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KNOW YOUR LAWS: Rare '10 point try' in Rugby Championship

Argentina awarded a penalty after scoring a try (Screenshot: Fox Sports).
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29th August, 2017
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Argentina’s final try in their 23-41 loss to the Springboks was anything but normal.

Martin Landajo helped set up Matias Moroni with a clever kick and pass. Moroni streaked down the wing and touched the ball down but was tackled into the advertising boardings by South Africa’s Andries Coetzee.

Coetzee was given a yellow card for the late tackle and the Pumas were awarded a penalty. As a result, the Pumas were able to take the conversion and then also received a bonus penalty kick back at halfway for the Springbok indiscretion.

Emiliano Boffelli had no problem with the distance and Argentina went from 13 points to 23 in the blink of an eye.

The rare penalty after a try in this case is covered by Law 22.17.

22.17 Misconduct or unfair play in in-goal

(c) Any other foul play. When a player commits any other foul play in the in-goal while the ball is out of play, the penalty kick is awarded at the place where the game would otherwise have re-started.
Sanction: Penalty kick

The Roar spoke to a local referee with more than 200 games experience. The referee said there’s only been one time when he had to award a penalty in a situation like the one in Argentina.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever seen this happen on a rugby field.