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    Latest news:

    The Adelaide Crows traded Jake Lever, pick 35 and their 2018 third-round pick to the Melbourne Demons for pick 10, their 2018 first-round draft pick, and their 2018 fourth-round draft pick.

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    The GWS Giants traded Devon Smith, pick 24 and their 2018 second-round pick to the Essendon Bombers for pick 11 and Essendon’s 2018 third-round pick.


    Three days in, and no trades… is Thursday the day? Here’s hoping. Either way, we’ll be covering all the trade news and rumours live here on The Roar from 9am AEDT.

    Yesterday was, let’s be honest, a pretty slow news day, with only a few details emerging.

    Let’s hope that the reason for that was because AFL clubs are busy in negotiation and are poised to conduct a huge number of trades today. I’m not optimistic though.

    There was a bit of talk about the difficult Essendon will have getting all three of their targets this year and some suggestion that St Kilda could still swoop on Devon Smith if the Dons struggle to get a deal done for him.

    I don’t buy into that too much though – it’s a rumour you will hear just about every year, and it virtually never comes off.

    Geelong made a few statements but they were mostly ruling things out. At this stage, it seems like they’re pretty much out of the equation when it comes to chasing the likes of Jake Stringer and Jack Watts.

    That means more than likely that Jack Watts will move to Port Adelaide, where he won’t be the only new addition.

    The only formal news yesterday was Brisbane’s confirmation that they won’t be matching the offer for restricted free agent Tom Rockliff, which means he offically passes to Port Adelaide on a four-year deal worth about $650,000 a year.

    It’s worth noting that free agency closes for the year on Sunday night so prospective free agents like Steven Motlop and Daniel Menzel should be looking to formalise their decisions soon.

    Motlop seems most likely to join Adelaide, but is every chance to go to Port Adelaide or even Gold Coast. Menzel’s options appear limited and at this point my gut feel would be he’ll probably stay at the Cats, albeit only on a one-year deal.

    Josh Elliott may be The Roar's Weekend Editor, but at heart he's just a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29 and listen to him on The Roar's AFL Podcast.

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    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 5:07pm | ! Report

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 5:00pm | ! Report

      Jarman Impey officially at Hawthorn.

    • 4:51pm
      Pieman said | 4:51pm | ! Report

      Dont know if anyone has noticed but nobody wants to go to Collingwood….nice to see there are no stupid footballers accepting interest from Mr Ed and little Nathan. Made their bed now they can sleep in it.

      • Roar Rookie

        Andrew Blake said | 4:53pm | ! Report

        Just wait till they start offering 4 year/$2million contracts again. Then you’ll see some movement.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 4:32pm | ! Report

      Nat Edwards confirmed the Jarman Impey trade will go through any minute now. Kane Cornes was right about something, how about that.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 4:15pm | ! Report

      Kane Cornes says Jarman Impey will be traded to Hawthorn today. Bold move Kornesy, there’s only 45 minutes left on the clock.

      • Editor

        Josh Elliott said | 4:16pm | ! Report

        Cornes says the deal will be pick 33 plus some later pick swaps. AFL clubs loooooooooove pointlessly swapping late picks.

        • 4:20pm
          Mattician6x6 said | 4:20pm | ! Report

          With way the teams are setting up nowadays I would’ve thought port could attract a better deal than that for a player like impey imo

          • 4:22pm
            Mattician6x6 said | 4:22pm | ! Report

            Possibly as a wce supporter any quick player looks a more attractive proposal than what they truly are 😉

        • Roar Guru

          JamesH said | 4:26pm | ! Report

          Now Hawthorn need to get Shaun Rehn back in as an assistant coach. Rehn and Impey has a ring to it, don’t you think?

          • 4:33pm
            Mattician6x6 said | 4:33pm | ! Report

            You eediot!!!

        • 4:42pm
          Birdman said | 4:42pm | ! Report

          The Age reported that Port were after Hawks 2018 second rounder but I was always pretty sure this years pick would do the trick.

          Nice one.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 3:52pm | ! Report

      Gold Coast, Brisbane, Geelong, Carlton and Adelaide are the clubs linked to Anthony Miles with reports he is more likely to be traded than not, probably next week. Reckon Carlton is a good fit given their desire for mature midfielders.

      • 3:55pm
        Macca said | 3:55pm | ! Report

        We could do far worse – but again depends on what it costs.

        • Editor

          Josh Elliott said | 4:07pm | ! Report

          Virtually nothing I’d imagine.

          • 4:10pm
            Macca said | 4:10pm | ! Report

            Sounds like value for money to me.

            The added bonus is that by getting him it gives Mattyb someone new to complain about being on the blues list.

            • 4:33pm
              Mattyb said | 4:33pm | ! Report

              Macca,2 out of 9 and one to soon to call is hardly a glowing success rate from the GWS recruits and the continuing membership problem shows not everyone at Carlton is as happy as you.
              Triggs sacking also points to the board ‘complaining’ about the current situation. If everyone at Carlton is so happy I look forward to seeing Bolton signing a proper contract now that Trigg,the alleged instagater of the current situation has left.
              Cheers for the mention,I fully support you constantly thinking about me.

              • 4:50pm
                Macca said | 4:50pm | ! Report

                Mattyb – Carlton first took GWS players at the end of 2014 – the membership then was 47,485 – we are up over 6%, our strategy is hardly driving the members away.

                But again you show your lack of understanding of our recruiting strategy – the blues wanted Plowman (success) and got Lamb (who has hardly been a failure) Phillips (shown he is a handy back up ruckman) and Sumner (failure) thrown in. They wanted Marchbank (success) Pickett (looks like he could be very good but 2018 will tell) and took Palmer so they could get them. Jaksch and Whiley under our previous recruiting team were both failures.

                To me that is a glowing success.

                By the way how is your CEO going?

              • 5:05pm
                Macca said | 5:05pm | ! Report

                Of and MAttyb – what our GWS record got to do with taking Miles from Richmond?

              • 5:22pm
                Mattyb said | 5:22pm | ! Report

                Macca,just clarifying what I assume your complaining about,not sure why you needed to comment on a poster not involved?
                And Carltons board has serious concerns about membership and finances in comparison to the other big clubs,you can deny that as long as you like,that’s why Trigg is gone.
                For all these big recruiting wins its amazing the club went backwards,let’s see how the board reacts if it happens again. There is patience,and then there’s patience if you know what I mean.

              • 6:46pm
                Macca said | 6:46pm | ! Report

                Backwards in you opinion Mattyb, they went forwards in plenty of area’s, which is pretty good for a side that significantly dropped its age profile.

                Which direction did your team go? I wonder what happens there if the go backwards again?

        • 6:25pm
          Slane said | 6:25pm | ! Report

          I love Anthony Miles. I hate to see him go but fully support it. He is too good to be stuck in the McGoos.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 3:39pm | ! Report

      Talk of Matthew Lobbe going to Brisbane again cropping up, with Gold Coast also reportedly interested. I imagine Brisbane is the more likely.

      • 3:43pm
        Pope Paul VII said | 3:43pm | ! Report

        Gold Coast are injured? They can’t take a trick.

      • Roar Guru

        TomC said | 3:45pm | ! Report

        This does seem to have legs, doesn’t it?

        It only makes sense if they have something lined up for Martin.

        • Editor

          Josh Elliott said | 4:08pm | ! Report

          I’d think that’s the most likely case – land Lobbe, and then let Martin go if so.

      • Roar Guru

        Paul D said | 3:51pm | ! Report

        That’s the most depressing news I’ve heard all week

        • Roar Guru

          SportsFanGC said | 4:01pm | ! Report

          Agreed – neither Club needs him and certainly not on the money Port are paying him.

          Suns have Witts, Nicholls and Currie – two of which are already regularly injured.

          Lions should back in Archie Smith – like the look of him even though a bit raw at this stage.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 3:20pm | ! Report

      Melbourne reportedly want an “early” second-round pick for Jack Watts… I’d say a later one is more likely.

      • Roar Guru

        JamesH said | 3:30pm | ! Report

        Port’s pick 30 is probably thereabouts. Maybe a touch low but there doesn’t seem to be a heap of suitors.

        • Editor

          Josh Elliott said | 3:31pm | ! Report

          I’d take that with both hands if I’m Melbourne and I suspect after a bit of blustering, they will.

          • Roar Guru

            XI said | 3:37pm | ! Report

            Maybe a swap of later picks to make it a little more palatable?