Former All Black on the pathway to becoming Wallabies coach

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    The coaching merry go round that has now become synonymous with the Queensland Reds has once again reared its ugly head, with Nick Stiles the latest to fall victim to the position which could be labelled as the ‘poisoned chalice’.

    If what former coach Mark McBain has hinted at recently is true then player power is still alive and well, in fact it’s never been better at Ballymore.

    With Brad Thorn set to become the 10th coach in the last 16 seasons what does that tell you about loyalty and staying strong?

    Sure, Stiles’ record in 2017 wasn’t great, in fact it was the worst of any Queensland Reds coach so far with a 4-11 record and finishing 14th overall in the Super Rugby comp, but as is the case a lot of the time the coach is made the scapegoat while the players appear to get off with little or no accountability being taken.

    There will be those who are quick to point out that coaching at the elite level in any sport is results-driven and if you don’t perform you’ll fall on your sword and pay the price. That’s fine if all of the players buy in to that and give the coach their full and unwavering support, did that happen at the Queensland Reds?

    For the Queensland Rugby Union who are supposedly cash strapped to continue to sack coaches mid-term time after time is beyond belief. Now they’ll have to fork out another substantial amount of money with Stiles contracted to the Queensland Reds until the end of the 2018 season.

    Brad Thorn will be under the spotlight and he may very well succeed with his tough uncompromising nature and respect that he had as a player sure to rub off on his players in his new role as Coach of the Queensland Reds.

    With an outstanding and distinguished career in both rugby union and rugby league, Thorn achieved major success at the highest level so he enters the coaching fold with impeccable credentials as a player. However, that doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be able to replicate that success as at the elite level.

    As well as Queensland Country are performing at the moment, it’s a quantum leap from coaching in the National Rugby Championship.

    You can only imagine the pressure that Thorn will be under next season, fully aware that if the Queensland Reds don’t perform his career as a coach may be short lived.

    I feel the Queensland Rugby Union will persevere with Thorn if what has been reported is true in that the Australian Rugby Union are impressed with Thorn and that his credentials.

    It does seem to have some credence when you consider how Thorn has been seemingly fast-tracked through the system to become the coach of a Super Rugby rugby team in a very short amount of time.

    It can only be hoped that Thorn’s tenure as coach of the Queensland Reds will be long and successful and act as a pathway to one day possibly becoming the coach of the Wallabies. Now wouldn’t that be ironic?

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    • October 9th 2017 @ 10:03am
      Alec Mudie said | October 9th 2017 @ 10:03am | ! Report

      Trying to emulate the Kiwi version of Scott Robertson me thinks.
      But seriously, some players do have the midas touch when it comes to coaching teams, my only only fear being that they try and fast track him (Brad Thorne) to the Wallibies. Our national team is being coached by one hit wonders at the moment, win one one Super Comp and Hey Presto you are suddenly the National coach.
      Brad will do well though but only as long as Australian Rugby can keep pace with him….

      • October 10th 2017 @ 8:44pm
        Jumbo said | October 10th 2017 @ 8:44pm | ! Report

        Scott robertson Started coaching in 2004 in sumner christchurch, before spending 5 years as an assistant at canterbury, 2013 he took over head coach, took the under20s in 2014 before being given the crusaders in 2016, hardly the same path. He has done his time and is still very raw in nz circles still, thorn has done nothing like it.

    • October 9th 2017 @ 10:23am
      bluffboy said | October 9th 2017 @ 10:23am | ! Report

      I can imagine that Brad could pull off those break dancing moves though.
      But he is certainly an option going forward and there certainly for me needs to be options.
      It is going to be battle royal between Wessels and Thorn. Either way both team will be big improvers especially with the cattle that Melbourne are gathering.

    • Roar Guru

      October 9th 2017 @ 11:56am
      Mick Gold Coast QLD said | October 9th 2017 @ 11:56am | ! Report

      “Thorn … Wallabies coach”

      It’s the Rodzilla Incredibly Impatient Imperative rearing its ugly head yet again – we cannot help ourselves from heaping hyperbole in advance and awarding man of the match awards to the newest, greatest hope before the season even commences (or the previous one ends!).

      Rodney emerged a decade ago as a potentially very good front rower with innate skill and a lot of good material to work with – over the following five years. The media went wild with anticipation, he was whisked into Super Rugby and then on to the Wallabies, where he lasted a season and disappeared from view.

      The ARU invoked the same Imperative in pursuing crowd generation via League retirees Mat Rogers, jointly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Band Aids and Disprin; and Lote Tuqiri, who couldn’t buy a try for a couple of seasons there – and he got increasingly cranky and punchy and yellow card ready.

      You will only ever hear admiration for this exceptional man, for good reason, but for Pete’s sake give him a chance to work his way into a whole new profession. The Roar Player Selection Committee will be giving him a first class touch up by Round 3!

      • October 9th 2017 @ 12:58pm
        Ruckin' Oaf said | October 9th 2017 @ 12:58pm | ! Report

        Rodzilla old news, now we got the Tongan Thor. He’s gonna be great !!!! Just watch this space. 🙂

      • October 9th 2017 @ 1:08pm
        bluffboy said | October 9th 2017 @ 1:08pm | ! Report

        Yes Mick, you are pretty much right in my book. Not exactly Tall Poppy but similar.
        Hopefully Mr Thorne is just a name that is being considered rather than slipstreamed.
        He is not the only one. Not sure what Wessels can produce or bring to the table, but I’m sure he will make it an honest contest, if the decision hasn’t already been made(would that surprise you).
        I’m sure Cheika will be in place to 2019, which will give us ample opportunity to observe them both and perhaps another.
        It is one of my pet hates to see people rushed into positions (playing or otherwise) only to be judged daily/weekly by the media and social forums from the get go. Like any job, you have to given an opportunity to work your way in. Its the irrational selection process I find most distressing, trying to understand why some have the job in then first place.
        I suppose its worth considering also, is success in Super Rugby the only qualification needed for a National Coaching position.

    • Roar Pro

      October 9th 2017 @ 4:44pm
      Ballymore Brumby said | October 9th 2017 @ 4:44pm | ! Report

      Thorn has the Sword of Damocles hanging above him – when the wins don’t come, hard decisions about players have to be made, its going to get tough real quick and the good will is going to evaporate very quickly evaporate…

    • October 9th 2017 @ 5:27pm
      Sylvester said | October 9th 2017 @ 5:27pm | ! Report

      Thorn the soon-to-be Deans? Pilloried for being too Kiwi to coach the Wallabies…

    • October 9th 2017 @ 8:46pm
      Trev from the Bus said | October 9th 2017 @ 8:46pm | ! Report

      If anyone can do it Brad Thorn will give it everything. Maybe even if he has to be “player coach”……..! lol

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