bounces off the posterior of a teammate who is lying facedown on the ground on the goal line… you know it’s not your day.

    It would have been one thing for the downed player to take credit for the goal, but on this occasion, there was no goal for anyone.

    The man with the goal-scoring behind was offside! No soup for you.

    Tony Solomona

    Future All Black enters beastmode in stunning first year of college rugby
    This beast is a future All Black. No doubt about it.

    Playing his first year of college rugby, Tony Solomona has proved why he’s one of the hottest prodigies in New Zealand rugby, utilising some serious muscle power, speed, and brute force to create a battering ram of highlights.

    Good luck stopping this guy.

    He can outrun wingers on a kick chase and can turn around and take down the biggest props with his powerful brand of defence.

    Keep an eye on Tony for the future.

    Eastern Lions

    Picture-perfect synchronized dive from keeper and defender
    You couldn’t even pull this off if you planned it.

    Despite being scored against, these two Bendigo City players were the highlight of this goal thanks to an Olympic-style synchronised diving display that might land them a spot on the 2018 Commonwealth Games team.

    From a messy attempted save, the keeper leaves the gold wide open for the Eastern Lions to pot home the shot from inside the 18-yard box.

    Both the keeper and a rouge defender make one last attempt to keep the ball out of the back of the net, sensationally throwing themselves in unison at the ball, flying through the air with arms stretched out and all the hope in the world in their eyes.

    Unfortunately for them, hope doesn’t make up for simple physics… and their bodies just weren’t going to make that ball.

    Teerawit Thuvirat

    Curious dog wanders on to pitch during Rugby 7’s match
    Everybody loves dogs right? Cute, fluffy, friendly, plays rugby with you…

    This wayward pooch decides to intervene in a Rugby 7’s game in Thailand, coming on out on the wing and even getting in amongst the action as the players try to avoid him down the right sideline.

    With both man and dog alike completely unwavered by each others presence, the game continues with lassy roaming the flanks looking for some ball… or a pat, we’ll never know.

    Associates Rugby Union Football Club

    Player runs length of the field to score epic try
    This dude has some serious wheels on him, turning an attempted clearance kick on his own line into a try in the left corner at the other end of the park.

    Faking the clearance and beating the charging defence, this fullback sets off downfield with a monster gap opening up in the defence.

    A blitzing right foot step takes him up to halfway where he sensationally sets off by really putting the foot down.

    He absolutely burn the opposition winger and fullback with nothing but pure pace to plant the pill in the corner for the meat pie.

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