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    Peel Thunder vs Subiaco Lions

    WAFL Grand Final

    Subiaco Oval
    Peel Thunder Subiaco Lions
    72 SCORE 56

    Match result:

    The Peel Thunder have claimed back to back WAFL premierships with a 16-point win over the Subiaco Lions.

    Final score
    Peel Thunder 11.6.72
    Subiaco Lions 7.14.56

    Match preview:

    The Subiaco Lions and Peel Thunder will do battle in the WAFL grand final for the second year in a row as the Lions look to complete a dominant season by avenging their loss from last year. Catch all the live scores, highlights and action on The Roar from 4:50pm (AEST).

    This is just the second grand final for the Thunder in their relatively short history, having won their debut appearance at the big dance last year for their maiden WAFL flag.

    Subiaco is charging into their fourth grand final in a row off the back of a huge season this year.

    Shaking off a first-round loss to South Fremantle, the Lions ploughed through the rest of the season, winning 19 games straight on their way to the minor premiership, finishing 12 points clear of second spot with just the one loss to their name.

    Their trip to the decider hasn’t been as smooth in the postseason though.

    Despite having beaten Peel three times throughout the regular season, the defending champions upset Subiaco in the semi-final, kicking 14 goals to ten to book their spot in the final and leave the Lions with one more roadblock.

    Tasked with firing past South Freo once again, Subiaco were able to come back into the game after a shaky start that saw them falling behind in the first half, eventually running away 32-point winners.

    For Peel, they have had a very similar season to last year, stumbling through the season at times and struggling with inconsistencies.

    They managed to finish third but with an unconvincing record of 12 wins and eight losses for the year leading into the finals.

    The Thunder certainly put those inconsistencies aside at finals time though, knocking off the number one and two sides in consecutive weeks to book the first spot in the decider, including the aforementioned semi-final win over today’s opponent.

    There has been plenty of talking points leading into the 2017 finale, including the inclusion of 15 Fremantle Dockers-listed players in the Thunder’s squad.

    It will also be the last WAFL grand final to be played at Subiaco Oval.

    If this was anyone else, Subiaco would be clear favourites to dance their way to a third premiership in four years.

    However, Peel have proven to be their hurdle over the last couple of years and the Thunder are shaping up for back-to-back flags, especially with their bolstered squad of AFL-listed players.

    The Thunder have shown they can beat the near-unbeatable Lions in big games not only in last year’s grand final, but this year as well.

    The dominance of Subiaco this year could all be for nothing this afternoon. It’s going to be a tight one, but the Thunder should sneak to their second flag on the trot.

    Peel to win by 7

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    • 2:08pm
      JK Legend said | 2:08pm | ! Report

      the fact Subi has the agreement at Domain has stuff all to do with the playing field. While all the subi players will be back at work this week , being only part time footballers, the freo mob will still be celebrating thinking they are actually the winners when in fact as we all know it’s the AFL v’s the WAFL. Well done Subi for making to another GF and in my book you won it for the WAFL comp . The alignment is pathetic, unfair and unjust.

      • 2:37pm
        Don Freo said | 2:37pm | ! Report

        Not at all. Subi were the cellar dwellers of the AFL forever until the Eagles started and the commercial benefits around Subi then enabled them to buy AFL rejects and poach WAFL stars from other clubs.

        When they were “per$auded” by the WA Footy Commission to vacate Subi and take over Leederville, they were drowned in dollar$ and have continued to buy success. They have hardly any of their own developed youth in the side.

        Your whinge would be valid if you spoke of Claremont, Swans or East Freo…but you don’t. Subi has made the last 4 GFs only because of purchasing power.

        So, now explain where Freo’s second tier players play if it is not in the WAFL. That’s the next level down. Remember, if Sandilands, Bennell, Ballantyne, Walters, Blakely, Balic, Langdon, Grey, Clarke, Spurr or Apeness were not out injured, some of those young GF players would have played no AFL games. They are fill ins. Then players like Dawson, Pearce, Sheridan, Suban and Sutcliffe are not first 22 players…just fill ins also. None of them were or are dominant at WAFL level so they were hardly an advantage.

        Subi just choked. Shepherd has the wood on Schofield as a coach.

    • Roar Pro

      Crazy Horse said | 10:03pm | ! Report

      Fremantle Dockers win the WAFL Grand Final.

    • 9:18pm
      Whippet said | 9:18pm | ! Report

      I hope on Tuesday when the Peel players are out celebrating they spare a thought for the Subiaco players who will be back at their day jobs. I was at the game, about my thirtieth WAFL grand final, but don’t support either club. However, I was barracking for Subi as I hate the alignment – it is so unfair. Just not an even playing field. Peel got a couple of dubious free kicks in the last quarter that resulted in goals. Quite frustrating for that to happen as already have a massive advantage. Let’s hope that common sense prevails and the alignments are scrapped for next season. It is ruining the integrity of the WAFL. Ridiculous that a side can only lose one game in the home and away season yet not win the flag. Judging from the paltry crowd today, a majority of the the footy community agrees with me.

      • Roar Guru

        Dalgety Carrington said | 11:59pm | ! Report

        It’ll swing around again as Freo’s priorities change. It’s actually been quite annoying as a Freo supporter, for such a large number of players to be tied up in a WAFL finals campaign. I’d say they’ve got so many in there due to the transitioning of their squad with the older players retiring etc and young players benefiting from the finals experience. It won’t be the case in years to come and many more players would be withdrawn from such a campaign in different types of years.

        I have little sympathy for Subi, as they’ve been big beneficiaries from Subiaco Oval being a cash cow and are the best resourced WAFL club for years.

        • 1:26am
          dontknowmuchaboutfootball said | 1:26am | ! Report

          Exactly. That last point makes a mockery of all the sooking about the unfairness of Peel having so many Freo players. The comp has is hardly being played on a level field to begin with.

        • 11:24am
          M S Quigley said | 11:24am | ! Report

          DC the fact that Subiaco still holds the licence to the bar a Domain has nought to do with it. That is commercial nouse. Peel received $450, 000 from the Commission to take on the Dockers. whether the Dockers are in transition has with respect nothing to do with it. i feel sorry for those Peel players who worked all season to assist the Club reach a Grand Final to be cast aside at the moment of defining glory by the inclusion of the Docker players. You can’t excuse away what is a silly stupid and unfair system . Other WAFL clubs will look at this situation and see that even if they make the GF under the current scheme they will have to be extremely lucky to win. So what then for the WAFL ? This grassroots competition has given this State and the AFL some fine players. Will it disappear so that all we have is AFL? If so we will finish up like the IPL in England . A competition for elites from all over the world where the average “joe blow” can attend because it is too exppensive and the local competition is virtually dying.

          • 12:28pm
            Whippet said | 12:28pm | ! Report

            Agree. The biggest danger is that the average Joe doesn’t bother turning up on grand final day (because of the alignment). The WAFL may come out and say yesterday was a success as 18,000 people turned up and it was a wet day. Sure, it’s an increase of 3,000 on last year, but the game was heavily promoted as the last Aussie Rules game at Subi Oval and adult tickets were only $15 and kids free. Another observation I made yesterday was that the crowd was mainly people aged over 50. Where will the WAFL be in 25 years? An unfair WAFL comp does nothing to attract younger people to the WAFL. I fear for it’s future.

      • 4:45pm
        johno said | 4:45pm | ! Report

        For the Thunder Ugle, Bell, Bennell, Lawler, Jetta, Obrien, Hancock are not AFL players and don’t get the $$

        Duman, Nyhuis, Deluca are rookies on $35.5k salary, so most likely they are supplementing their wage with work

        Players like Luke Ryan, Sean Darcy, Sam Collins, Cox etc are probably on about $65k, while Logue as a first round pick might be on $80k, so would be able to be full time AFL this year

        So sure, there might be a few players on some good coin in Pearce, Dawson, Ibbo, but none are the mega bucks players earning over $300k

        I think a senior WAFL player might earn about $1000 a game, so the best Subi players get around a rookie wage.

        Teams like Swan Districts and Perth have done it tough for years, and Pell Thunder pre the alignment. Maybe Subi can just suck it up for a change

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 7:54pm | ! Report


    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 7:51pm | ! Report

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 7:46pm | ! Report

      A see-sawing contest and a tough result for the Lions who dominated much of the contest across the second, third and fourth quarters but they just couldn’t execute when they created the chances, they couldn’t capitalise on their field position and they’ve paid the price.

      21 scoring shots to 17 in favour of the Lions but their accuracy let them down in the end.

      Plenty of talk about the Peel squad having over a dozen AFL listed players in the side before the game and will be a talking point in the aftermath as well you’d have to think.

    • 7:44pm
      mickyo said | 7:44pm | ! Report

      I understand that in general it was a wet day, but Peel play a very ugly defensive Ross Lyon brand of football that is hard to watch.

      If Subi kicked straight or even had AFL fulltime skills and fitness training they would have smashed Peel.

      For mine it shows that Ross Lyon football is not premiership material at the highest level.

      • 7:58pm
        Doctor Rotcod said | 7:58pm | ! Report

        Couldn’t agree more.Having fifteen Dockers players running around for Peel and they only win because Subi didn’t kick straight. To go with that you have Rosich suggesting that Subiaco’s recent dominance and Perth’s mediocrity are bigger deals than equalisation is arrogant and typical,along with him claiming that it was Fremantle’s right to play the first AFL game at the new stadium. At least the Dockers/Peel players will have some medals to show their kids

        • Roar Guru

          Dalgety Carrington said | 10:01pm | ! Report

          You see what you want to see.

          • 5:16pm
            Doctor Rotcod said | 5:16pm | ! Report

            And so do you

            • 12:23am
              Don Freo said | 12:23am | ! Report

              CodMan, these are the players who are not in Freo’s top side. Some were at the end only because of the Freo injury toll. They are the level below AFL and guess what that is? That’s right, their current level, WAFL. It is their right to play WAFL if they are good enough. What should Dawson, Pearce, Ibbotson, Sheridan, Sutcliffe, Suban do? Retire because Jarrod Schofield doesn’t like being beaten? They are doing exactly what we require of veterans whose AFL careers are over or teetering. They put in at the level below? Are you counting Nyhuis, DeLuca, Collins, Duman, Cox as AFL players? How many games do you think they played for Freo? How many for Peel? They were Peel players this year. Logue, Ryan and Darcy were the only AFL level performers in that side and each played only half a season or lessfor Freo.

              Now, how many Subi players came up through their juniors? More than half the team is bought from Victoria or former AFL players lured away from their original club with cash from the Subi Oval deals. Subi should have been equalized years ago.

      • 1:31am
        dontknowmuchaboutfootball said | 1:31am | ! Report

        You what?

        Subi are congestion specialists. Peel are all about the outside run. First half of the game, when it was raining, Subi got on top; when it was sunny, Peel were away with it. Second half was an “ugly defensive” arm wrestle, largely because Subi were trying hard to force Peel to play on their terms.

        I like “ugly defensive footy” anyway. Today’s game was far more entertaining than the blow outs that each of the AFL finals have been so far (though Port-Eagles was the worst, obviously, because Port let WC win).

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 7:41pm | ! Report


      Peel have snaked a mark on the siren and they’ve kicked it after fulltime to complete the win!!

      The final siren sounds and that is it!! PEEL THUNDER ARE THE 2017 WAFL CHAMPIONS!!

      Two flags in a row and the players are down on their haunches, this is a huge win against one of the most dominant Aussie Rules sides over the past five years in Subiaco.

      The Lions taste defeat in the final at the hands of the Thunder for the second year running and they are devastated.

      What a final this has been and a hard-earned win for the champions!!

      Subiaco Lions 7.14 (56)
      Peel Thunder 11.6 (72)

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 7:39pm | ! Report


      O’Brien marks in front of his own goal for Peel and that is a huge grab!!

      Thunder just knocking it around the backline, taking their time to move on options. They have this game locked up if they don’t fall over themselves.

      Subiaco Lions 7.14 (56)
      Peel Thunder 10.6 (66)

    • Roar Guru

      Connor Bennett said | 7:38pm | ! Report


      Ball up inside the Lions forward 50 but the ball isn’t coming out of the pack and we’re getting more stoppages late in the game.

      Subi really running out of time and options with two scoring shots needed.

      Subiaco Lions 7.14 (56)
      Peel Thunder 10.6 (66)

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