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    South Africa vs New Zealand

    The Rugby Championship, 8 October, 2017

    DHL Newlands
    Fulltime - South Africa 24, New Zealand 25
    South Africa   New Zealand
    24 FINAL SCORE 25
    3 TRIES 3
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Jerome Garces
    Touch judges: Romain Poite & Shuhei Kubo
    TMO: Rowan Kitt

    The Springboks will be looking to bounce back from their last start drubbing at the hands of a fired up New Zealand outfit who’ll be looking to win away from home in the Rugby Championship. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 2:05am (AEDT).

    Little needs to be said of the last encounter between these two sides. A 57-0 drubbing by the world champion All Blacks should leave the average Springbok fan more than a little wary of the pain that Steve Hansen’s men could inflict on their side in Cape Town.

    That being said, a 27-27 draw with the Wallabies should give them some encouragement, especially given the Wallabies last match against their opponents, where they were beaten on the bell courtesy of a Beauden Barrett five-pointer.

    Regardless, expect a much-improved performance from the men in green against the Kiwis tonight.

    The Kiwis, on the other hand, were inconsistent last week against the Pumas. Their first half was clinical, assured and built around tenacity in defence that let Barrett and co. display their entire arsenal of attacking skill.

    They would’ve been filthy with their lacklustre second half performance, and that could spell danger for the Springboks in this one.

    In team news, the All Blacks welcome back Milner-Skudder and Ryan Crotty in two big inclusions.

    The Springboks see the most change occurring in their back row, where #7 Pieter-Steph Du Toit will look to repay the faith shown in his recall to the side.

    Where the game will be won
    The kicking game. The All Blacks are without a doubt, the best counter-attacking unit in world rugby. The Springboks played ball in hand rugby last week, and should look to shelve their kicking game in this game too if they’re any chance to win.

    Mckenzie, Milner-Skudder and Ioane will punish any loose kicks, and it’ll be a comfortable win if the Boks look to kick, rather than run.

    It won’t be a 57 point drubbing, but the Kiwis will finish the Rugby Championship with a big win.

    All Blacks by 19.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 2:05am (AEDT).

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    • 11:42am
      CHUCKED said | 11:42am | ! Report

      Neutral – your comments are becoming an embarrassment – I used to enjoy your comments greatly, as your commenst were often humorous.
      Sadly you are plain wrong with the red card, then you make an ass of yourself mentioning David Gray, poor form and very unsporting

    • 11:39am
      CHUCKED said | 11:39am | ! Report

      The Report is clear..Allende’soffence would have warranted a YELLOW card AND A penalty – 4 mins to go in the match,
      can some of you not count, yellow card= 10 mins.

      Red or yellow, SAME Result.

    • Roar Guru

      Machpants said | 1:37pm | ! Report

      Having done another re watch, it’s interesting that Marx is pulling both of his props jerseys right up to their armpits. Meaning the opposition prop has to bind on their shorts (hanes the first half) or under armour vest (ofa second half) cunning but makes the scrums really unstable

    • 7:21am
      Mapu said | 7:21am | ! Report

      Please get rid of SBW.he is a danger to his own team mates.
      He has concentration issues and is not performing

    • Roar Guru

      The Neutral View From Sweden said | 11:41pm | ! Report

      Very interesting I say.

      The SANZAAR foul play review committee on Sunday issued Damien de Allende with just a “warning”.

      The foul play review committee found that the offence did not warrant a red card in all the circumstances.

      “The foul play review committee may issue a warning to a Player who has been cited or sent off if in the opinion of the foul play review committee the act of foul play came close to but did not warrant the player receiving a red card in circumstances where the player did not receive a yellow card for the act of Foul Play during the match,” a statement said.

      The SANZAAR foul play review committee of Nigel Hampton (Chairman), Stefan Terblanche and John Langford assessed the case.

      In his finding, Hampton said he conducted a “detailed review of all the available evidence”- including all camera angles, as well as submissions from his legal representative, Attie Heyns.

      “The foul play review committee found that, on an objective study, and with more time and video angles than the referee had available to him, the act of foul play committed only came close to warranting a red card, and therefore a warning [equivalent to a yellow card] was issued instead,” Hampton said.

      “The charge was late and the player had time to pull out before colliding with his opponent.

      “However, the collision was not effected with a great deal of force, with the initial contact being made with the player’s forearm on the opponent’s chest, from whence the arm rose up to make contact, again not forceful, onto the opponent’s neck. The opponent was not injured.

      “The player is, therefore, free to play and will serve no suspension.”

      As said before, no force, yet Lima was going down like he was knocked out. Maybe he was a bit off balance but that does not excuse his antics in my book. That sort of behaviour should not be defended or tolerated in any way.

      • 1:45am
        Taylorman said | 1:45am | ! Report

        Rubbish, the passage mentions nothing about Sapoaga milking it. SBW didnt injure his opponent either, was he also milking it.

        Sapoaga was focussing on the ball going through the posts, not the oncoming player, thats how droppies work. In doing that he is completely vulnerable and was already leaning backwards, tipped over by de Allande.

        How you get milking from that passage is laughable and in fact, many have already laughed at you.

        Give it up while youre behind. Your view just reconfirms you still have a lot to learn. Go out and play a game man, then talk about how test players should behave.

        • 11:18am
          Mike Julz said | 11:18am | ! Report

          Now I’m a kiwi thru and thru, but lets be honest here, he did milked it, a lil bit. The perfect camera angle to see this was the shot behind Sopoaga. There was nothing much from the hit. Sopoaga raised his legs once he hit the ground, just to get the refs attention ON AN ILLEGAL HIT. And I’m glad he did that. Allendes stupidity cost him his teams loss.
          The hit itself doesn’t warrant a red card. But the laws nowadays states that any impact to the head, automatic red card.

          The only controversy here was the red card. That was a penalty nonetheless. Because it would been a penalty, yellow or a red card call. Any one of those calls, Sopoaga would’ve still kick that penalty, and the result would’ve still been the same.

          If you’re gonna blame someone, then blame Allende for being an idiot. That was unnecessary for him to do that, especially with the game so close with little time left. Sopoaga did what any other player would’ve done just to get a vital penalty.

          • 1:23pm
            ClarkeG said | 1:23pm | ! Report

            Gee wizz… where would you have wanted his legs to go after getting knocked over backwards.

        • 5:55pm
          Cuw said | 5:55pm | ! Report

          ” The foul play review committee found that the offence did not warrant a red card in all the circumstances. ”

          this is the most important statement of all.

          now why is it not being rescinded?? it happens in footy.

          that was a yellow at most extreme but a penalty any other day of the week.

          my issue is this is a bad mark on the player’s cv.

          if they thought it is not a red , then they could have at least lowered it to a yellow.

          everyone makes mistakes , but the need is for the mistakes to be corrected – not ratified or ignored.

      • 1:50am
        aussikiwi said | 1:50am | ! Report

        So it was “close to” a red card but should have been a yellow. As most people, other than Stransky, said at the time. The “antics” are all in your febrile imagination, Anything But Neutral View From Sweden.

        • 2:01am
          Taylorman said | 2:01am | ! Report

          Yes, did the passage say Sapoaga contributed to the decision? No. Yet Swede derives exactly that. Weird. Look at the side on view, Sapoaga is whacked to the ground after being unbalanced from the drop kick, already leaning backwards, in no uncertain terms. And he was up straight away brushing it off.

          No red, but we all knew that anyway. And said so.

          • 3:03am
            Taylorman said | 3:03am | ! Report

            Yeah, poor you again. Dont see anyone else backing you up here, and isnt it a coincidence, of everyone, youre the only one that hasnt played the game…hmmm.

            And youre insulting Sapoagas good name, a player with a great reputation in fair play. Now who do we go with, the lone axe to grind Swede whos never played, or the All Black thats won SuperXV titles and test matches.

            Hmmm…tis a tough one.

            • Roar Guru

              The Neutral View From Sweden said | 3:31am | ! Report

              This is not a popularity contest T-man.

              And if David Gray would have had a couple of AB’s caps, you guys would probably have both defended him and forgiven him.

              • 3:44am
                aussikiwi said | 3:44am | ! Report

                Cut up nasty when someone disagrees with you, don’t you, View From Sweden? Where are all these true neutrals to whom you refer who claim Sopoanga milked?

            • 3:48am
              Taylorman said | 3:48am | ! Report

              Who said it was, and youre lucky it isnt, as you wouldnt be winning that either. Youre wrong, simple.

              And why paste a passage that furthered your argument not one bit yet argue that it did? other joke and lame attempt of yours to undermine NZ rugby. Your colours are showing.

              Anyway, all yours. And good to see you can argue that NZers arent objective…and Stransky is. Not sure how that works either, and ironically ‘Neutral’ is becoming a term you dont seem to either understand, or reflect.

            • Roar Guru

              The Neutral View From Sweden said | 4:21am | ! Report

              I am kind of flattered that you and your little posse seems to be obsessed with me and whatever I write, and It is remarkable that you put so much value on my words.

              There are a lot of posts here on the Roar that is pretty hateful towards the AB’s, but you ignore them completely most of the time, but as soon as I say something even slightly negative it is like I have personally insulted you and stayed out too late with your sisters/daughters.

              Whatever special gift I have, Mark Reason at Stuff would kill to have it 😉

            • 4:58am
              Coconut said | 4:58am | ! Report

              I was one of those who think you often have something useful to contribute to this forum. This is not one of those times. There is no one else making such a big deal out of this except for you, and it doesn’t seem to make any sense. Lima did not influence the ref, he had multiple replays to look at and made his decision. The citing judges decided it didnt warrant a red, which we all agree with no question. At the time I thought it would be penalty. Upon watching the numerous replays and seeing the elbow, I suspected he would get a yellow, which is consistent with the citing panel. Whether he got red or yellow had no material effect on the game. The person to be be blaming is de Allende, not Sopoanga, who went over to show de Allende to shake his hand – hardly the act of someone who is guilty of such unsporting behaviour is it? yet you are persisting with this odd campaign here to make something out of nothing.
              You are free to your opinion, but I have not seen anyone else here supporting it, so I can only suggest again you give it a rest. I don’t propose t respond any more to it, as it looks like a wind up.

            • Roar Guru

              Carlos the Argie said | 5:19am | ! Report

              “Kiwis in retirement age…touch rugby in the schoolyard…”?

              Why does he have to say this?

              Maybe he should go back to ice hockey or football. I have a lot of respect to those that play good touch. The sense of timing and passing a rugby ball is a hell of a lot better than behind a keyboard.

              Kicking a drop ball should make anyone realize what an unbalanced position is for the kicker. Almost any kicker by definition is in an unbalanced stand after the kick, this is why they are protected.

              You don’t have to be a kiwi scout or touch rugby in the schoolyard to understand this.

            • 6:17am
              Jerry said | 6:17am | ! Report

              David Gray? Seriously, for a ‘neutral’ you’re acting like a complete tr0ll.

            • 7:00am
              Darwin Stubbie said | 7:00am | ! Report

              David Gray ??? … WTF type of comment is that … that comment alone speaks volumes on what you’re trying to achieve with these posts – how about you p!ss off from these boards for spell

            • 1:38pm
              ClarkeG said | 1:38pm | ! Report

              Yep …the Gray comment is pretty much the pits.

          • 7:20am
            Mapu said | 7:20am | ! Report

            a distorted neutral view that needs to go away.

            • 11:04am
              woodart said | 11:04am | ! Report

              totally agree, absolutley shameful comment about david gray.

          • 3:51pm
            zhenry said | 3:51pm | ! Report

            Pathetic. The Not Neutral Northshore Swede should work for Fairfax and join M Reason, M Hinton and the elite Sydney RU crowd farcical trial, re the bugging, which attempt to blame it all on the ABs. This RU elite (and NNNS is included) will attempt to beat the ABs anyway they can including a concerted ‘off the field’ mostly media blitz: see the latest ‘filthy’ MReason release of the ‘Filthy ABs’ as a pre-empt of the coming ABvWB test in Brisbane. This latest MReason effort is so blatantly biased; it’s almost as if Fairfax have lodged their usual ‘tar the ABs dirty’ request to Reason and Reason has come up with an on purpose exaggeration, who knows?
            Whatever Reason can write very well but his ingratiation with AB supporters with stories about his father, stories that praise ABs then the typical ‘ABs are dirty theme’, sets up this toxic AB troupe that fits in with the long history of Fairfax ‘tar the ABs’ and Reason’s father’s gutter journalism.

          • 2:05am
            Tommy said | 2:05am | ! Report

            Your funny too buddy here you are saying Lima milked it an what so what I don’t call it milking at all I call it smart! Just like team New Zealand smart the abs just no how to win.. still reckon we were robbed in the lions series..

      • 1:05pm
        ClarkeG said | 1:05pm | ! Report

        The only behaviour that is in question regards this incident is that of de Allende and it has been dealt with. Sopoaga did nothing that needs defending. He simply did not behave in the manner that you have described.

        It is very interesting I say how you have taken that statement from the Foul Play Committee and attempted to spin it as some type of justification of your stance on Sopoaga’s alleged behaviour.

        The Commitee found – there was an act of foul play.
        It came close to but did not warrant a red card.
        It issued a warning to the player.
        There was a late charge.
        There was a collision.

        I’m not sure how a late charge and collision occurs with “no force” however it is clear and obvious from the match TV coverage that contact was more than enough to knock Sopoaga to the ground.

        He did not pretend that he was knocked out. He got to his feet almost immediately and was quickly back in play on mode.

        There were no antics on his part.

    • 10:48pm
      wardad1 said | 10:48pm | ! Report

      Best spoonerisms ever I heard was up near Tibooburra back in the late 70s ,old girl who owned the pub would say things like “Mals gonna plant a revenue of gum trees and irritate ’em with bore water ” or on spotting someones new horn rimmed spectacles “OOh I love yer horny rimmed testacles ” or this one on some venetian looking blinds in the back window of someones EH Holden “those are loverly venereal blinds on your car Fred !”

    • 8:18pm
      SAVAGE said | 8:18pm | ! Report

      Good game Bokke. Some opinions have said you’ve turned a corner, i’m not convinced………Lets see you put in those types of performances away from home.

      • Roar Guru

        Harry Jones said | 10:37pm | ! Report

        It could happen, but first:

        1. Thank Elton for his service and never pick him again.
        2. Acknowledge the Planker can’t play tighthead at Test level.
        3. Play direct, hard, strong rugby like that.
        4. Introduce bigger, stronger wings (Mapimpi, Nkosi).
        5. Find a 9 who can pass flat and far with no crab run.

        • Roar Guru

          The Neutral View From Sweden said | 11:48pm | ! Report

          Is that a five-point plan or a five-year plan Harry? 😉

        • Roar Guru

          Corne Van Vuuren said | 12:44am | ! Report

          Pick a new backline bar serfontein. Our backline is not test quality.

          • Roar Guru

            Harry Jones said | 1:35am | ! Report

            I agree, which makes the young forwards’ achievement this weekend even more remarkable.

            Leyds actually acquitted himself well; won a couple aerial duels.

            But Cronje doesn’t have the pass we need, Elton needs perfect conditions to play well, and A Coetzee never seems to have time on the ball (the hallmark of a good player).

            • Roar Guru

              Corne Van Vuuren said | 2:21am | ! Report

              The problem is that entire backline bar serfontein is club quality solid players, none of them will make any top tier test side.

              We need more pace, more power, more vision, a 10 that can handle the necessary requirements to manage territory, have the vision and ability to have instinctive decision making in whether to kick long, grubber, box, run, pass etc.

              • Roar Guru

                taylorman said | 7:02am | ! Report

                Agree on the 10 biltong, Pollard at start I think would have made the difference.

                This was in in close physical match and eltons graceful style wasnt going to cut it, where pollard would have directed these boks on steroi!ds, figuratively speaking of course, around with far more purpose and had a go himself.

              • Roar Guru

                Corne Van Vuuren said | 7:06am | ! Report

                Yeah, Jantjies lacks urgency and gusto. He is short on agression as well.

              • 3:22pm
                Cuw said | 3:22pm | ! Report

                u shud put Serf at 13 and get Rohan at 12 .

                Kriel goes to 15 and have Leyds and Combrink on wiings.

                I still like Lambie , but then he has a glass body … much like Colin Slade , pity.

            • 1:27pm
              Mark said | 1:27pm | ! Report

              I think you are both being very hard on your backline

              Its more 9 and especially 10 (Jantjes) that are not performing as well as you would want

              But also – they are not playing the same way as they do for their Super teams

          • 3:51pm
            DavSA said | 3:51pm | ! Report

            During Superugby season both Serfontein and Kriel were terrific for the Bulls. That earned them selection as a combo. Skosan was pretty decent for the Lions and leyds had a good season for The Stormers . I feel for these guys as I think they are getting shockingly bad service from 9 and 10 . When Pollard came on just for those few minutes it looked like a completely different backline. Cronje has technical issues which are resolvable but is an excellent defender . He pulled off the tackle of the game against Australia to save a certain try . Jantjies however collapses mentally under pressure .Misses easy crucial kicks that he would stick over with his eyes closed in practice and panics at the worst times .But worst of all is his defence . It is embarrassing to watch. I did not think Andries Coetzee had a bad game . Needs to work on his tactical kicking though but is a slippery customer on attack.

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