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    Harrison Wigg traded from Adelaide Crows to Gold Coast Suns for pick 39.

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    Harley Balic traded from Fremantle Dockers to Melbourne Demons for pick 66.


    The penultimate day of the AFL trade period is here, with still as many as ten or twenty deals waiting to be finalised. Join The Roar for all the latest AFL trade news and rumours from 9am AEDT.

    Let’s do a quick run down of the deals still in progress.

    Charlie Cameron to Brisbane is seeming more unlikely by the day. Adelaide want Dayne Zorko for him. Good luck, Crows.

    Josh Schache too is looking more likely to stay than go, with the Bulldogs and Carlton interested, but neither making a genuine play for him.

    Bryce Gibbs’ potential moves is based purely on whispers and, if it comes off, would go wildly against what all parties have said.

    Aaron Francis looks in doubt to move with neither Port or Adelaide showing a strong interest at the price Essendon would be looking for.

    Harley Balic will be traded to Melbourne probably some time today.

    Lachie Weller might be held down at Fremantle with the Dockers unwilling to consider moving him on for anything less than an exorbitant price.

    Darcy Lang could still wind up at any of North Melbourne, Carlton or the Gold Coast.

    Gary Ablett should get to Geelong by all reports, but exactly what the deal will be is something we don’t know yet.

    Brandon Matera will get to Fremantle but might have to wait for details around Lachie Weller to be finalised.

    Matthew Kennedy should get to Carlton but the exact deal at the moment appears unclear. Ditto Nathan Wilson to Fremantle.

    Andrew Swallow would be happy to go to Gold Coast and North Melbourne happy to send him there, the only question is do the Suns want him?

    Matthew Lobbe’s options aren’t as clear as they were before, with both Gold Coast and Brisbane seeming to distance themselves from the deal lately.

    Aaron Young will likely get to Gold Coast in a minor deal.

    Anthony Miles hasn’t had a clear opportunity arise from another club just yet and so might stay at Richmond instead.

    Jake Stringer’s future depends on whether the Bulldogs or Bombers blink on the offer of picks 25 and 30 before the trade period closes.

    Join The Roar for all the latest AFL trade news and rumours from 9am AEDT.

    Josh Elliott may be The Roar's Weekend Editor, but at heart he's just a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29 and listen to him on The Roar's AFL Podcast.

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    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 5:01pm | ! Report

      Wrapping things up now – looks like Bryce Gibbs deal will be tomorrow, not today. Here’s the wrap of all of today’s big news.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 4:45pm | ! Report

      Seems like Adelaide’s appearance at the AFL house may have just been to lodge that Wigg paperwork – Gibbs deal might be tomorrow, rather than today.

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 4:41pm | ! Report

      A little bit more in the Harrison Wigg deal than initially known.

      • Roar Guru

        TomC said | 4:47pm | ! Report

        Pick 39 seems like it could be useful for the Lions for Ballenden if they clear out their end of first round picks. Perhaps there’s something elaborate involving Charlie Cameron in the works.

        Otherwise this trade looks like Adelaide are virtually giving Wigg away.

        • 4:57pm
          GJ said | 4:57pm | ! Report

          Pick 39 is probably insurance for F/S Jackson Edwards

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 4:34pm | ! Report

      Interesting – wonder if this is getting done today or no.

      • 4:37pm
        Macca said | 4:37pm | ! Report

        Who knows with this trade – the whole “done deal” thing could have been a complete crock.

      • 5:18pm
        jutsie said | 5:18pm | ! Report

        Now Sam Landsberger is tweeting that one of the teams has pulled out of the deal and negotiations are back on

        • 5:20pm
          Macca said | 5:20pm | ! Report

          What did I say – just when you think this deal is going one way it does a 180.

        • 5:27pm
          Macca said | 5:27pm | ! Report

          Of course it couldn’t be that Sam was 100% wrong – someone “pulled out”.

          I might be wrong and without knowing the exact deal but with the deals being discussed I would be surprised if it was the blues who pulled the pin.

    • 4:29pm
      jutsie said | 4:29pm | ! Report

      Is there any possibility Blues could swoop in late for Stringer with pick 16?

      Or would they give up pick 16 for the 2 2nd round picks (which gives them two 2nd rounders for lang and Kennedy) to facilitate the Stringer to Bombers trade?

      • 4:30pm
        Macca said | 4:30pm | ! Report

        Possible but I think it more likely 16 would go to Brisbane for Schache then for Stringer if they don’t keep it.

      • Roar Guru

        JamesH said | 4:31pm | ! Report

        I don’t think they would give up pick 16 at all, unless they think they can’t get Lang with their pick 40.

        • 4:37pm
          jutsie said | 4:37pm | ! Report

          But if they give up 16 for 25 and 30 then they could use those picks for Kennedy and Lang.

          GWS was after a 2nd rounder surely Lang isnt worth more than a 2nd rounder?

          • Roar Guru

            JamesH said | 4:40pm | ! Report

            No, I’m saying they would give Geelong 40 for Lang, give GWS the Crows’ 2018 2nd rounder for Kennedy and take 16 to the draft.

            I’d love SOS to trade 16 for 25 and 30 but there’s no way he would be dong Ess any favours! He would have to see something beneficial for the Blues.

            • 4:46pm
              jutsie said | 4:46pm | ! Report

              Ah I get ya.
              I read the “Can’t” in your post as ‘Can”

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 4:21pm | ! Report

      Sounds like the deal might be Adelaide giving Carlton pick 16, their 2018 first-rounder, and swapping 2018 second-rounders with Carlton. Carlton to then use Adelaide’s 2018 second rounder in a trade for Matthew Kennedy.

      • Roar Guru

        TomC said | 4:27pm | ! Report

        Adelaide’s 2018 first rounder to GWS, surely?

        • 4:28pm
          Macca said | 4:28pm | ! Report

          TomC – the blues have the whip hand with Kennedy, if GWS don’t trade they take him to the PSD – I can’t see them giving up a first round pick even if that it fair value.

      • Roar Guru

        JamesH said | 4:29pm | ! Report

        That would mean the Blues lose Gibbs and a future 2nd rounder for Kennedy, 16 and Crows’ future 1st rounder. It’s a big play.

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 4:07pm | ! Report

      Gary Ablett deal not done yet. Scott Clayton has left the meeting minutes after Pickering returned. Has it hit a late hurdle?— Matt Thompson (@MattThompson) October 18, 2017

      Geelong says Gold Coast has relented on wanting a player for Ablett but only ‘hopeful’ it’ll get done for picks. Meeting over for now.— Matt Thompson (@MattThompson) October 18, 2017

      From a little earlier..

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 4:03pm | ! Report

      • 4:23pm
        Ken Oath said | 4:23pm | ! Report

        10 + 16.
        Who would of thought?

        • 4:26pm
          Macca said | 4:26pm | ! Report

          Yeah I wonder what good old Pedro is thinking about now.

          • Roar Rookie

            Pedro The Fisherman said | 6:02pm | ! Report

            I’m thinking Gee that sounds like a lot for a Carlton midfielder, maybe the deal ain’t done yet!

        • 5:49pm
          guttsy said | 5:49pm | ! Report

          Premeirship or bust type trade for Adelaide. Seems a lot for a player they are only going to 4 years out of. I guess if those four years include a Premiership then it might be worth it to Adelaide but it still seems a lot. Great deal for Carlton however who will no doubt get some more high quality draft choices through the door to join a long list of high quality draft choices that the club has taken over the last decade and a half.

    , ,