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    Perth Spirit vs Brisbane City

    National Rugby Championship, 1 October, 2017

    McGillivray Oval
    Fulltime - Perth Spirit 62, Brisbane City 28
    Perth Spirit   Brisbane City
    62 FINAL SCORE 28
    10 TRIES 4
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Nic Berry
    Touch judges: Alex Ninkov & Kyle Burnett

    Join The Roar for live scores as the defending premiers, the Perth Spirit, host Brisbane City in Round 5 of the National Rugby Competition from 5pm (AEST).

    The Spirit are coming off their second and biggest loss of the season, after travelling to Fiji to play the Drua.

    Perth were no match for the home team, but plenty of uncharacteristic mistakes and lack of heart really didn’t help the final scoreline.

    They now sit third on the ladder and their premiership defence is beginning to look vulnerable.

    Despite the loss, Isi Naisarani was a complete force in attack, even more impressive considering the physicality of the Fijian defence. The big number eight played the full game and was the best on the ground, his side’s lone try-scorer, and completed 20 carries, beat six defenders, and had three clean line-breaks.

    Brisbane City had the bye last week, having previously recorded good wins against the Drua and the Canberra Vikings. However, they are yet to establish themselves as a title contender.

    Out of the Wallabies squad since July, Quade Cooper has flourished in the NRC, being instrumental in Brisbane’s victory over the Vikings. The No.10 shows no sign of slowing down, with his exciting, open style of play perfectly suited to this competiiton.

    City have had their week off, which will hopefully have them fresh and prepared for a big game.

    This could be the round of upsets and, with that in mind, City should out-enthuse their opponents.

    Brisbane City to win 35-28.

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    • 5:12pm
      scottd said | 5:12pm | ! Report

      *sigh* I do just wonder about the up and down nature of the results. i am all for making it exciting rugby but ultimately defence wins titles and outside of Qld Country I’m not seeing much to be happy with from any of the teams

      • 11:37pm
        Bakkies said | 11:37pm | ! Report

        Canberra and Perth have put local development players in a couple of their matches which led to losses. Both fielded their strongest possible team on the weekend.

    • 5:12pm
      scottd said | 5:12pm | ! Report

      *sigh* I do just wonder about the up and down nature of the results. i am all for making it exciting rugby but ultimately defence wins titles and outside of Qld Country I’m not seeing much to be happy with from any of the teams

    • 5:12pm
      scottd said | 5:12pm | ! Report

      *sigh* I do just wonder about the up and down nature of the results. i am all for making it exciting rugby but ultimately defence wins titles and outside of Qld Country I’m not seeing much to be happy with from any of the teams

      • 5:55pm
        scottd said | 5:55pm | ! Report

        I don’t know what happened here, can a moderator please remove two of my three posts?

    • 7:49pm
      PerthFan said | 7:49pm | ! Report

      Is Naisiraini eligible to play for Wallabies?

      • 8:46pm
        Steve said | 8:46pm | ! Report

        Not till November next year

    • 3:45pm
      republican said | 3:45pm | ! Report

      ………inconsistent this comp.
      Vikings defeated Spirit but were defeated by Brissy then went onto thrash Fiji who up until then, have been winning comprehensively v all comers???

    • Roar Guru

      Timbo (L) said | 12:56pm | ! Report

      I showed up at 2:50 for a 3:00pm game that started at 2pm. When are they going to stop messing with the start times to suit east coast Broadcast times (EDST)

      • Roar Guru

        Timbo (L) said | 12:59pm | ! Report

        How was Ainsley’s cameo at the end.

        I thought he was going to get 2 tries and there were calls from the crowd for him to kick the conversion.

        • 1:26pm
          Rugby Floss said | 1:26pm | ! Report

          Great to see him back in action! He looked very keen to get stuck in.

      • 1:05pm
        AndyS said | 1:05pm | ! Report

        Sure that wasn’t the whole daylight savings thing…?

        • Roar Guru

          Timbo (L) said | 5:50pm | ! Report

          Not sure if this is a quip or not.
          No daylight savings over here in WA, nor Queensland and until now the games have either been 1 or 3pm.

          Still my fault for not checking properly but since the games are all listed in AE(DS)T and not local it can mess with your head

          • 11:07pm
            Sheikh said | 11:07pm | ! Report

            NSW (Sydney) moved to daylight savings on Sunday morning, so kick-off was still 5pm Sydney time, just 2pm Perth time, rather than 3pm.

            • Roar Guru

              Timbo (L) said | 4:58pm | ! Report

              So a kickoff time for a Brisbane-Perth game was selected to suit Sydney viewers.

              And they wonder why we are raging against the machine!

    • 3:21am
      riddler said | 3:21am | ! Report

      anywhere to see a tape of the game?

    • Roar Pro

      Crazy Horse said | 8:00pm | ! Report

      While they had their moments, Brisbane City were absolutely outplayed by the Perth Spirit”s A Team that is significantly different to the one that played in Fiji last week. The Spirit gave the distinct impression that they could have scored quite a few more points but switched off in the tail end of the game.

      • Roar Guru

        Timbo (L) said | 12:55pm | ! Report

        Dunno Crazy, I saw some good work from Brizzy.

        Douglas, Korsic and a bit of Quade and some of Friz always looked dangerous and made me nervous whenever one of them had the ball. You can tell these guys are international level. Their #23 on the wing made a lot of meters and scored a couple. Quades defense was up to it’s usual standard and in my view is the reason that he is not a popular at the wallabies.

      • 3:47pm
        republican said | 3:47pm | ! Report

        ……is that A team the actual defunct ‘Force’ line up per chance?

        • Roar Guru

          Timbo (L) said | 7:38pm | ! Report

          The official term is “Exited Force Lineup”.

          That wasn’t even the top team, Lance, Meakes and Rona make a pretty big difference in the middle.

          There are are lot of this years Force players not playing for the Spirit:

          DHP, RHP, Stunder, Coleman, Taf, Tessman, Hodgo, Morahan, R. Hardwick, Falkner. Lauwrens, Newsome. That’s 11 big names missing.

          It is great to see the club players emerging, some of them are showing great promise but the inexperience is showing, with a lot of tries being leaked when the 2nd and 3rd string players come on..

          • 8:27pm
            sittingbison said | 8:27pm | ! Report


            According to TWAS, who acknowledges himself as an expert on all things, especially whatever agenda the ARU are peddling, it’s unfair on the other teams, especially the Rebels – oops I mean Rising – that the Spirit field the entire Force list. Everyone else has no Super players.

            So any inference the Spirit are NOT fielding Lance, Meakes, Rona, Big Dog (injured), DHP, RHP, Stander, Coleman, Carmichael, Taf, Tessman, Hodgo, Morahan, R. Hardwick, Falkner, Louwrens, Newsome etc is fallacious.

            Shame on you ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Roar Guru

              Train Without A Station said | 8:15am | ! Report

              Never once said it was unfair.

              I said you should pull your heads in instead of carrying on when a team that has named up to 20 Super Rugby contracted players in their 23 defeats teams with much less pro representation.

              And Timbo when has any team ever fielded close to their full Super Rugby line up?

              Even the dominant Rising team of 2014 only fielded a max of about 17 Super Rugby contracted players in any one game.

              • 5:08pm
                scottd said | 5:08pm | ! Report


              • Roar Guru

                Timbo (L) said | 5:55pm | ! Report

                At some point in the past you posted that something like 20 out of the 23 players had had an SR contract at some time in their life. – your Straw man, not mine.

                Granted you never said it was unfair but it was in response backing someone that said it was.

              • 9:15pm
                Train Without A Station said | 9:15pm | ! Report

                Not sometime in their life.

                In 2017. Current players essentially.

                I have no issue with that.

                I only have an issue with graceless comments when that team defeats much less stacked sides.

                I think “is that the best NSW has to offer” was one of them after beating the Rams.

              • Roar Guru

                Train Without A Station said | 3:33pm | ! Report

                Sure. Just refer to all my comments above that correct statements made…

              • Roar Guru

                Timbo (L) said | 5:04pm | ! Report

                It was a tribal rant (not mine), we are still bitter that “We” got the axe even though the Heartland team is under performing. The continuation of it at NRC level just twists the knife and with other roarers making excuses that the Spirit are stacked.

                You also quoted players that had not started for the Force since 2015, muddying the stats.

            • Roar Guru

              Timbo (L) said | 6:03pm | ! Report

              Rebs team looks pretty light on for stars. Which I think is a good thing. Allows guys like Macgregor and Mattocks to get some face time and hopefully some recognition.

              I think the NRC should have more club players, not less. It is just that the Force Dug deep into their club stocks as injury cover early this year a lot of club players earned their stripes and are now recognized as SR players.

              • 9:27pm
                Train Without A Station said | 9:27pm | ! Report

                No its not.

                As I have repeatedly pointed out, they did not use a single Perth “club player” in 2017.

                The only club players brought in outside the full time squad was Mitch Short from Randwick. The other was Carmichael the loan from Edinburgh.

                Every other player used was named in their official squad.

                The Force only have 12 local players.

                1. Ainsley
                2. Hardwick
                3. RHP
                4. Koteka
                5. Rangi
                6. Scoble
                7. Burton
                8. DHP
                9. Louwrens
                10. Peni
                11. Rona

                Only Rona and Peni made their Super Rugby debuts this year.

                Who are these supposed club players?

                But anyway, I don’t see why the NRC should have more club players.

                It’s about preparing the best, not giving everybody a go.

              • 11:42pm
                Sheikh said | 11:42pm | ! Report

                Of the Spirit side, only Cowan, Grant and Brache were established with the Force this time last year; Arnold, Koteka, Ruru and Rangi were with the Force, but weren’t exactly first teamers.

                This year the Force brought in Vui, Havili, Naisarani, Verity-Amm and Peni, with only the latter three establishing themselves. Ferris, Uyen and Jooste have never played Super Rugby. And the only sub with any SR experience was Ainsley who’s coming back from injury. The Spirit had a total of 20 international caps in their line-up.

                Brisbane City had 9 Super Rugby players, totalling over 100 international caps, in their starting 15, with another 4 SR players in the reserves, including one international.

                Therefore, each side had 13 SR players in their 23, with City’s players having significantly more international experience.

              • Roar Guru

                Train Without A Station said | 8:48am | ! Report

                It’s always a slight exaggeration on the Force.

                Jooste may not have made his debut but spent 2016 and 2017 in the Brumbies full time squad.

                It’s not about being “first teamers”. It’s about being full time professionals against part timers. A distinct advantage.

                Bris City had 9 Super Rugby players in their starting team. So you agree they had less than the 13 that the Spirit had?

              • 10:36am
                Steve said | 10:36am | ! Report

                TWAS, your hatred of everything in the West has been noted by many. When will you declare your interest in the Rising and Spirit?

              • 10:59am
                Steve said | 10:59am | ! Report

                Make that the Rising and Rebels.

              • Roar Guru

                Train Without A Station said | 1:32pm | ! Report


                Not hatred.

                Just unwillingness to accept blatant lies. Which I am willing to point out why they are lies.

                The only interest I have in the Rebels/Rising is I play club rugby in Melbourne. I’m a Reds fans and always have been.

                Clearly you have me mistaken.

              • 2:25pm
                Sheikh said | 2:25pm | ! Report

                TWAS, if you include Jooste, then Spirit did have 13 SR players in the run-on side, compared to 9 from City.

                But then City had 4 SR players in their bench, including a Wallaby, while the Spirit only had a single SR player coming back from injury.

                14 vs 13 SR players in the 23. Spirit made better use of their resources, but it’s incorrect for anyone to say that the Spirit was ‘stacked’ against a less-stacked side, which is what others were implying.

              • Roar Guru

                Train Without A Station said | 2:43pm | ! Report

                Maybe that’s why the game evened up later then?

              • 3:16pm
                Steve said | 3:16pm | ! Report

                Would you kindly outline the blatant lies?

              • Roar Guru

                Timbo (L) said | 5:10pm | ! Report

                You have misinterpreted my words,

                When I say Club, I mean players that normally play in the Pindan comp. There are a lot of players with Force Development contacts that don’t make the Game day 23, ever.

                Verity-Am is a good example. Injuries to Newsome and Morahan brought him into the spotlight. Sure he may have had a Force contract but it was a development contract which is a difference with distinction. I know it doesn’t suit your narrative. Would you prefer I used the term “Development players” so that it survives under your cross examination.

                I disagree with you on the NRC.
                It is an Elite Pathway, Getting together Fringe Wallabies, Experienced players and Young Guns, getting them to train and play together for the greater good..

                Without it, How do the Club players get the experience to prepare them for SR? The chasm is too wide to make the leap.

    • 6:59pm
      ThugbyFan said | 6:59pm | ! Report

      Michael Ruru and Chance Peni took their chances (Pun Alert) and both scored doubles for the Spirit while Lachlan Maranta the reserve winger (ex: RL if I remember) got a double for Brissie.

      Ten tries to four is a right flogging, but you wonder about the defence of both teams.

      • 7:47pm
        Sheikh said | 7:47pm | ! Report

        The last couple of tries for Brisbane were when Perth were 57-14 up and switched off for a couple of minutes. Apart from that, Perth’s defence was pretty good, although Brisbane did have a couple of bullocking runners.

        Perth, though, had their tails up and Naisiraini, Brache and Verity-Amm made good metres all game, with Arnold playing well until forced off, and Koteka having his usual very effective game; he’s not flash and completely overshadowed by Naisiraini, but makes the Spirit forwards tick.

        As to the right-up before the match: “Out of the Wallabies squad since July, Quade Cooper has flourished in the NRC, being instrumental in Brisbaneโ€™s victory over the Vikings. The No.10 shows no sign of slowing down, with his exciting, open style of play perfectly suited to this competition.” Cooper was anonymous today – at least 2 tries were scored through his revolving door defence – and he kicked away far too much ball for this competition. I think he got yellow carded during the 2nd half, and Brisbane didn’t actually play any worse with him off the field! On this showing he shouldn’t be back in the Wallabies squad any time soon.

        • Roar Pro

          Crazy Horse said | 7:52pm | ! Report

          Cooper was all but ineffective. The
          spirit defence was all over him every time he touched the ball. As Sheikh said, he managed to turn attack into defence several times by kicking away the ball.

          • 10:31pm
            Sheikh said | 10:31pm | ! Report

            I think my favourite Cooper moment of the match was when Brisbane had managed to win turn over ball inside their own 22, and Cooper kicked the ball away. The kick went to Peter Grant, near the Spirit 22. Now Grant is a fine player – good kicker and great rugby mind, but not the quickest of backs these days. Grant ran the ball back to the Brisbane 22 before City laid a finger on him. By kicking the ball away with no signal to his teammates to chase, Cooper gave away possession with no gain in territory.

          • 8:50pm
            Steve said | 8:50pm | ! Report

            Cooper made some nice “flat” passes (being generous) but nothing I saw supported the view that he should be in the Wallabies squad.

      • Roar Pro

        Crazy Horse said | 7:54pm | ! Report

        The Spirit were coasting to full-time on 57 when the main Sponsor yelled out he wanted 60 points. Another try was scored almost immediately. Just a coincidence of course ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Roar Pro

      Crazy Horse said | 6:38pm | ! Report

      Try Kane Koteka Perth 62 Brisbane 28

    • 6:38pm
      Metalisticpain said | 6:38pm | ! Report

      Spirit in with another try, no conversion. 62-28.

    , , ,