“Where do I actually sit?” Douglas unsure of Wallabies future.

By Vince Rugari, Vince Rugari is a Roar Guru

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    Dumped Wallabies lock Kane Douglas admits he has absolutely no idea where he sits in coach Michael Cheika’s seemingly ever-changing mix of second-rowers.

    Left out of Australia’s training contingent for of Saturday’s Test against Argentina, Douglas has been sent back to get some much-needed minutes under his belt in the National Rugby Championship.

    Meanwhile, Cheika has picked Rob Simmons and Adam Coleman in the second row at Canberra’s GIO Stadium, with Izack Rodda on the bench and Rory Arnold surprisingly not selected.

    It is the fourth different starting lock combination Cheika has used this year, and the eighth since the 2015 World Cup, as he continues to rifle through his options, trying to establish as much depth as possible in Australia’s ranks.

    Douglas started in the World Cup final and played under Cheika as the NSW Waratahs won the Super Rugby title the year prior but now finds himself at a career crossroads.

    The 28-year-old lost his spot in the Queensland Reds team this year, starting just seven times in Super Rugby as he was overtaken by young guns Rodda and Lukhan Tui — both of whom are now in the Wallabies mix.

    “I had a good chat (to Cheika) before I left,” Douglas told reporters in Brisbane on Thursday.

    “He just said it would be good for me to play some footy, which I haven’t been doing.

    “I probably haven’t asked that question, where do I actually sit?

    “They’ve all been playing pretty well so it’s sort of hard for me to put my hand up when you’re not getting too many minutes.

    “I don’t know if they’re quicker than me and all the rest, but I’ve just got to play my game, be physical. That’s all I can do.”

    Douglas said he had enjoyed watching Rodda and Tui emerge but conceded it did his own Test hopes no good.

    “I’ve got a task ahead of myself to try and get a spot back next year or to get back in the Wallabies fold,” he said.

    “I’m 28 now — there’s a heap of young guys coming through so you start feeling pretty old.

    “I’m hoping I’ve still got some good footy ahead of me.”

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    The Crowd Says (29)

    • September 14th 2017 @ 6:10pm
      Gepetto said | September 14th 2017 @ 6:10pm | ! Report

      Kane will be a leader and a champion for the Reds next year. I hope he plays every minute of the Reds’ season.

      • September 15th 2017 @ 8:01am
        Rebellion said | September 15th 2017 @ 8:01am | ! Report

        Grow your hair, dye it blonde and play for the Tahs – you’ll be guaranteed selection in the Wallabies starting side.

    • September 14th 2017 @ 6:17pm
      Dave_S said | September 14th 2017 @ 6:17pm | ! Report

      Seems the fans are not the only ones thoroughly confused.

    • September 14th 2017 @ 6:40pm
      ScrumJunkie said | September 14th 2017 @ 6:40pm | ! Report

      Play better, you pick yourself. You have the talent. Use your brain.

      • September 14th 2017 @ 8:02pm
        Toanuiunno said | September 14th 2017 @ 8:02pm | ! Report

        That’s how it should be but with the selections how they are its not so clear cut.

        • September 16th 2017 @ 9:09am
          PiratesRugby said | September 16th 2017 @ 9:09am | ! Report

          Yes, if David Pocock works harder he may have a chance of playing at 7 one day.

    • Roar Guru

      September 14th 2017 @ 6:41pm
      Ralph said | September 14th 2017 @ 6:41pm | ! Report

      “Kane Douglas admits he has absolutely no idea where he sits in coach Michael Cheika’s seemingly ever-changing mix of second-rowers”

      Honestly, how can this be a good thing?

      • September 15th 2017 @ 12:54am
        Bakkies said | September 15th 2017 @ 12:54am | ! Report

        Cheika got union funds to pay this bloke out of the remaining two years of his Leinster contract while he was in rehab (not that they paid it out in full). Another example of dumb business that the ARU has been culpable of.

        That aside it is a fair question and he is screwing around with Rory Arnold’s head too.

      • September 15th 2017 @ 4:17am
        soapit said | September 15th 2017 @ 4:17am | ! Report

        if you read the article he specifically says its because he hasnt actually asked cheika. perhaps he shouldnt need to but its not the crime of the century. selective quoting on the article headline.

        • September 15th 2017 @ 10:09am
          Dave_S said | September 15th 2017 @ 10:09am | ! Report

          Fair point soapit, but when you promote and demote people (in any field) you always have ‘the talk’ with them, if even just a few minutes – the worst thing you can do is leave them wondering and coming to the wrong conclusion. It’s poor management practice. At best it’s lazy, at worst it’s passive aggressive behaviour from a manager.

        • Roar Guru

          September 15th 2017 @ 6:32pm
          Ralph said | September 15th 2017 @ 6:32pm | ! Report

          Not the crime of the century no. But a wise man keeps communication levels high so:

          (a) players don’t get lost in the woods looking for trees,
          (b) players understand what is required of them (especially if you are sending them off to work on stuff), and
          (c) conspiracy theories don’t start through lack of information, because in the absence of the truth people believe some pretty odd stuff.

          Players can get on a phone sure, but lets not forget the players in rugby are the young ones and coaches are supposed to be the older wise ones with more experience at these things.

          In any event, having players feeling on the outer when there is drain to Europe and your depth is poor. Well it is not a good look to my way of thinking.

        • September 15th 2017 @ 7:34pm
          soapit said | September 15th 2017 @ 7:34pm | ! Report

          dont disagree with either of you guys.

      • September 16th 2017 @ 10:40am
        Nigel said | September 16th 2017 @ 10:40am | ! Report

        That’s how the whole squad feels, that’s why we’re getting such crap results!! Esp after we lose to the Puma tonight!!!

    • September 14th 2017 @ 7:07pm
      Graymatter said | September 14th 2017 @ 7:07pm | ! Report

      Simple tactical error. You returned to the Reds not the Tahs. Silly boy!

      • September 14th 2017 @ 9:20pm
        ethan said | September 14th 2017 @ 9:20pm | ! Report

        At the time he signed Rodda and Tui hadn’t established themselves at SR level, while the Tahs had Skelton and Mumm. I’m not sure of the financials involved, but for window of opportunity on starting position it seemed he made the right call. Just bad timing with the injury that gave the youngsters the opportunity, which they took. But if those two really force him to lift his game, and he forces them to do the same, it is win/win for Aus rugby. Even if it is not win/win for Kane Douglas.

        • September 15th 2017 @ 7:37am
          Train Without A Station said | September 15th 2017 @ 7:37am | ! Report

          Tui and Rodda weren’t even at the Reds at the time in fact.

    • Roar Pro

      September 14th 2017 @ 9:15pm
      ols said | September 14th 2017 @ 9:15pm | ! Report

      Kane returned to Australian Rugby at Cheika’s urging.
      No guarantees of course.
      Same for Leroy Houston.

      But I bet both these guys are wondering just WTF they were lured back he for for when they could be earning squillions in UK, Europe.
      Twiggy might be able to throw them a lifeline.

      • September 15th 2017 @ 12:56am
        Bakkies said | September 15th 2017 @ 12:56am | ! Report

        Houston wised up and signed with Bordeaux. Dropped a load of weight and is a different player.

        • September 15th 2017 @ 5:49pm
          Paul D said | September 15th 2017 @ 5:49pm | ! Report

          Maybe he should have pulled his finger out a bit sooner?

        • September 16th 2017 @ 10:44am
          Nigel said | September 16th 2017 @ 10:44am | ! Report

          Bizarre selections down under, wonder what if, Letoy was a regular member of the Wallabies at eight?? Instead his talent is only noted os??? Don’t get it?? Taqele goes os is a champion winger gets back here, you’re nobody?? Check out the Wallaby team we’re playing like nobodies, should look at the selections and the selectors perhaps it’s a personnel problem both on and off the field!!!

          • September 16th 2017 @ 11:28am
            Bakkies said | September 16th 2017 @ 11:28am | ! Report

            Houston’s talent was noted by Eddie Jones when he selected him in a Wallabies without playing any Super Rugby matches.

      • September 15th 2017 @ 3:55pm
        Neil said | September 15th 2017 @ 3:55pm | ! Report

        Actually, Douglas did not come back at Cheika’s urging, Ols.. He came back for family reasons. I have always been a big fan of Douglas but would have to say he has been disappointing since his return. Houston came back to play at 8, and has also been uninspiring. Douglas must shake his head, as I do, that Simmons is even considered for a run.

        • September 16th 2017 @ 10:46am
          Nigel said | September 16th 2017 @ 10:46am | ! Report

          Yet he is, the most maligned player in Wallaby rugby yet there he is in the starting line up !! Perhaps u boys ought to question your own ability to identify talent!!

        • September 16th 2017 @ 11:31am
          Bakkies said | September 16th 2017 @ 11:31am | ! Report

          ‘He came back for family reasons’

          That was Douglas’ reason to Leinster and the Irish media but the reality is that Cheika was after him the moment he left the country on a three year contract. The ARU was negotiating with Leinster for him to get released. It got dragged out as Leinster requested the ARU to pay out the remaining two years of his contract and the ARU refused.

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