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    Geelong Cats vs. Richmond

    AFL Finals September 8, 2017
    Geelong Cats 40, Richmond 91
    Geelong Cats Richmond
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q1044   2416
    Q22416   3725
    Q34933   61046
    Q451040   131391

    Match result:

    A scintillating seven-goal-to-one last quarter from the Richmond Tigers has seen them claim a 51-point win over a disappointing Geelong and book a home preliminary final in two weeks’ time.

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    Final score
    Geelong Cats 5.10.40
    Richmond Tigers 13.13.91

    Match preview:

    The chance for a week off and a home preliminary final awaits when the Geelong Cats and Richmond Tigers do battle in the second qualifying final. Join The Roar for live scores and commentary from 7:50pm (AEST).

    It’s been another strong season for Geelong in the ‘Dangerwood’ era, with the club securing a second-placed finish after a strong, 15-win campaign.

    A five-game winning streak to start the season was somewhat offset by three straight losses, but the Cats were reliable from then on – going 10-3-1 – to have their top-four spot wrapped up.

    They enter tonight on a three-game winning streak, which they actually started against the Tigers with a 14-point triumph in Round 21.

    Richmond, on the other hand, have surged impressively into the top four after a disastrous eight-win season in 2016.

    They won their first five games but, like Geelong, fell away with a four-game losing streak afterward. The Tigers roared from there though, winning ten of their last 13 matches to secure a third-place finish – their highest position under coach Damien Hardwick.

    Geelong’s recent record against Richmond is truly a stat to behold, the Cats having prevailed in 13 straight encounters and 20 of the last 21. Richmond’s last two victories came back in 2006 and 2000.

    However, of the nine finals these clubs have played, all but two have gone the way of the yellow and black – although the last final they contested was a preliminary final in 1995, which the Cats won by 89 points.

    The finals rivalry was probably most intense during the early 1930s, with the clubs meeting twice in the 1931 finals series, before renewing hostilities again in 1933 and 1934.

    There’s no doubt this match being played at the MCG swings the pendulum away from Geelong a little, which is unfair given their status as the home team.

    But the spell they’ve had over Richmond over an extended period – combined with their vastly superior finals experience – should see them get the job done.

    Cats by 15 points.

    Live Score Updates

    Scores updated each minute. REFRESH NOW

    Quarter 1
    3' GOAL - Jacob Townsend (Richmond)
    4' BEHIND - Jack Riewoldt (Richmond)
    6' BEHIND - Dustin Martin (Richmond)
    9' BEHIND - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    18' BEHIND - James Parsons (Geelong Cats)
    23' BEHIND - Josh Caddy (Richmond)
    28' GOAL - Josh Caddy (Richmond)
    29' BEHIND - Kane Lambert (Richmond)
    31' BEHIND - Mitch Duncan (Geelong Cats)
    32' BEHIND - Harry Taylor (Geelong Cats)
    Quarter 2
    3' BEHIND - Josh Caddy (Richmond)
    5' BEHIND - Dion Prestia (Richmond)
    9' BEHIND - Kane Lambert (Richmond)
    16' GOAL - Dan Butler (Richmond)
    26' GOAL - Steven Motlop (Geelong Cats)
    29' GOAL - Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong Cats)
    Quarter 3
    3' BEHIND - Rushed (Richmond)
    8' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong Cats)
    9' GOAL - James Parsons (Geelong Cats)
    11' BEHIND - Rushed (Geelong Cats)
    13' BEHIND - Mark Blicavs (Geelong Cats)
    15' BEHIND - Zach Guthrie (Geelong Cats)
    16' BEHIND - Jack Riewoldt (Richmond)
    20' BEHIND - Shane Edwards (Richmond)
    22' GOAL - Nick Vlastuin (Richmond)
    23' GOAL - Shane Edwards (Richmond)
    26' BEHIND - Zach Tuohy (Geelong Cats)
    28' GOAL - Tom Hawkins (Geelong Cats)
    31' GOAL - Dion Prestia (Richmond)
    Quarter 4
    2' BEHIND - Jack Riewoldt (Richmond)
    3' GOAL - Shaun Grigg (Richmond)
    5' BEHIND - Kane Lambert (Richmond)
    7' BEHIND - Dan Butler (Richmond)
    9' GOAL - Kane Lambert (Richmond)
    10' GOAL - Jacob Townsend (Richmond)
    12' GOAL - Jason Castagna (Richmond)
    14' GOAL - Josh Caddy (Richmond)
    18' BEHIND - James Parsons (Geelong Cats)
    21' GOAL - Harry Taylor (Geelong Cats)
    24' GOAL - Trent Cotchin (Richmond)
    26' GOAL - Jack Riewoldt (Richmond)
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    • 10:32pm
      Swannies said | 10:32pm | ! Report

      Don’t think any team would have beaten Richmond tonight. Let’s hope they haven’t peaked too early! Can’t see Geelong beating the bloods next week.

    • 10:30pm
      Basil said | 10:30pm | ! Report

      Finished 3rd and if they make the Grand Final would have played 3 home games in a row.
      You don’t need to finish top 2 if you’re a Melbourne based team.

      • Roar Pro

        anon said | 10:39pm | ! Report

        Not right and needs to change. Adelaide have been the best team all year, number 1 seed, have done everything asked of them, yet could still find themselves lumped against an MCG tenant for the championship game.

        I guess it will be another premiership with an asterisk against it like 2014-16 where the lower seeded Victorian team was gifted a Grand Final over the high seed interstate team.

        • 11:45pm
          Kurt said | 11:45pm | ! Report

          Yeah, and the worst thing is how this whole hosting the GF at the MCG idea has just come completely out of nowhere! For decades the GF has been rotated around the grounds, and now, the money hungry AFL have suddenly decided we should host the biggest game of the year at the biggest stadium, It’s just not right.

          • 1:49am
            Joe B said | 1:49am | ! Report

            It’s no longer the VFL, it is the AFL. If Australia were the size of England, yeah keep it at the one venue, but Australia is the size of Europe, it is the size of the US. The AFL requests state govts spend 100s of millions, even billions of dollars on stadia to showcase their product… absolutely the AFL GF should be played in other venues. The largest venue argument is weak, especially when there is only about 3 games a year that go over 70k.

            • 2:09am
              Alex L said | 2:09am | ! Report

              The AFL Grand Final has had a 98k+ crowd this entire decade. So it should be played at a large venue to maximise revenue.

              You’re right that this is not England but it’s nothing like the US either, we don’t have 70k+ capacity stadiums all over the country; we have 2, one is the MCG and the other is Stadium Australia, and if you think the AFL is any chance of dislodging the NRL finals from Stadium Australia you’re not thinking.

            • 3:39am
              Kurt said | 3:39am | ! Report

              You’re right, we’re not the size of England – we have a population less than half the size. Therefore our ability to sustain large numbers of 70K+ stadia isn’t there. The biggest game of the AFL season is held every year at the biggest and best stadium. This is hardly a controversial position, so let’s just stop with this silly argument.

              • 11:45am
                Joe B said | 11:45am | ! Report

                Kurt, this is a controversial position. The AFL is a nation wide league, it’s popularity and financial success is due to this FACT. You are probably unaware of the existence of other state leagues and the role they have played in growing the game around the country… you may not even be aware of the financial contribution of other states in growing the AFL and showcasing the product in the best stadia in Australia. Did you know that Vic teams have players that aren’t from Victoria? Yes, we are a silly lot, us non-vics, wanting to be shown a bit of courtesy and respect.

              • 6:05pm
                Kurt said | 6:05pm | ! Report

                Oh boo hoo with your lack of courtesy and respect. I’ve lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and happen to understand the practical realities of hosting the GF at other grounds. Local leagues have nothing to do with it – I grew up in the Golburn valley and I’m not proposing we host the GF in Shepparton.

        • Roar Guru

          AdelaideDocker said | 11:47pm | ! Report

          I’d agree that the MCG tonight was nothing like a Geelong home game. Certainly can’t even be considered a reason they lost – they lost because they were crap – but it was a very odd look from my perspective to see so, so many Tiger fans.

          But it appears you’re making arguments about the Granny. I mean, on one level I agree: I’d love for a Grand Final to be hosted in Adelaide.

          Let’s be realistic though. You’d be sacrificing half a potential crowd, the tradition, the best possible infrastructure and all those things, though.

          It’s just not feasible. The ‘G is the best place for it.

          • 12:03am
            Kurt said | 12:03am | ! Report

            The location of the GF is not about such sensible, rational points however. It’s about a handful of bitter supporters hurt by the Hawks threepeat and looking to denigrate it. The fact that non-Victorian teams still have a winning record against Victorian teams in GFs is considered irrelevant, what matters is excuses for the pathetic performances of the Swans and Eagles in 14-15.

            • 6:34am
              Mattyb said | 6:34am | ! Report

              Hang on a minute,Hawthorn didn’t even play in the 2016 VFL GF,in that game it was the 7th placed VFL side that got the home GF against the non Victorian minor premier. Why do you think this is all about Hawthorn?

              • 6:51pm
                Kurt said | 6:51pm | ! Report

                Hence my use of the numbers 14-15 to designate the years 2014-2015, which by logical definition excludes the year 2016. I understand this is complex stuff Matt, try to keep up.

            • 10:35am
              Don Freo said | 10:35am | ! Report

              Eagles have won 3 there.

              Of course, Geelong has to travel further…poor sausages!

              What silly arguments. Grand Finals elsewhere would lose the sense of occasion, atmosphere, tradtion…the vibe! It’s the vibe of the thing..its the vibe.

              • 6:54pm
                Kurt said | 6:54pm | ! Report

                That’s not possible Don. The Eagles just can’t have won 3 premierships at the MCG, 2 of them against Victorian teams. Likewise the Lions winning 3 against Melbourne teams, or the Crows winning 2 against Melbourne teams, or the Swans winning in 2012. These things simply can’t have happened, because of how insurmountable an obstacle it is for non Victorian teams to play at the MCG.

              • 7:10pm
                Mattyb said | 7:10pm | ! Report

                Kurt,maybe the the interstate sides are just far superior and overcame the unfair advantage?
                Of those GFs you mention though,it needs to be considered that two of the Eagles Premierships were when they almost had a full state side and were a class above the opposition,and 3 were Brisbane who were the greatest side of the modern era,also winning VFL centric Prelims.,they can still win with the odds stacked in the VFL clubs favour.
                I’d say it’s more like the interstate teams would have just won by more had the GF been fair,and would have won by more on a neutral ground also.
                We can’t just keep having the minor premier playing away because their not Victorian,last year the top side had to travel against a side that finished seventh,purely because the seventh side was Victorian,and the top side has a 90k people stadium they can use.

    • 10:29pm
      TC123 said | 10:29pm | ! Report

      After that first term I wouldn’t have thought the Tiges could finish like that. Their best performance this year and hopefully they haven’t peaked. Dusty outstanding again

    • Roar Guru

      Stirling Coates said | 10:29pm | ! Report


      Geelong Cats – 5.10 (40)
      Richmond – 13.13 (91)

      Cats: Motlop, Dangerfield, Parsons, Hawkins, Taylor
      Tigers: Caddy 2, Townsend 2, Butler, Vlaustin, Edwards, Prestia, Castagna, Lambert, Grigg, Cotchin, Riewoldt

      Cats: Dangerfield 31, Duncan 29, S. Selwood 27
      Tigers: Prestia 31, Martin 28, Edwards 24

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 10:28pm | ! Report

      Bad luck Geelong, but that was a phenomenal (final quarter) performance from the Tiges.

      Thanks Stirling for your fantastic work tonight!

      Also, thanks to Rick, Cat, XI and all the others for the chats. Always great chatting with you blokes during some great footy.

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Disnick said | 10:28pm | ! Report

      Congratulations Tigers.

      Thanks for the call, Stirling.

    • Roar Guru

      Stirling Coates said | 10:27pm | ! Report


      After an astonishing seven-goal-to-one last quarter blitz from the Richmond Tigers has seen them emerge 51-point winners over a very disappointing Geelong outfit.

      Details and match report to come.

      GEE – 5.10 (40)
      RCH – 13.13 (91)

    • Roar Guru

      Stirling Coates said | 10:25pm | ! Report

      The Tiger Army deserve their day in the sun today, but there is absolutely no way we’d have even half the crowd shots or mentions of the fanbase whatsoever if this wasn’t one of the big four Victorian teams.

      GEE – 5.10 (40)
      RCH – 13.13 (91)
      Q4: 2′

      • 10:27pm
        Bruce said | 10:27pm | ! Report

        Not many teams can fill the MCG

    , , ,