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    New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

    2017-18 NFL Season, Friday, September 8

    Gillette Stadium, Foxborough
    New England Patriots Kansas City Chiefs
    27 SCORE 42
    7 Q1 7
    10 Q2 7
    10 Q3 7
    0 Q4 21

    The New England Patriots host the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL season opener on Friday morning at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 10.30am (AEST).

    The Chiefs hold an all-time advantage over the Patriots 17-13-3. However, Tom Brady’s men have won five Super Bowl rings in the last 15 years, including two of the last three.

    The home side has improved their line-up from last season and will only be stronger for it. They have lost some talent in veteran Julius Edelman who went down with an ACL injury during pre-season. With the addition of wide receiver Brandin Cooks, tight end Dwayne Allen and a star-studded offence, he won’t be missed too much.

    The Chiefs will start the season with experienced quarterback Alex Smith. He needs to fire early on, otherwise he might be replaced by young rookie Patrick Mahomes. The tenth overall draft pick in 2017 out of Texas Tech is an incredible talent. He could be the future of this side.

    With some good options on the offence, I fancy the Chiefs to win their fair share of games this season. Just not this one.

    The Patriots to start the season with a bang. They will be too strong for the Chiefs in every aspect of the game. This will be the first step on the road to another Super Bowl appearance.

    Can anyone stop this juggernaut? Let’s find out.

    Patriots 41-7

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 10.30am (AEST).

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    • Roar Rookie

      Daniel said | 3:07pm | ! Report

      To quote the great Christopher Spinks:

      “They will be too strong for the Chiefs in every aspect of the game. This will be the first step on the road to another Super Bowl appearance.

      Can anyone stop this juggernaut?”

      Yep, the Chiefs can. Pats looking shaaaaaaaaky early in the season.

      • Roar Guru

        Christopher Spinks said | 3:43pm | ! Report

        My prediciton was a little out for this one. The Chiefs were magnificant, the Pats were crap. I really think this make for a better season. No one wants them to dominate.

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 2:23pm | ! Report

      Its all over at Foxborough for the first game of the NFL season and it’s been a resounding win for the Kansas City Chiefs 42-27.
      Take nothing away from the visitors, but the Patriots were ordinary in every aspect of the game. Brady threw for 16/36 passes for 267 yards. Danny Amendola was brilliant with 100 yards gained until he went off for concussion protocol in the fourth quarter. They will also sweat on the fitness of Dont’a Hightower who went down with a knee injury.
      It was a bad night for the Super Bowl champs who rolled out a banner ceremony before the game began.
      On the flip side, the Chiefs were brilliant. Alex Smith threw 28/35 for 368 yards. Rookie Kareem Hunt, started his NFL career with a fumble, then found his groove and have 17 carriers for 148 yards and a TD.
      The Chiefs never took the foot of the throat, they fought off the early push from the Pats and carved out their own result.
      The poor performance from the champions will give hope to everyone else in the league. The Pats can be beaten.

    • Roar Guru

      Scott Pryde said | 2:16pm | ! Report

      I am reminded today why I find it so hard to get into the NFL… Four hours for a game is ridiculous.

      • Roar Guru

        Christopher Spinks said | 2:24pm | ! Report

        not a good idea for my first live blog. should have done a tennis match.

        • Roar Guru

          Scott Pryde said | 3:07pm | ! Report

          I’m not having a dig at NFL, because I don’t mind the sport itself. I just can’t work out how you’re supposed to drag in casual fans when every other football code doesn’t last more than half the time.

          • 8:15pm
            northerner said | 8:15pm | ! Report

            Scott – think of it as chess vs checkers. One game takes a lot more time than the other. Strategy vs tactics.

          • 8:24am
            mushi said | 8:24am | ! Report

            Ithink it’s becuase your trying to consumer the 4 hours the same way you would a continuous action game.

            You don’t have to sit there eyes glued for 4 hours, so if your out watching a night game it’s perfect for a social setting because without missing any meaningful action, if you’re a diehard, you can pour over the last big play in detail and how other players would have done it or, for casual fans, chat about rest of life stuff.

            You can pop to the bathroom, grab drinks, order food etc without missing the momentum build up or the big play.

            And on Sudnays they have multiple games at once.

            For the modern media consumer, who intereacts with 2 to 3 portals at once, how can you not see the appeal of a game with repeat breaks to the casual fan?

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 2:13pm | ! Report

      two minute warning– Chiefs with a 15 point lead over the current Super Bowl champs

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 2:11pm | ! Report

      2:37 left– this one is done. Chiefs have the ball and a 15 point lead.
      Patriots 27 – Chiefs 42

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 2:08pm | ! Report

      Brady sacked twice in a row, the last one was almost a safety.

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 2:08pm | ! Report

      Is this the same team who won the SB?

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 2:06pm | ! Report

      TOUCHDOWNKareem Hunt with a run of 65 yards to put the Chiefs on the 15.
      West takes a run and scores a touch down.
      Patriots just soft on D.
      Patriots 27 – Chiefs 42
      4:00 left.
      This game is over

    • 2:06pm
      Nate said | 2:06pm | ! Report

      Pats were a 71% chance of winning this game according to FPI. They were favourites in every game this year. Oops.

    • Roar Guru

      Joel Erickson said | 2:05pm | ! Report

      Never mind missing the playoffs, they won’t win a game if they keep playing like this.

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 1:57pm | ! Report

      Tyreek Hill has cramps, should return later

    • Roar Guru

      Christopher Spinks said | 1:57pm | ! Report

      SACK – big sack on Tom Brady. 4:56 left in the match. Pats with the ball 2nd and 17