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TELL US: Has money made sport better or worse?

Where's the money going? (Image: Supplied)
27th September, 2017

G’day Roarers, we’re kicking off a new initiative and as always, we’d love to hear your input.

The Roar Podcast is just about ready to launch.

Each episode, a mixture of Roar Editors and Experts will be tackling big-picture topics, diving into how the world of sports works, and, in keeping with our theme of having a good (but respectful) debate about sport, arguing a bit along the way.

We’ll be kicking things off with our debut topic of ‘Money in Sport’.

Sports is big business now, and with each passing year the influence of money continues to grow – shaping the games we love in ways we could never have conceived.

It’s not limited to any one code or competition either. Just this year we’ve seen Australian cricket marred by an ugly pay dispute, both the NRL and AFL collective bargaining agreements have been front and centre, and Super Rugby hasn’t exactly been exempt from financial headlines.

Then, looking overseas, we saw a new transfer fee world record set after Paris Saint-Germain dished out €222 million ($332m AUD) to secure the services of Neymar. For a bit of context, that’s enough to buy you five or six Greek islands.

Then we have all kinds of other issues like salary caps (and their accompanying scandals), broadcast deals, ticket prices and much, much more.

So has sports sold its soul? Or has it taken our favourite codes to lofty new heights?


Of course, the world’s not so black and white – so let us know in the comments whether you think this influx of cash is good for sport or not. We want to know what you love about professional sports, and what pisses you off about them.

We’ll discuss our favourite responses on air, and will be letting you know more information about the podcast really soon.