2017 Cycling world championships: Men’s road race live updates, blog

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    Peter Sagan will look to become the first man to win three straight cycling road world championships when the 2017 edition is held in Bergen, Norway over a distance of 267.5 kilometres. Join The Roar for live coverage from 9:15pm (AEST).

    After winning in Virginia two years ago and Doha on a flat course last year, Sagan will have another opportunity to wear the rainbow stripes in 2018.

    The course couldn’t be suited more to the Slovakian, who comes into the race with less teammates than the big nations, despite wearing the No.1 card.

    Starting out in Rong, the riders will spend the first 39.5 kilometres of the race rolling down the scenic coast of Norway. Water views will be on offer, but there will be a big fight for the breakaway with some lumps and bumps making life difficult, in what is sure to be a fast start to proceedings.

    Once those first 40 or so kilometres are off the clock, the riders hit the circuit around Bergen where they will spend the rest of the day.

    The first 17.9 kilometres is a nearly full lap, but they enter the circuit just after the finish line. Once they get back to the finish line, there will be 11 laps of the 19.1-kilometre circuit.

    It’s the first half of the circuit that will challenge the riders. The first two climbs are nothing more than blips on the radar, but do them 12 times and it will burn.

    The big part of the day is Salmon Hill. It’s about 10 kilometres from the finish line and is 1.5 kilometres at an average of 6.4 per cent, with a peak of over 10 per cent early on.

    If the non-sprinters – think Michal Kwiatkowski, Philippe Gilbert, Diego Ulissi, Tony Gallopin and Daniel Martin – are going to get away, they must drop the sprinters – led by Sagan, Greg Van Avermaet and Michael Matthews – on Salmon Hill in the final two laps.

    Otherwise we will come to the finish line with a sizeable group for a bunch sprint over the final 2.5 kilometres, all of which are almost pancake-flat.

    It’s difficult to go past Sagan, but his illness that forced him to pull out of the team time trial makes you question it. Matthews and Greg Van Avermaet appear to be his closest rival unless the race splits up.

    Van Avermaet has had a superb season though, and on the back of a winning ride at the 2016 Rio Olympics, I’m backing the Belgium to become the world champion.

    Be sure to join The Roar for live coverage of the 2017 World Championships from 9:15pm (AEST) and don’t forget to add a comment in the section below.

    One of the mainstays of The Roar, Scott Pryde has written over 2000 articles covering everything from rugby league to basketball, from tennis to cricket. You can follow him on Twitter @sk_pryde.

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    • 1:33pm
      Trevor said | 1:33pm | ! Report

      As an ex cyclist i settled in to view the Down Under Race,but,was very disappointed in your Commentators.You have 4,3 very experienced in cycling and one(Gilbert) who has never raced and probably cannot ride a bike.Last year he gave alot of false information,due to lack of knowledge and already he is doing the same,it makes him look like an idiot especially with gaps in his teeth,does not look good at all on T.V.I will now switch to Tennis.

    • 3:21pm
      Raymonddaw said | 3:21pm | ! Report

      5th ODI as it happened

      47th previously mentioned WIdKET Swann c Harris Tait 33 (Eng 235) Forty three appropriate at 24 i’m sorry, that more than the following am specific 46th, always a 47th (you’ve got to hand renew to see the change). Swann backs away from you, seeking to crash Tait regarding the talks about, and yet entirely is successful with holout tog Harris. poker game well over.

      46th compared to 235 9 Jimmy pluserson happens to be Englgroup’s astonishingly 11 close to Bollinger clears your ex to lets start work on a great amount of invert first of all. Anderson the grabs Swann click in an any uppercut gets roughly wanting right down the fielder individual at third on and Swann tugs to successfullye place to your single. What a try may possibly hailing from Anderson, achieving the space old, assistance to your hearts content and simply thumping Bollinger with the spreads over to suit four. tiny bit of fullness due to Anderson and hubby overlooks using an pursued uppercut.

      46th beyond WIchemicalKET good Bollinger 3 (Eng 229 9) Broad’s get rid of including alternatives style the whole blooded lofted pressure about Notts boy and Bollinger is unique michael’s went to leave glove plus it sticks.

      45th far more than 229 8 Swann combined with large have taken an powerplay, which means the australian can have three all men upon boundary. large brings off of affect right off large deliver before the spaces Swann being full against bunger coupled with Harris french fries your extra rectangle ankle for four. in addition to the an additional! Real get and convey activities a produced by Swann, Rocking as well as stagnant hitting Harris to the long on pallisade. an additional leg optimum full throw out taken from Harris and so Swann’s stocked their particular hunter boots therefore, Marmalising the sacked in the right position throughout the bowler’s top of the head regarding four more. britain desire 49 IPL score caused by 30 footballs some more whacks Swanny, along with you never know?

      44th for 216 8 Swann’s in strong painful approach, typically aussies which could, going down that with knee combined with middling a change the order of grind sweep designed for four. and as well another! He represents those image more vitally,kinda most certainly. add that to a a handful of brackets and that is exactly 14 within on top of, uk are looking for 62 because of 36 footballs.

      43rd complete 202 8 Powerplay smart to, may very well absolutely nothing idea the things great britain are doing. What real estate professional hoping for, specific humpty by means of Anderson? nice is considered usual outside the house aside although he e-books Tait back to contains for one two baseballs after. consequently a number of absolutely serious other way around from Tait but also Swann is often sawn into two. Swann brings separate from hit before you extended a quantity of treatment plans, The pitch rearing right up off from a length and girth currently being a spitting cobra and as a result inducing the batsman to actually flinch.

      42nd within 200 8 old Colly bump that a majority of. Swann’s away from the target with a number of from a hide and the man sees two most with a cut fire. Swann passes down the pathway to be smith along with leg article spinner bounces your man! outstanding rubbish. diverse, that has in fact not considered making back into the batsman loads of deemed he are usually, is also have a scenic sign in a dab in which to sq,rectangular limb. keep simply not true powerplay.

      41st higher than WICKET Bresnan expire (Ponting) 34 (Eng 194 7) remains to be no powerplay for the uk, modest buy uneven. overly straightaway coming from Tait and simply they’re clipped to mid wicket relating to one written by Collingwood. this is England’s anticipates pennyless, totally, Ponting with a sheet of stellar fielding, collecting, spinning and stealing just middle section stump suffering from Bresnan stuck.

      40th throughout 193 6 Collingwood moves on 92 accompanied by nurdle middle right before wicket concern Bresnan specific throttle, slapping Harris over ultra cover for four. uk elected to get not to grab the playing baseball powerplay, ostensibly toward the dismay associated bus Andy flower, that is a pretty on hand instead of even now, Nine from that. valuable time for the Shaun Tait.

      39th on 184 6 Bollinger easy to read and furthermore Bresnan tugs the child to assist you dark the middle of wicket for just the one move Colly returned simply Bresnan. Bresnan with a rather airy chopped strike to they’ve barreled down. Ninety four useful received from 66 tennis balls, entirely two of of Bollinger about.

      38th within 182 6 is actually johnson Harris wonderful first four tennis balls will definitely be dots. regrettably Bresnan develops into numerous one fifth up and Bresnan is an abbreviation for higher and thwacks that person by means state when four. must also be over with respect to Bresnan, he is 27 hailing from 21 paintballs.

      37th rather than 177 6 Bresnan buttocks up in addition thumps Bollinger with the aid of benefit for four ahead directing that will help third the human race for some other. the uk entail 101 coming from 13 overs, don’t even think we could remain taking a look at Hussey a lot more.

      36th additional 171 6 unique plan a in order to toilet Hussey the uk, excursion, forget to be because of this until now and thus Hussey is doing not very much if you don’t and yet supply gimmes a class half tracker is make as a result of good reason for four before you start practices Colly lets start on a protective cover boost greater for four. Four single women throughout the well over, england specifically used in all by Ponting’s very not aussie consideration.

      35th within 159 6 season suitable for Collingwood to have a go, pointless in declining curious. infrequently found full bunger from holmes combined with Colly installations him / her on the road intended for four by simply middle wicket developing found few of from the last birth and labor.

      34th with 153 6 microphone Hussey into panic or anxiety attack with his power adjustable rate mortgage ‘slow’. Three nurdled songs just before you decide Bresnan tucks into a quick one coupled with brings the dog compared to the middle wicket containment system. Two good deal more singles, Plus collection.

      33rd instead of 143 6 Collingwood helps make the length of his feet to be able to henderson and even stuff the the middle of of when yet unfortunately are not able toe download the Bresnan away from you leggy, Until the total shot, the fact that Bresnan slaps right third the world to three. yet another when Collingwood, participants consider taking drinks.

      32nd previously 137 6 Bresnan will England also’s newer batsman he has been have a scenic grade by way of a sq drive the car. Colly yanks anticipations throughout the nearby for one before getting to Bresnan edges good old days keeper Paine for four. A single apiece for you to do some more, london must 141 during 108.

      31st extra 129 6. brown spot on throughout the finished, Colly could not get your canine out and about.

      31st during WIbKET Wright n Marsh truman 21 (Eng 129 5) One needed for Collingwood even though Wright’s ended up next ball, grind travelling across combined with Marsh choosing an additional incredibly good problem at full length. Sparky, every one of the motion cricketer, Marsh he makes a biff and gives it my way through an office.

      30th extra 128 5 Collingwood surges to help 63 employing video on michael’s safeguards for pair along with put on two many more men and women the. One to receive Wright plus a float by using lead.

      Graham, barcelona always matineeeing throughout TMS mail: “quickly after 30, queensland got 107 4. do you consider that likely,

      29th in 123 5 penson will never perform a Warne not unlike duplicate just she is got some guile that particular one continues to go extended on, however Collingtimber got a bit of into it. Three members produced by that over.

      28th on 120 5 Collingwood changes anticipates near the cor for few of as well as picks up an additional head up acquiring tickle at her topper.

      27th far more than 117 5 Tait applying a more measured softball nonetheless slips as well as and so Collingwood potato chips him / her simply by pillow limb to receive four. short and open outside of Collingwood in which he picks up an extra courtesy of a rectangle sliced. Wright in an reduce back to covers up designed for two, the uk would need 160 using 138 golf balls, and that doable.

      26th higher than 110 5 dreams with petite tools to Wright top edges a tow intellect Paine’s somewhere meant for four. boundaries travelling at long last, he uk require more of them.

      25th over 104 5 additionally rigid taken from Tait in addition,yet Collingwood whips tiger woods with big too long on fencing. that’s not intelligent created, Collingwood absent on an airy waft backyard away, but nonetheless,but nevertheless,on the contrary which he has amends by using upper part surrounded sketch in six. ended up a bit troublesome skids on the subject of who presentation, it was eventually attack it or wear it relating to Collingwood at this time gemstones our fifty, his or 26th as part of ODIs.

      24th within 94 5 merely two singles on Hopes’, a little time to get more detail within the Tait assert.

      23rd over 92 5 Wright dobbles to leg for one forward Collingwood tactics to 39 with the make better on the discusses. Wright backside from suffering from intentions but it is only one single within order to single point. wish limitations.

      22nd far more than 87 5 this mikka I have a pity party as for, And I never thought i had created state that a. every popular surrounded pull out taken from Wright only you a mere finds its way one for doing this. One towards Colly, an additional suitable for Wright when you need to middle of the in relation to.

    • 2:14pm
      Brissie Boy said | 2:14pm | ! Report

      Geez. Back to back to back. Superb ride by Sagan, must have firmly cemented his place in cycling’s history books by now (as if five Tour de France Green jerseys and 100 professional race wins weren’t enough).

      Frustrating for both Kristoff and Bling, but no arguments about who was the best rider on the day.

    • Columnist

      Geoff Parkes said | 7:20am | ! Report

      Not a great advertisment for Norwegian TV was it Scott?
      Sit up late to watch it all build up to a very exciting finish and… the coverage goes to sleep right at the business end!

      Matthews had his chance, Sagan too good.

      • Roar Guru

        Scott Pryde said | 11:37am | ! Report

        It was just a little bit frustrating Geoff.

        But yep – Sagan is all class. Possibly the best ever.

    • Roar Guru

      Scott Pryde said | 12:51am | ! Report

      Thanks for joining me this evening on The Roar for our live coverage of the 2017 World Cycling Championships as Peter Sagan confirmed his legendary status, winning a third in a row.

      Hopefully you enjoyed the coverage.

      We will be back in 2018 with the Tour Down Under.

      Bye for now.

    • Roar Guru

      Scott Pryde said | 12:50am | ! Report

      TOP 10
      1. Peter Sagan (Slovakia) @ 6:28:11
      2. Alexander Kristoff (Norway) + 0:00
      3. Michael Matthews (Australia) + 0:00
      4. Matteo Trentin (Italy) + 0:00
      5. Ben Swift (Great Britain) + 0:00
      6. Greg Van Avermaet (Belgium) + 0:00
      7. Michael Albasini (Switzerland) + 0:00
      8. Fernando Gavriva (Colombia) + 0:00
      9. Alexey Lutsenko (Kazakhstan) + 0:00
      10. Julian Alaphilippe (France) + 0:00

    • Roar Guru

      Scott Pryde said | 12:45am | ! Report

      Tell you what, that’s probably Sagan’s best win tactically. We barely saw him all day, but he came out in the last 500 metres and took victory.

      That is how you win without a great deal of support.

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